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#notatgdc and finishing my graphic adventure game

A topic by Bumpy Trail Games created Mar 20, 2018 Views: 189 Replies: 1
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Hi everyone!

I'm just another guy that can't afford going to the GDC, although I would love to do it some day. Meanwhile I'm finishing a horror point and click graphic adventure game called Without Escape. It's not available yet but you can download and play a small demo:

It's also going to be released on Steam and, if I can, I want to try to release it on other platforms too.

I must say it's really nice to be able to publish my humble game on It makes it very easy to create and configure an account and it is very indie friendly. I also like to look for indie games around here. You can find a lot of interesting games, demos, experiments, etc. because everyone can just simply create and publish for others to see. And I've discovered a bunch of games that I enjoyed a lot that probably couldn't have found anywhere else. So I'm thankful for the opportunity that this site gives to us indie developers.

Thanks for your attention and keep creating!


Thanks for posting. Thanks for the kind words about Your game looks pretty interesting. I put it up on the homepage.