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Folklore Jam (19th of April to 3rd of May)

A topic by W.H. Arthur created 93 days ago Views: 675 Replies: 14
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Hello tabletop gaming peeps,

I have been thinking of hosting a game jam on mythology and folklore. There seem to be a number of mythology jams for video games, but not tabletop ones. I am just putting it out there to see if anyone is interested, or perhaps want to co-host with me.


Update: Gonna call it Folklore and Mythology Jam so that I can use #FolkloreJam to differentiate from the existing video game jams.  I am trying to avoid doing it at the same time as other tabletop game jams, but it's probably inevitable. (Don't get me wrong, it's a good thing to see so many tabletop game jams.) AFAIK, there's no game jam taking place in late April at the moment. (More and more jams pop up while I am planning this jam. Oh well.)

Update: I have set the jam up. It's pretty barebones at the moment. Feel free to let me know if something should be added to it, or if you want to co-host!


I'm very excited by this.


Oh, that would be excellent. :D


I am *very* much up for participating in a myth and folklore jam, yeah! 


Absolutely yes! Folklore is my design bread and butter.


I'm here for this!


I'd love to see this! I love folklore and mythology, and would love to see more of it from around the world represented in tabletop RPGs.


Oh my, my inner anthropologist trembles with excitement :D


I have set up the page for the jam:


Oh man, I've got potential ideas bubbling for this already! I can't wait to participate :)


haha, I love that the header image is John Bauer's trolls. <3 I grew up reading those stories.


I chose it because it's public domain. :p

His artwork is amazing though.


Starting to brainstorm now and already excited about the ideas this is generating!

Good day, guys!

Where can I find a team on this jam? Discord twitter etc? Or all communication about jam will be here? (I'm audio designer)

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Hello Nikita, 

Folklore Jam is a jam for tabletop RPGs. @grimoirtua is doing World MytholoJam, which is a jam for video games and other interactive mediums. Unless it is disabled by the jam hosts, most jams have a community section on the page. 

P.S. If you want, you can totally design audio for a tabletop RPG.