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Thanks! I don't think we'd ever have the energy for a kickstarter though, everyone I know who's done one aged about 10 years over the month it was active :P  

We're lucky enough to be able to self fund our own projects at the moment. At least until we decide to make a huge Triple A MMO of course ;)

I'm still plodding away on it, but it's slow going so don't hold your breath!
That said, it's almost time for Adventure Jam again, so I might do another quick one for that!

I'm working on a longer thriller adventure game in the same style, but not specifically a sequel to this or Peridium.  Working on longer stuff is hard though! It's taking me ages compared to the gamejam style ones, so don't hold your breath ;)

Ahh, ha ha. That was a kinda hack fix for when you fall off your robot as it flies into the sky (so you can get it back basically). I guess that should be turned off when it's reached the end already!

Not sure, it *should* work... although i've always had trouble with wireless 360 ones, and ended up buying wired ones :/

Oh very weird that murdercide/alluvium work and peridium doesn't. Hrmm. Could be the specific version of unity I used for that one, I know there were issues with one version with controllers being plugged in or something. I've rebuilt with a later version, so try it again (v1.4) and let me know if that works!

Oh, damn. Is there any particular distro or whatever you're using? No promises, but I can try and take a look.

Ah, you're right. It used to let you play if steam was opened, even if you weren't logged in (ie.. sitting on the log-in popup) . But I tried that and it doesn't work now.  Shame, I don't really want the DRM stuff, just to use steam's matchmaking features when available.   I probably won't do a non-steam build for now though, just because I want to keep it clear which is the paid version.

Awesome! I'm not planning on a non-steam version, but you should be able to play with steam in offline mode if that helps.

Probably not, we'll think about switch depending on how it goes, since it feels like a good fit there, but other consoles are pretty unlikely. 

We thought about this a lot actually, but the single player ideas we had were all kind of missing the core of what made it fun. So in the end we decided to keep it to the core, and in doing that keep the price down too.

Right click should put the axe back in your inventory, does that work?

Oh damn, sorry to hear that. Did you quit and then continue at some point? I think there's a bug with continuing games that I still need to fix, it could be that.

Wow that's really awesome, thanks for letting me know! I do want to revisit it someday, I still think about it every so often too. I haven't got a solid idea of how I'd scale it up into something bigger with long term progression, the ideas I have aren't quite jelling quite yet.  So hopefully I'll get that spark of inspiration at some point!

Hrmm, I'm not sure, when I install from the client I don't get that. Is this on windows? The game executable should be RegularHumanBasketball.exe

Ah sorry about the crash! You can use the cleaver to get more meat, but it's not a very well signposted puzzle, and the visuals make it pretty unclear so a few people got stuck there.  Thanks for playing!

Ah, sorry about that. I suspect there's issues with the save/restore system, I didn't have time to look into it in the jam. Did you save and quit and continue later?   If you're happy to send the crash report to that'd be super helpful! 

Thanks for the lovely comment, really appreciate it! I'm really glad it stuck the right cord!

Thanks, it really means a lot to have people showing their support like this!

Thanks Sebastian!  I'm hoping to do something for the upcoming Adventure Jam too!

Ha ha, thanks!

Hrmm, as far as I can tell it should work. What platform are you on? Win/Mac/Linux?

(1 edit)

Well having no environment collision to avoid helped ;) But yeah that'd be a tricky problem to solve with navmesh!

 I did have a bit of code to steer them away from on-coming collisions, but it was really pretty basic tbh, they just steered toward their target and accelerated when facing it.


Cheers, really glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the video!

Cheers dude! Glad to hear it. Great to hear an Aussie voice playing it, it was cool making something with Aussie characters!

Ah sorry you couldn't get it going, I'm flying a bit blind with Linux, there's so many distros! I don't really know anything to try tbh... Are you able to run other unity games ok?

Aww thanks, you're too kind! Really appreciate it :)

Cheers Muz. It's no Bruford though!

Thanks! Barney's the real artist of the team (He did Crawl, RHB and Maitre D) I just cheat by using extremely limited palette, at least for Riders of Rhea and this :P

I do want to do more adventures, I really enjoy making them. Part of making this game was to build up some tools in unity to make it easy to make adventure games in future.

I'm thinking of it more as a prototype for a larger game rather than something I'll keep adding features to in it's current form. But I definitely like the idea of doing more with this concept!

Thanks! I'm using Unity.

I did a quick balance pass today, so you shouldn't constantly run out of fuel anymore, yay!

I should have time to fix the fuel balance that this week

Yeah, just didn't have time in the gamejam to do that final balance pass, so some elements are completely off :) I should have time to fix it this week though I reckon!

I'm using Unity

Thanks! I imagined the little ones as drones or something, but really just didn't have time to make more baddies in the 7 days ;) And yeah I'd love to have a fleshed out story too.

There's a random chance each pickup will contain either fuel, water or armour. It's not balanced very well though. You can avoid doing the wheelspin to save fuel when it's low too.

Wiew nice one doods!