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The extra theme is: Minimalism!

The saying goes "Less is more." You don't need to attend a massive expensive conference to be a gamedev and you don't need a game to be as deep as the ocean in order to be fun. So with this theme in mind, consider taking a simple idea and making the most out of it rather than pile stuff on top! Good luck and have fun with the jam!

Join us March 18th-22nd!

notGDCJam is a game jam for not attending the Game Developers Conference! 

Not everyone can make it to the GDC but should still feel like a part of the game design community. So for those of us not attending, we have our own 5 day game jam for fun! We invite you to come and make a game with no pressure, relaxed rules, and all for community fun! Join other game designers in celebrating our craft without the price of hotel and travel!

Join us on the notGDC Discord! (
Take part in the notGDC non-conference and share your ideas and wisdom! (
View the 2018 notGDCJam entries! (

We encourage you to make whatever you want! We would love to see a variety of ideas from A to Z such as:
Video  Games - Board Games - Card Games - Interactive Stories - Anything gaming related!

Since this is a super chill game jam, the theme isn't 100% mandatory, however we will announce a special theme 1 hour before the start of the jam. We also encourage you to choose from this list to get you started!

- Game Conference and Events
- The Gaming Industry
- Game Designer Parties
- Fear of Missing Out
- Spending thousands of dollars to hang out with people you know on Twitter
- Owls being better than Pigeons

- You may use existing assets/code libraries/etc but you have to start your project fresh for this jam.
- This isn't a jam to 'finish an existing project.' This is for fun, not a place to get your existing project noticed.
- Team and Solo projects are welcome.
- Anything hateful/sexist/racist/etc won't be allowed. Let's leave the nasty outside.
- Have fun!

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this jam and we look forward to the awesome stuff you're going to create! Don't forget to pop into the notGDC Discord to hang out! We'll be having a good time during the jam and streaming games you've created! 

Be sure to share the #notGDCJam2019 hashtag on Twitter and invite your friends!

Special thanks to:
@lucyamorris@viTekiM for the 2018 notGDC event and game jam!

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Random bog witch generator
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A simple, text based crafting game heavily inspired by doodlegod
A quick game about confronting your fears.
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