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Chevy Ray's Pixel Fonts

40 stylish pixel fonts to use in your games, websites, and more! · By ChevyRay


A topic by MeixDev created Feb 19, 2019 Views: 1,106 Replies: 16
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Hello sir !

First of all, thank you for you work, your fonts are awesome. But I just discovered that they don't support accents, like é, è, ê, à, î, ï, ô, ö, and probably those that I don't use in my native language.

I don't know if it would be a lot of work for you to integrate them, if it's possible with your current schedule or anything, but I thought I could still ask if it was something you could do in the future ?

Thanks a lot, and stay awesome !


Oops, I didn't really notice these comments until now.

I want to add accents and some more extended latin to the fonts at some point, and I plan to once I have the time and money. But at the moment I'm stretched too thin and with kerning it takes a lot of time to implement this.

When I do add these, folks who have already bought the fonts will get these additions for free.


Glad to know it.

Thanks for your hard work !


Damn, I do need the accents in my language.
Since you are not planning to do it soon, I wish I've seen this post a bit earlier u.u

I need it too. :(

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Yeah, unfortunately the lack of special characters prevents me from using these fonts in my personal and professional projects :( 

As a Brazilian I don't intend on releasing a game with no Portuguese options, which would need characters like à, õ, ê, í, ç etc.

Nevertheless, I'm buying the pack in hope the money will make this possible one day.


Hello, any update about the latin characters? I am really interested in the pack, however I need at least latin characters so I can localize my game properly. Thank you!

Same here. To be able to be used in anything other than hobby-projects, fonts should to be able to support French, German, Spanish and Italian accents.

Same here too... We are french and the lack of accents block us to use the font pack :(

Have you guys found a way to edit the fonts, perhaps? Adding some accents might not be an issue, just really take some time.


I just ran into the same problem, used this to add the characters I needed -

Thank you! It is possible to add a character to these fonts then?


Yeah, you can import the ttfs, it's a bit fiddly, but worked for me

Thank you! This is way better than having to create full fonts from scratch like I has been doing. 


Fonts are super cool but I need accents or it's worthless for my use.
Hope you can implement that sometime.


I was about to buy the pack until I read there were no accents :( 

Hi, anyone knows if they added the accents to the pack already? Thanks!