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Awesome, thanks! Not sure when I'll get to book 4, but I have big plans :D

Oops, I've been missing these posts! But pretty sure we worked this out on the discord anyway ;)

Only just saw this, but thanks @cleveblakemore! Really glad it sucked you in, means a lot to me to hear it!

Yeah, not too hard if you're alright with some scripting.  I do it by simulating a mouse click so it can still be interrupted by "OnWalkTo" scripts, etc.

This code works in the UpdateInput function (if you have that in your global script, otherwise regular Update function is fine):

// First check if we should be able to move
if ( E.Paused == false && E.GameHasKeyboardFocus && E.GetBlocked() == false && Plr.Moveable )
     // Get direction from keyboard input
     Vector2 direction =;
     if ( Input.GetKey(KeyCode.W) || Input.GetKey(KeyCode.UpArrow) )
         direction += Vector2.up;
     if ( Input.GetKey(KeyCode.S) || Input.GetKey(KeyCode.DownArrow) )
         direction += Vector2.down;
     if ( Input.GetKey(KeyCode.A) || Input.GetKey(KeyCode.LeftArrow) )
         direction += Vector2.left;
     if ( Input.GetKey(KeyCode.D) || Input.GetKey(KeyCode.RightArrow) )
         direction += Vector2.right;
      // Start moving 2 units in that direction
     if ( direction.sqrMagnitude > 0 )
         Vector2 targetPos = Plr.Position + (direction.normalized * 2.0f);

There will be for sure! Just might be a while :P

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Yeah if you follow powerhoof here, you should get an email. We also have our YouTube channel 

But best place to hang out and chat currently is the discord, we're in every day chatting about adventure games with other people making them too.

You might need to change their shader, yeah. I don't use the 2d lights so not sure exactly how to set them up. A bunch of folks on the Discord use them so would be more helpful if you feel like asking there?

Thanks! Really appreciate that! Well, there's a lot of the Wheel of Time series in it (at least the initial setup)... I think if it were a book it'd be a bit *too* similar :P 

I think there's one in the game folder (unless I forgot!)

Powerquest is an extention for the Unity  game engine. You'll need to follow the steps to set up here-

It is more complicated to set up and get started than Adventure Game Studio, so if you're not sure you could try using that instead.

Ah awesome! Sounds like great fun. Glad you got it working, it was released before series X/S so bit that surprised it didn't work with those!

Glad you're enjoying all of these ;)

Thanks Adoru, really appreciate it!

As for the error, it's possibly just a temporary issue with paypal/itch. You could try again in a few days if you like (though don't feel you have to!)

C and M

Telwynium has the crt filters so there's no crisp pixels anyway. There are some keyboard shortcuts to change camera filters 'C', and 'M' has some extra settings for people using an actual CRT. Maybe that's what you used for screenshots?

Hmmmm, not sure about the resolution. You could try setting to windowed mode and see if that lets you choose lower resolutions. Or just resize the images after...

Ah sorry you hit that bug. If you update to version 1.2 it's fixed

Yaaay, I had no idea if that would work but glad it did. So possibly tied to frame rate and that's why it only happened to some folks.

And yeah love the style too, same feelings you have. Betrayed alliance is still in the works afaik. There's also Fortune and Glory from deivore and of course Crimson Diamond to look out for!

I'm very tempted to try out parser stuff too, but there's only so many hours in the day ;)

Just got to watch for the lightning sand... But that shouldn't be a problem if you can ash-walk ;)

Did you get the updated version too? Does seem more likely I fixed it from the description on you moving only 1 pixel... ( I was changing the walk speed when you Ash walk and removed that in case it was causing the problem)

I haven't been able to get it to happen for me, even with a safe file from the other person that hit this bug. Driving me crazy ;)
I've fixed some other stuff you mention though, and have a *possible* fix, for the ash-walk bug. but its just a guess really.

Also, if its helpful, Here's a save file just after learning ash-walk  (just copy it over the existing one in the game folder)

Thanks again for your help!

ok thanks. I'll play around more and see if I can figure out what's going on.

Ah nuts. Someone else has that issue you but I haven't been able to replicate it yet. I'll let you know when I get it sorted! Can I ask what platform are you playing on? And whether you played from the start or the "part 2 only" version?

ha ha wow, never saw that before!

I'm starting back on it today! Love to get it out by the new year, fingers crossed ;)

Thanks! Yeah I still love this one and do wanna do more with it. I played around a bit already with some general improvements and also terrain gen. Definitely promise there if I ever get time ;)

Think I'd go crazy if I just spent 5+ years working on the one big project with nothing else ha ha

Is this for pixel art? Generally this is solved for pixel art games simply by designing them so that you dont have to scale characters. It's something I learned early making games with AGS, that scaling pixel art never looks great. So now I always avoid scaling up, prefering to shrink down the room instead as a cut-away.  And I tend to do room art with the character in them so I can avoid too much scaling down too.

For hi-res games, you also have scale control on the sprite importer, so that might be what you're looking for.

For the other scaling issues, it's hard to know what you mean without screenshots/vid maybe?

My idea was to get it out by Christmas like book 2 last year. But I bit off more than I could chew I think, and super busy with The Drifter, so no promises!

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Awesome :D

Yeah, interesting! I've definitely started enjoying a lot more old movies/music myself even though they're before my time and I never watched/listened as a kid. But something about the style I like, even though it's outdated. So can definitely be an appeal to older styles even when nostalgia isn't a factor

Yeah, this book will have a second part, and there'll be a fourth at some point too. I've been doing an instalment every year so far.

Nah, very much a mouse driven game 

Oh yeah, not all VGA games for sure, but a lot of adventures at the time went to scanned and downscaled art, lots of anti-aliased lines. I do love them too of course, but there's something really evocative about the lower pallete stuff I really like as well.

And 90s CRTs were plenty crisp! Especially at 320x200 like most games around then. I think 1024x768 was a pretty common desktop res on CRTs. When people talk about pixel art being designed for blurry monitors or with big scanlines, I think it's more console games on NTSC TVs.

Its a pure indulgent nostalgia thing, lots of people love it!  I actually prefer it as pixel art than the blurred stuff you get in VGA era games. There's just something about crisp pixels I love. Plus, dithering masks my shoddy gamejam art haha. 

100% necessary, yes :P

Honza, this is amazing! Your best yet! I'm in awe! I loved the setup and world building from the demo, but you doubled down on everything, it just all works so well. Truly masterful plotting. It was just so satisfying to get to the resolution, have all those pieces fit together so wonderfully. And god, that music and sound design is supurb, really stand-out stuff. You've gotta make a commercial game. If you made something this quality, two or three times the length with VO, you'd be topping GOTY lists for sure. You're all just too damn talented! :D

Thanks Honza, that's really what I'm going for :)  Those novels tend to expand in scope the further you get in, so its been tricky trying to keep that vibe while still fitting an instalment into a jam sized game. I probably need more smaller chapters but don't want to have to keep waiting for the next jam and then to only do a tiny section!

I thought I'd see your game much higher in the rankings, but I suppose it's just a demo, I really want to see more of the world it was one of my top games this time around even though it was just an intro!

I love the way this game flows as you interact, keeps you really engaged, and unfolds really nicely. Fantastic presentation all round. Great work :D

You managed to get a really dreamlike feel into this!