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This update is mainly minor tweaks, fixes, and some workflow improvements. See the full changelist here:

To update just download the package from itch again and import it over your existing project. It won't copy over any of your game files. But it's always worth backing up anyway ;)

Any issues, let me know!

The free version here is actually the original version from 2015. If you buy you get a key for the expanded steam version, with online multiplayer, etc. 

The online features use steam lobbies, which is why we didn't release an updated DRM free version here.

Alright, I've gone with the MIT license,  nice and simple :)

I'll include the LICENCE.txt in my next update, and I've added a page about it to the documentation:

Thanks, that's super helpful!

Yeah I should include one of those just haven't got around to figuring them out and choosing one. 

I'm happy with open source licences, but don't really want to see someone else just stick PowerQuest up on the asset store as their own, since I might want to do that myself sometime.

But seems like most open source licences require you to leave the licence in-tact, which would stop someone else doing that anyway, since the asset store has its own licence.

But yeah, in short, my intention is that you can make games with it including open source games with out having to worry.

Easiest would be to use Cursor.SetPosisionOverride() in your global script Update to move the cursor based on controller input, then E.ProcessClick() when a button is pressed on the controller. That might give you enough to get started. 

For controller input hamdling there's a couple of good assets, rewired is most popular and easy to use I believe. Unity's built in stuff is pants.

Cool, I'll keep an eye out

I've just updated to 2018.4 myself and that seems stable so far. 

But I was experimenting with some crazier save/load stuff and did have a crash, maybe that was the thing you were seeing, I'll have a look on Monday, what were your steps to reproduce it?

Replied in the discord too, but-  There's no autosave built in by default, you can call E.Save(int slotId, string description); at the end of OnEnterRoomAfterFade() in each room if you want it to auto-save when entering a room though. 

In the feature list I called it "Automatic save/load system" more meaning that the developer doesn't have to manually flag each object/variable to be saved, that part's automatic.

I just found a bug  that stopped builds working (you'd get a black screen), so just patched in a minor update with a fix.

To update just download the package from itch again and import it over your existing project. It won't copy over any of your game files.

Thanks for sharing here! It's one of my favourite Adventure Jam games this year, and I told you already, but I'm really impressed you managed to figure out a new tool and make a decent sized game in such a short time as well. It definitely gave me a kick to update PowerQuest for others ;)

Glad to hear it! 

And yes, that video is pretty old now, I'm still using v2017.4 primarily, but PQ's been tested (briefly) up to v2019.3. 

There's likely just a few minor issues in later versions of Unity (like those scenes not getting added to the build settings automatically), but nothing too bad.

My next task though is to upgrade my main project to the latest LTS version of unity, (so likely 2018.4). 

PowerQuest community » General · Created a new topic Welcome Welcome
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Hey everyone, PowerQuest has a new home! 

Don't know why I didn't make an itch page for it sooner really, since I really wanted to have some forums for people to ask questions on. I just didn't think of it!

This'll be Dave posting under this Powerhoof itch account btw ;) 

So anyway, the update that just went up had loads of stuff. I've taken about a month off working on The Drifter to do some game jams, (including You're Watching ICEBOX which was a PowerQuest game), and to update my tools.

Now that's done, I'm planning on getting back onto The Drifter, but still spend some time each work working on PowerQuest. The first thing I really need to do is update to a newer version of unity, which I've been holding off on for ages. Then I want to have a go at making some more integrated GUI tools, and a proper pause menu and save/load game menu.

But we'll see how we go!

Well, I'd better kick things off!

My main project (along side PowerQuest itself) is a pulp adventure thriller called The Drifter

A drifter, murdered, finds himself alive again seconds before his death. Struggling to maintain his sanity, can he unravel the conspiracy surrounding his condition and those hunting him?

