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Small is Beautiful

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I'll take that as a compliment but no. There is only two little songs I've made myself (I'm not a musician) after all. Otherwise there is a few walkthroughs you can watch on youtube.

If you mean the credits section, there's nothing else to do! You reached the end! Glad you liked it. :)

Well that is very kind of you! Thanks a bunch

I'm glad you did! This makes me happy. 

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. 

This was the best couch coop play time I had with my kids by far. Really hoping development is still on-going! I don't see any fresh news about it?

Steam page soon for wishlisting?

Thanks to everyone who played! Obviously I fell for the newbie mistake of making it much too hard!
You need an precision of 75% for the client to accept it, I should have made it much lower.

My active screen's resolution is 1440 X 900. You code seem to default to 1920 X 1080. What I do for my games is I check the user's screen dimensions with "display_get_width" and adapt the screen accordingly (simplified code below) :

var dw = display_get_width();
if(dw >= 1920){ w= 1920; h= 1080;}
else if(dw >= 1280){ w= 1280; h= 720;}
else if(dw >= 640){ w= 640; h= 360;}

display_set_gui_size(1920, 1080);

Thanks for your comment!


The neon tubes you "paint" with cost money! I really didn't explain that very well. You also need an "accuracy" of 75%+ or the clients won't buy it. I realise I made it much too tough!

You can paint as much as you want in creative mode though. :)

I might be mistaken. Maybe it did not start fullscreen but just too big?

Yes, I didn't get the instruction because of language.
I gave it another go. Cool concept but brutally hard with dying on first mistake! Keep it up.

Thanks for the comment! Did I make it too hard?? Another player commented it was unforgiving!

Well a checkpoint system would have helped a lot! I brutally died upon first meeting with the worms. The boss wasn't too hard once I figured him out (beat him the first time, don't think I would have had the courage to start from scratch otherwise!).

Oh! No, I didn't hit the spacebar. I completely missed that. Since every other button is activated by shooting on it, I assumed the middle left button was the "play" button but besides making all buttons disappear it didn't seem to do anything else.

Tie the background to the camera's movement instead of the player's.

Cool concept! The 3D effect is not 100% convincing but it's pretty good for a jam. It gets the point across. Keep it up!

Makes sense! You went a long way for this jam, congrats!

The hitzones are small and sometimes my character gets in front and I can't pick them up. Since you can't pick them up from afar, maybe using a button press to pick them up would feel more intuitive? (Closest pickable object could be highlighted when close enough)

Upon a new game, the ship starts out of the screen. Also the game starts full screen and a part of the UI seems to be off screen so maybe it's a resizing issue?

I'm stuck there too! I would need a way to get a hint, I can't remember relative position of platforms from before I died.

Felt weird that the level is scrolling but not my ship. I kept getting out of the screen and it gave me a hard time figuring out the controls at first (since I couldn't see my ship).

Otherwise it's pretty cool. Strong point : the music!

Don't seem to work properly for me? I can't move my ship (trying wasd, arrows, controller, random keys.. but nothing works) and no enemies come in. Am I missing something?

Pretty good platformer! Nice visual, good job on the animations. Managed to beat the boss!

Impressive! Nice graphics, presentation, ending and the rope simulation is fun to play with though the clickables may sometimes feel small and hard to handle.

Great job!

Good job! It starts out easy and fun but quickly ramps up into a click-fest! It doesn't offer much strategy yet besides clicking fast.

Nice game! Very good presentation. However the gravity is unforgiving! I think I'm not supposed to hit the red blocks but I'm not sure I could figure out all the rules correctly.


Nice puzzle game but some things felt off like the fact that my ball is reducing based on time instead of on moves, which forces a fast pace playing style that feel forced.

Besides that, it was pretty cool once I figured out the rules.

Hey good start! I find the keyboard + mouse controls a bit overwhelming for my personal taste. Maybe it's just the use of the spacebar though. Mapping it to W would help me a lot! The ladders are buggy and hard to use.

Nice work on the introduction! It's unfortunate there's not more to the game, it was a promising start.

Nice work but everything is moving at different speeds (platforms, objects, background) and screaming for attention and my head is getting super dizzy real fast!

The background needs to be toned down a lot so that it offers a contrast to the platforms and objects.

Woah! Beat the second boss but quickly died in the next level. There's a lot of content but painfully lacks checkpoints! Nice game, good job. I like the music.

Some nice ideas but a bit confusing. I can teleport anywhere anytime? I ended up mostly just teleporting to grab stuff and not walking at all. Took me some time to figure out why sometimes I could dash and others I can't.

There's a bug where sometimes a gem doesn't disappear when collecting it and it starts collecting it forever on a loop!

On second part, the background moves with the player even though the screen is fixed, which makes it look quite weird!

Robust Mega Man like platformer. I agree with happysquared about the camera's fast movement being disorienting. That door at the end of the level got me expecting a boss fight! :D

Good job.

Nice little puzzle platformer. The torch mechanic is cool but it's pretty hard to figure out some of its effects, like that it lights up dangerous fires! I thought the fires were on a timer at first and kept checking on them to see when they'd turn off but they never did.

Another improvement I would suggest is have the torch power auto-regenerate so that the player don't get stuck.

Good job!

You have some fun controls (there's a bit of dead time at the end of a dash that can make it feel slow though). I'm not too fond of having spikes everywhere and was very frustrated because I didn't understand how to beat the orb at first (and you wouldn't tell me how!) and I had to restart from start many time. There's a bounce to dashing into walls that I wish the levels made more use of! Or just allowed it more by having some non challenging part to play with it. Now I could barely ever bounce into anything without it being life threatening.

So overall, the game is good, the ending is good, but the level design could be vastly improved!

I can't figure out what the second instruction means. Why do I have to press "down" / "S"? So I just fall straight down and die on the spikes. First level should introduce the mechanics with a less dangerous playground before going straight to skill tests!

I "got" what you explain here while playing, but the feeling is a bit off. I liked to just hold the jump button and bounce around though, this felt much better.