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Hi! Some of the language you've used strikes me as needlessly hurtful and insulting, but from your video I get the impression you actually engaged with and enjoyed this game a fair bit. I actually love this game, and ultimately ranked it as #14 out of the 200+ games I played in 2016 for a recent GOTY poll, but this probably reflects my weird taste more than anything else.

Also, small chance this is me misremembering, but I think the game goes on a bit longer than where you stopped playing. I fell through the floor slightly less than you did, so that last time could be a legitimately unintended bug. Oh, and since you mentioned liking that visual effect of falling through the floor in (mostly) Unity games, I thought you might be interested in Bottomless Pits in Games, where myself and others have taken such appreciation to strange new places.

Unfortunately, kiss blowing is not supported in-game. But you can do it with your actual body and the recipients in the game won't react in any way, just like in real life!