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#notGDC 2019 - Share your games

A topic by leafo created Mar 18, 2019 Views: 2,495 Replies: 5
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GDC, or Game Developers Conference, is an event you've probably heard many of your game developer acquaintances talking about. Sadly it's hosted in one of the most expensive cities in the world, and is very inaccessible for many developers. That doesn't mean you shouldn't miss out promoting your work and talking about your adventures as a game developer.

For the week of GDC, March 18th through 22nd, we'll be running a special "Not seen at GDC" collection on the homepage highlighting developers that post about their game on our General Discussion board. (click to create topic)

Please use text #notGDC in the title of your post so we can find it.

Additionally, you can find  the notGDCJam 2019 right here on


PS, here are some example posts from last year:

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Thanks for posting everyone. GDC is now over. I'll be keeping the collection up for a few more days as I go through the posts I didn't get through yet, but we won't be accepting any new posts.

That's ok thanks for getting back in touch - enjoy the rest of your week

As a new solo indie game developer, my funds aren't at a level where I can afford to attend GDC #notGDC. Thankfully smaller local conferences in Ireland have enabled me to get feedback from players to improve my game, and Itchio has been a great platform to invite players to try it out. In the meantime, I'm working every day to putting a lot of finishing touches to my game Obsidian Crown, which will hopefully delight players when it's fully released! Check out this early demo version for free: 


There's a typo on the front page for this promotion: "Are you not attening the Game Developers Conference?"

I've only recently been a part of the Gamedev scene and the community has been incredibly welcoming - It's a shame I can't make it to GDC so I'm sadly #notGDC.   However I'm currently working on a re-imagining of my first project now called Candy Coven ( I released the demo this Friday and so far the response has been really positive.