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>>Good Job on Pirating the game, now buy the real thing so you can recieve updates.

Isn´t this exactly what he said he did? :D

Oh, and I think it would be able to find some stuff on the map (but not so easy). Eg crashed space ships, old broken modules, ancient temples. Something that makes exploring more interesting.

I´d also like to see exploration more dangerous. Maybe the buggy could break down very occasionally. I think the oxygen tank could be made a bit worse to make the base more important for survival.

I got this game yesterday and played quite a few hours today.

The foundation of the game is really neat! I really feel like Matt Damon in The Martian. I think the single most important feature at this point would be a set of challenges/missions to beat in addition to the quite simple standard mission. Right now there´s no real challenge to the game once you figured out what to do. A few ideas on the top of my head:

-Advanced mission: Survive longer with fewer resources on the map.

-Escape: Find your way to an escape pod located quite far away.

-Colonist: Start game with seeds and some food, no plants available in the wild. Build green houses.

-Power it up: Provide power to a far away research station (make it impossible to build generators close to it)

Other random ideas: I´d like to see a power/fuel level on the buggy to limit how far you can go. Corresponding to oxygen level, so you need to return to recharge it. It would also be cool with a bigger, slower buggy with it´s own storage unit. I´d also like to have a module that produces water so you can be fully self supportive.

I think this game has great potential, hope you continue to develop it!