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A Nifty 2D Adventure Toolkit for Unity · By Powerhoof

Request Features Here! Sticky

A topic by Powerhoof created Feb 05, 2021 Views: 472 Replies: 6
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Post any feature requests here!

I don't have an official "road map". I have a big ol' to-do list, but I tend to just add features/fixes as I need them.  

Main features I'm planning to get to one day (in no particular order):

  • Template Load, Save, Options, Pause menus
  • More build in Gui Controls, like a Text Box
  • Update 9-verb interface to use new Gui system (making it easier to customize)
  • Text Mesh Pro support
  • Better documentation, all in one place 
  • More interface templates - Lucasarts 9-verb style, Sierra style, and high res style games. Potentially from community contributions.
  • Screenshots in save games
  • Pathfinding improvements- path around moving characters, block off areas using regions, better toggling of walkable areas
  • Better support for multiple QuestScript windows (tabs)
  • Built-in support for "following" characters
  • Custom Polygon editor (Not really necessary, but it'd be nice)
  • Double click to teleport built-in support
  • Improved support for existing custom verbs system.
  • Ongoing fixes for later versions of unity (as unity breaks things :P)
  • Better handling for "background" coroutines that restart when you restore game. (Added extension for this)
  • Some convenient Tweening/Easing functions
  • Auto-complete animation and sound cue names
  • Reordering hotspots/props, etc
  • Pinning feature for Rooms/Characters/etc (in leau of full "folder" support). For managing big projects
  • Character "Move" functionality, like props have
  • Easy way to temporarily change player Idle + Talk, then reset it.
  • Automatic clickable area polygon based on sprites
  • Setting to preserve pixel-art resolution when characters scale
  • Simple GUI system. I hate how complicated unity's is, so something where you can create buttons and things just like hotspots in a room, and they integrate nicely into your scripts. 

If you need anything above (or anything else) be sure to let me know, I'm much more likely to get to something sooner if I know it'll get used!

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I only think I would need one thing from this list the most and two not from this list.

From the list: Loading and saving your game.

Not from the list: Multiple playing characters like Maniac Mansion. Also, integration with Character Creator 2D on the asset store. 

EDIT: Scratch that. Seems that multiple playable characters is possible. Just saw the function in the manual. I was looking under character rather than Engine. But engine makes more sense. 

Cool, glad you found where to set  the player character. 

You should be able to use characters you've made with Character Creator 2d. Depends what level of integration you're after. You can definitely import the pngs that Character Creator exports, and then create your anims from those, (same as you would if you imported them from another art program). I'm not sure how they set up their prefabs/animations but it might be possible to get their exported animations working too.

I was reminded that a bunch of items on the list have now been done, so I crossed those items off ;)

The GUI system is the latest big item to be ticked off. Though like most things, there's a long list of possible features and tweaks to add!

sweet, thanks a lot!

Are there any plans to support unity localization? (or any other localization system)


Yep, there's a built in system for localisation already! It's actually been used for a localisation gamejam where a PowerQuest game was translated into dozens of languages, so it's pretty robust :)