There's not much on the website yet, but here it is-

And you can wishlist now on Steam -

Aha, you need to get the lawyer angry some more, keep talking to him

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Have you got the bucket yet? You need to do that first (the backstage cursor changes to the 'talk' one when you need to go backstage)

Again, really creative puzzle and really satisfying to figure out! I think you're better at this than I was ;)

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Oh man that level is brutal, but I figured it out! The solution doesn't seem to work every time (because of our dodgy framerate dependant physics) But it's such a clever use of the mechanics, I didn't even know you could do all those things :D

And you're right, it's very satisfying when you get it!

I'm really keen too! We ran out of time to make them during the 72 hours, but I think there's enough mechanics to do a bunch more interesting ones.  I'm in the middle of another game jam now, but once that's done, I'll look at doing a post-jam build of the game. Hopefully include a level editor too! 

Oh, wierd. It lags before dialogue plays right? I think it's the way I compressed the audio, I'll have to fiddle around with it. Are you using windows?

Dang. Sorry about that! There was a known crash bug if you quit and then continued the game at certain places (usually on the boat). If you think that's the problem, and you're keen for more you could try just playing straight through from the start without quitting (mash esc to skip through dialog you've already seen). 

Yeah, you can import the ttfs, it's a bit fiddly, but worked for me

12 is the hard limit in the code, although I've never tried to play with that many, gets a bit fiddly trying to get that many controllers plugged in and working ;) We've played with 8 quite a lot though.

I just ran into the same problem, used this to add the characters I needed -

Oh, see what you mean about the loading issues. I must have messed up the audio loading settings in the last build. Oops!

Thanks! I don't think we'd ever have the energy for a kickstarter though, everyone I know who's done one aged about 10 years over the month it was active :P  

We're lucky enough to be able to self fund our own projects at the moment. At least until we decide to make a huge Triple A MMO of course ;)

I'm still plodding away on it, but it's slow going so don't hold your breath!
That said, it's almost time for Adventure Jam again, so I might do another quick one for that!

I'm working on a longer thriller adventure game in the same style, but not specifically a sequel to this or Peridium.  Working on longer stuff is hard though! It's taking me ages compared to the gamejam style ones, so don't hold your breath ;)

Ahh, ha ha. That was a kinda hack fix for when you fall off your robot as it flies into the sky (so you can get it back basically). I guess that should be turned off when it's reached the end already!

Not sure, it *should* work... although i've always had trouble with wireless 360 ones, and ended up buying wired ones :/

Oh very weird that murdercide/alluvium work and peridium doesn't. Hrmm. Could be the specific version of unity I used for that one, I know there were issues with one version with controllers being plugged in or something. I've rebuilt with a later version, so try it again (v1.4) and let me know if that works!

Oh, damn. Is there any particular distro or whatever you're using? No promises, but I can try and take a look.

Ah, you're right. It used to let you play if steam was opened, even if you weren't logged in (ie.. sitting on the log-in popup) . But I tried that and it doesn't work now.  Shame, I don't really want the DRM stuff, just to use steam's matchmaking features when available.   I probably won't do a non-steam build for now though, just because I want to keep it clear which is the paid version.

Awesome! I'm not planning on a non-steam version, but you should be able to play with steam in offline mode if that helps.

Probably not, we'll think about switch depending on how it goes, since it feels like a good fit there, but other consoles are pretty unlikely. 

We thought about this a lot actually, but the single player ideas we had were all kind of missing the core of what made it fun. So in the end we decided to keep it to the core, and in doing that keep the price down too.

Right click should put the axe back in your inventory, does that work?

Oh damn, sorry to hear that. Did you quit and then continue at some point? I think there's a bug with continuing games that I still need to fix, it could be that.

Wow that's really awesome, thanks for letting me know! I do want to revisit it someday, I still think about it every so often too. I haven't got a solid idea of how I'd scale it up into something bigger with long term progression, the ideas I have aren't quite jelling quite yet.  So hopefully I'll get that spark of inspiration at some point!