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Hey. So… did you intentionally write a remark about the game that exactly resembles the rude ones brought up in this post? That's a pretty hurtful thing to do, and if you didn't mean to I hope you'll think more about the possible impact of your comments in the future.

I have no trouble believing that the games you mentioned were positively received. I'd argue all of them are very aesthetically palatable and were never likely to be subject to the kind of treatment talked about here. For hundreds of games I've seen on this site, just scrolling to the comments is enough to reveal an embedded YouTube video where the title or thumbnail alone shows that it's capitalising on how weird/messed up the game is. Even when it's done so in an appreciative way,  some people lament the shallow nature of this kind of criticism, and I'd find it pretty sad if it became the default way of reacting to unconventional art.

The demo is bigger than the full version! How did that happen?

Hi! Some of the language you've used strikes me as needlessly hurtful and insulting, but from your video I get the impression you actually engaged with and enjoyed this game a fair bit. I actually love this game, and ultimately ranked it as #14 out of the 200+ games I played in 2016 for a recent GOTY poll, but this probably reflects my weird taste more than anything else.

Also, small chance this is me misremembering, but I think the game goes on a bit longer than where you stopped playing. I fell through the floor slightly less than you did, so that last time could be a legitimately unintended bug. Oh, and since you mentioned liking that visual effect of falling through the floor in (mostly) Unity games, I thought you might be interested in Bottomless Pits in Games, where myself and others have taken such appreciation to strange new places.

Unfortunately, kiss blowing is not supported in-game. But you can do it with your actual body and the recipients in the game won't react in any way, just like in real life!