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Game Jams! What are they? What are some you can join? Sticky

A topic by Takuma Okada created 65 days ago Views: 377 Replies: 3
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Game jams are community events where individuals or teams make a game in some amount of time, usually with a theme! It's a good way to get started making games, and you can usually find at least one tabletop game jam running now or starting soon. You can find information on them in this thread or in other stickied topics.

Post your game jams and when they take place here to let people know! Then make its own topic, and one of the mods can sticky it for you for the duration of the jam. 

For ease of use, please discuss game jams in their specific topics and not in this thread. Messages not providing information on a jam here will be deleted. Thank you!

It's not so much a jam, but I'm doing a weekly challenge, making a game a week for 2019. If it's appropriate I can post the prompt sheet here.


yeah that sounds fine


Hey! I've just launched a new jam, Legacy Jam. It's going to run from 27th May to the 10th June. I'll make a separate thread too :)