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Neat! I hope we can see some office or commercial style themes or even sci fi at some point. Thanks for the reply!

Is this a one time release or do you plan on upgrading these tilesets from time to time with additional content?

Was this made in KaboomJS?

This sort of explains why there are HUGE updates rather quickly. I wish you success with RPG in a Box. It is a great tool and deservers further recognition!

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I only think I would need one thing from this list the most and two not from this list.

From the list: Loading and saving your game.

Not from the list: Multiple playing characters like Maniac Mansion. Also, integration with Character Creator 2D on the asset store. 

EDIT: Scratch that. Seems that multiple playable characters is possible. Just saw the function in the manual. I was looking under character rather than Engine. But engine makes more sense. 

I hope you are feeling better Kenney! I love this tool. I pretty much love all your stuff. But this one is by far my favorite! Do you keep a Trello Page or something similar with a roadmap of what you plan on implementing? I like the fact that it is a simple tool, would love to see a few more features added, but I like the simplicity of it. Do you plan on expanding this to being a powerhouse like Asset Forge or are you looking to keep it simple? Great work on this and great idea! I love it and I will promote this as much as possible. 


Any chance of full body and animations generator too?

Nice. Thank you for this.

Haha. Yes, of course. CC2D has been the most useful tool for me!

love it!

Any updates on this?

"Star Wars: Battle for Supremacy - an unofficial Star Wars Combine story" ( We hope you enjoy your visit. This is an exciting new RPG game which creates a visually immersive universe for you to explore so that you can visually see and feel your surroundings as you role play while at the same time perform actions in-game. The game is set during the war of the Yuuzhan Vong in the Star Wars Combine Universe. It takes start in Combine time 316.

Project: Morpheaus Doom

Planned for mid to late 2021 release, a new game with the working title "Morpheaus Doom" is planned to be released. It will be a quest driven, MMORPG that will take the user on intergalactic adventures. The game will have original graphics and will also include mobile app versions for iOS and Android. The game will be made using SimCMS. The current working synopsis will be the following:

Creatures known as "The Morpheaus" are ravaging worlds across the known universe destroying all beings and then transferring their consciousness into their own private hub for collection forcing these minds to leave in a dream state. Your role is to fight against these creatures and wipe them all out while at the same time fight the struggle that all political entities must face: the struggle with one another.

Cost: $2.99 for a limited time! Order here:

SimCMS is a professional content management system used to primarily create web based content such as homepages, blogs, social networks, forum based communities, gallery pages, e-shops/e-commerce, etc... The tool also has the ability to incorporate or create gaming features or full games such as Role Playing Games(RPG's), Interactive Fiction and Visual Novel Games, MUD Style quest games, Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games(MMORPG).

Anyone can use this software to create amazing web pages, communities or games. No programming knowledge is necessary to create a full and powerful web page or a complete game. However, if you wish to extend the software or make it more powerful than it is intended to be, some knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript would THEN be necessary.
Very minor knowledge of computers are necessary. In fact, a tutorial will easily help you to get the software installed. Once installed, it is a very self-explanatory and intuitive system to use. But don't worry! You will still have guides, manuals and both video and written tutorials to help you get through.

The following features are planned for the early access release. Please note that this is not a full list, but a brief synopsis of features that are "planned" for the early access release. Most of these features are already implemented:

*Easy installation of software
*No programming necessary!
*Full fledged article system for creating pages and articles.
*A theme editor so you can change your color scheme or layout of the page.
*A fully functional and integrated forum system.
*Social networking features
*A live chat, Instant Messaging, Personal messaging system.
*Live view of all logged in users currently on your site.
*A blog/news system that can allow for comments and tags as well as RSS syndication
*A bug base system for tracking bugs and user requests
*Allowing users to login using Facebook, Google, etc..
*A Built-in FAQ editor that allows you to easily create and edit frequently asked questions.
*A guide/manual editor for anyone selling software, creating games or using the tool to make an post by board RPG.
*A Teams page so that you can display your team members and what their functions are
*Blocking IP Addresses and banning users
*Banner management so that you can display your own logo's as well as include banners and ad's to earn money
*SEO management and optimization along with sitemap generation
*Security system in place.
*A Link library so that users can find resources you post.
*A download and image manager for you to add uploads to your site as well as images to use in your content
*A system for logging users
*A user manager
*and more!

