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Sergio Cornaga

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Is there any way to actually download/redeem this through itch, though?

Extremely enlightening. Thank you for taking the time to share this in such detail!

Ah yes… "The Most Dangerous Game"… a four-way tie between rotating knife rack, circular saw, arsenic wallpaper, and the electric chair…

Y-you too!

I'm excited!

I managed 31!

1143.17 secon ds
59 dea ths

It felt like a lot more. That last boss was hard! I really got lucky the time that I won. Don't think I could have persevered if not for the description implying the dragon was the final challenge.

This is incredible.

Fun game, and incredible engine you've made! I hope you'll reuse it for a more expansive HyperCard-style adventure at some point.

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I didn't experience it when it wasn't working, but this version is working perfectly for me.


You can do it in real life!

It sounds like you might have delved deeper into the secret inner workings of this game than anyone else!

You should probably change this to a working link if you want to make sure you're included!

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The link for Morfosi might need to be posted by the unidot-studio account in order to be picked up by the script?

You might need this to be a "working link" for the script to pick it up?

The game exited with this message as I was browsing my poetry library, just after I had finished Bittersweet:

Adventure Game Studio
An error has occurred. Please contact the game author for support, as this is likely to be a scripting error and not a bug in AGS.
(ACI version 3.21.1115)

in "GlobalScript.asc", line 13581

Error: Error running function 'repeatedly_execute_always':
Error: Null pointer referenced


Available for $1! 👍

Rollman, I still can't seem to buy or download you here!

I'm afraid this doesn't seem to be working. You have to claim the game to an account in order to download at all, and when I do so, only the regular version is listed, not the VR version.

I love games that conform to this definition, thank you for adding to the pool!

That link's wrong! This is the one you want.

This game is his afterlife.

Hey, your Steam link goes to Fran Bow!

That's not especially feasible nor something I personally wish to do, but thanks for your comment.

Wonderful, hope you do wind up updating it eventually. Clicking and dragging seems completely non-functional on Firefox, but it does work on Chrome!

Please bring this back to itch!

There's a typo on the front page for this promotion: "Are you not attening the Game Developers Conference?"

Lovely game. I found the Wumpus but had no straight answer to the question presented. I know there are swathes of text I didn't get to read. Was floored when I noticed how extensive the day/night system was. Being unable to punch the koi was disappointing, but probably the right move. The phrase "returning to the first game" in the description is a typo, I think.

You can play non-retouched versions of the entire series online here, or try Submachine Universe to get a feel for it.

These are pretty exceptional. I especially enjoyed Tasty! doesn't seem to contain an executable, just source files? Oh, and BUild is included twice. I also think it would be easier to deal with if the zip file just contained folders instead of more zip files… but maybe "easier to deal with" isn't what you're going for!

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Given that some people want to see this number and others do not, I still think something like an option to turn it on would be a good approach if it can't be altered in a way that pleases both parties. Also, unrelated to your point, but I thought you might like to know that "doggy dog world" is a popular eggcorn for the phrase "dog-eat-dog world".

I wonder if just renaming this variable something other than "rank" would be enough to address this issue? Is there a word that just indicates position in a list without connotations?

Did this jam originally used to run until February 19th? I was hoping to submit something on February 8th, so I'm a little sad the deadline seems to have been moved back.