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Is it possible to allow us to paint on the objects sort of like this:  or like in Paint 3D? If this is already possible, I apologize. But currently the texture system can be limiting for someone like me and painting directly onto the object would make it easier. Perhaps having different brush sizes and shapes and even being able to add images that wrap onto the spot we paint.

Right now if we had a piece, lets say from an aircraft, it auto snaps in place. But if we wanted it to fill in the typically height of the grid square or Hexagon and the width and length, we have to resize manually. It would be neat to have either a shortcut key that can do that automatically. If that is there, I apologize. I don't seem to see or understand it.

I thought this was in AF2, but if it was, it disappeared on me. It seems we can only scale by dragging X And Y dots on the screen. It would be nice to scale by dragging from a corner and having it scale the whole model, not just the top or bottom. Think MS Paint. You drag from below or the top and it scales from top to bottom. Scale from the left or right and makes the image skinnier. Drag from the corner and it scales the whole image. Something like that for the objects would be nice.

He did. One of the feature additions to the beta release was this: 

*Added STL, DAE (Collada) and glTF file format for exporting 3D models

I would love to see voxel module parts as well as creature and human parts.

Voxel parts:

People and animal parts

As for Human and creature parts:
Different tails
Different wings
Different types of paws
Different mouth and eye parts as well as ears(For people parts too)
Different types of feet, hands, etc... (People)

I also second this request.