The forums will allow:

*Creating multiple forums, multiple sub boards, multiple categories and multiple sub-forums within the categories and sub-forums themselves.
*Up vote or down vote full threads or posts.
*Signatures and Avatars
*Smiley Faces and BBCode
*Quotes within a thread.
*Users can add attachments to their posts.
*Permission system for users, groups and forums so you can customize what can be done where and who can do what
*Word and Profanity censors.
*Source code syntax highlighting in quoted code
*Write drafts of your posts.
*Forums can have URL Redirects.
*Arching and Pruning
*Moderators and General Managers can be applied
*RPG, Faction/Guild and gaming tools are included such as assigning XP and rewards for posts, adding action details and GM's providing private feedback on a post per post basis.
*Download a thread as a PDF.
*Managing Member groups
*RSS feeds for public boards.
*Search public forums
*You can also subscribe to threads and forums
*and more!

Gaming features will include:

*Creating custom maps that span different multiverses, time era's, galactic systems and galaxies, planets, atmosphere, ground, underground, facilities/ships/vehicles/stations, etc.
*Visual Novel creation through a visual editor that supports variables, function binding and more. Visual novels or dialogues can be attached to NPC's, droids, creatures, rooms or entities for interaction.
*NPC creation and ownership.
*Droid creation and ownership
*Vehicle/Ship/Facility creation and map creator for them
*Travelling through a wide variety of maps.
*Simulated battles with other players, NPC's, Creatures and Droids.
*Customizable skill and leveling system
*A basic exchange system to purchase items
*Game currency

Many more features are anticipated between now and version 1.0 final as well.

Requirements will vary depending on the amount of users you anticipate to view your website or play your game and we are more than happy to help guide you through the process of getting you set up with a host. You will either need a server set up in your home or office or an internet hosting service that supports a minimum version of PHP4 and MySQL 5. Most shared hosting services meet these requirements, are very inexpensive and can cost between $1 and $10 a month.
At the moment, if you expect anywhere between 1 and 500 users daily, you can get by with a shared hosting service online such as,,,, etc. We strongly recommend Host Department as they currently allow unlimited MySQL connections and are very inexpensive at $7.95 per month for hosting. If you anticipate well over 500 users registering and logging into your site daily, we recommend subscribing to a virtual private server(VPS) host or a dedicated server host.

For example, if you have a 3D part that doesn't fit the size of the grid, you can press something like E and it will resize the 3D part to fit the whole grid cell.

I also like this idea

Is it possible to allow us to paint on the objects sort of like this:  or like in Paint 3D? If this is already possible, I apologize. But currently the texture system can be limiting for someone like me and painting directly onto the object would make it easier. Perhaps having different brush sizes and shapes and even being able to add images that wrap onto the spot we paint.

Right now if we had a piece, lets say from an aircraft, it auto snaps in place. But if we wanted it to fill in the typically height of the grid square or Hexagon and the width and length, we have to resize manually. It would be neat to have either a shortcut key that can do that automatically. If that is there, I apologize. I don't seem to see or understand it.

I thought this was in AF2, but if it was, it disappeared on me. It seems we can only scale by dragging X And Y dots on the screen. It would be nice to scale by dragging from a corner and having it scale the whole model, not just the top or bottom. Think MS Paint. You drag from below or the top and it scales from top to bottom. Scale from the left or right and makes the image skinnier. Drag from the corner and it scales the whole image. Something like that for the objects would be nice.

He did. One of the feature additions to the beta release was this: 

*Added STL, DAE (Collada) and glTF file format for exporting 3D models

I would love to see voxel module parts as well as creature and human parts.

Voxel parts:

People and animal parts

As for Human and creature parts:
Different tails
Different wings
Different types of paws
Different mouth and eye parts as well as ears(For people parts too)
Different types of feet, hands, etc... (People)

I also second this request.