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I have few suggestions to share.

  1. When I visited your trello and read about ideas about adding new vehicles with different purpose so...buggi for replanting fruit tree, so you can make orchard next to your base or something like that. It would be great if you must create different pavement special for fruit tree.  Next....there can be special drone for gathering fruit and caring for them.
  2. Another buggi can be some kind of big drill for minign stones and radioactive ore.
  3. You added Rain Collectors to the would be nice if there is some possibilities to connect them with base (some water pipe and pump...and maybe some filter so water will be clean). It can automatic add water to water tanks. There is conduit in water pipe can be something like it (so not much programming something new  :-) ). 
  4. More advance space suit with more capacity battery and more capacity of oxygen.
  5. I think that main goal of game should be fully automatic self-care base because main character is CAT and cats are lazy creatures (and I am also lazy  especially in late game). :-)

I like your progress with developing. It´s really great job. 

I really enjoying game but I must say, that oxygen leaks are very annoying, maybe solution is some robot helper (can be build in garage for example). Or some item which can upgrade base (some armor plates that you can add on room). Or some self-inteligent computer room, which do that, when there are somewhere oxygen leak, it will close door and room will go to carantene. Or something else...there are many possibilities.

Overall game is really great and i think it has great potencial. If there will be some coop mode it should be fun. Just imagin one player are maintaining base and care about gardening etc., another is going mining, one crating...maybe it will be great too if there are some kind of specialization (enginner, botanist, miner, electrician etc.).

Sorry for my english and thank for game I really enjoying it. ;)