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Juice FX

Add animations to your images to make them juicy! · By CodeManu

Smaller/custom canvas sizes

A topic by Quentin Delvallet created Mar 16, 2019 Views: 1,232 Replies: 12
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There is already a thread about bigger canvas sizes but I'm currently working with very small sprites (20~100px) and I'd like to export the animations without the all the transparent space, is it possible to have a custom/smaller canvas sizes?

Also, thanks for the great work !


Thanks for the request will se we can do ;)


The same request, I use 16x16 and 32x32 for my game item, every time I export frames and import to asprite to change the canvas size.  It is not very efficiency!

If it have smaller canvas option will be better! 

also, thanks for the great work! 


Just bought the tool and it is amazing. +1 to this idea of smaller canvas sizes!


Any chance to add 32x32 and 64x64 as export size options?  Seems it would be an easy request to fulfill, as having to drag the export into aseprite to resize is tedious.


+1 for this request


Hello! Someone have a pipeline to work around this? I have an animation made with the JuiceFX, a pony tail moved by the wind effect, but it saves the canvas renders on 512x512, and the original is in 28x18. What can I do on Aseprite or other tool? When I try to resize the oversized renders they get destroyed.

I would know a way you could do it in gimp for free, it would take about one minute.
You import all the images into the same file as different layers. You resize the  image by clicking 'Crop to content' (important: not by scaling!). You have the 'Layer export' extension module installed as well with gimp, so then you export the layers with gimp with the new size, which is perfectly cut to the borders of your frames (and all frames have the same size, so you can  animate them easily).

+1 for custom canvas sizes!


Please give the option to be able to keep the image in its original size

There is a preview scale slider at the bottom of the render. Set to 1x to see if is what you need .


Not work, the software cut one piece of image, please add the ability to export the image without the extra transparency due to the cavan size, set the software to cut to the sides considering the pixels


Just created a tool that cut out all sprites from a sheet and exports to a new sprite sheet.

Need 10 seconds: Drag sheet. Scan. Export. Save. Done. :)