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Hey Skyblaze, thanks for the suggestions! Let me try and quickly respond on the things you brought up...

(Man, you guys go way longer in endless mode than I usually do :) But that's cool - it's good to know what happens to the game's balance (or lack thereof) once you get that far).

More map revealed = slowdown: currently working on something for the next update that I'm hoping is going to help with that.

Upgrades of all sorts: on the list! (I still want to make a public roadmap kind of thing that people can see).

Hunger / health bars in the HUD - yeah been realizing that having actual bars instead of abstract text labels is probably a good idea. Planning to give the HUD a bit of an overhaul in the near future.

Bases with no oxygen shouldn't be making the leaking sound: yeah, I had actually tried to fix that when I originally added the air leaks into the game, but ran into a few issues with it. Will take another stab at fixing that.

Renewable resources: Good idea.

Roads / paths: a work in progress! Need more things to build with all that rock you accumulate.

Multiplayer: heh it *would* be cool - but realistically probably won't happen due to time/work involved in getting it to work well (and that the regular game still needs so much more done).

Thanks again!