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Thanks a lot for giving it a shot, I know it's still buggy, I didn't have time to debug it properly, but I would very much want to continue it. Thank you for the kind words. All the best with your game as well.

Thank you for the kinds words, I have a couple of ideas where to take the characters and I will let you know when I have more content for the game. All the best!

Congrats! Can't wait to play the game!

Thank you for playing the short prototype! It’s great to see someone else going through the dialogues. 

Thanks for trying it out even if it's very short. I'm sorry if the framerate is terrible. 

sweet, thanks a lot!

Thanks for playing it. I had a short time to work on it and I was looking for a good idea that would make the theme justice. But it  was a very smart and hard theme this year. So I tried something more abstract. I'm still working on the content. Hopefully I will release more in the next week. My day job take more of my time sadly.

What an amazing adventure game! It's got all the elements, point-and-click, very funny dialogues, intriguing characters and a dastardly plot! The music really set the mood and I loved how the locations were constructed and focused on. The pixel art is really amazing! The first part of the game (where you have to go all the way till the end of the train to meet Lady Unterwald - and you get to talk and meet everybody) reminded me a bit how Monkey Island was built in the beginning, where how you have to move through the town to get to the Scumm Bar, and eventually to meet the Pirate Lords. I loved how funny and quirky the story was, it's a wonderful piece of art. And I though the gore element was hilarious! Great game! All the best!

It's a very cute game, and its characters and locations are very well designed. It feels like a larger universe to explore. I liked the diversity of the screens and I think it fits the "good time" theme very well. The music seemed a bit repetitive at times and in the first screen on the right i managed to get lost and the camera didn't respond anymore, so i had to restart. Also if i click on the text as it was scrolling, it disappears very fast and i didn't managed to read it in time. Best of luck!

Great Visuals! Looking forward for the vertical slice!

Very emotional and powerful. It reminds me the prologue of Firewatch, and the way your choices had meaning going forward into the story. I think your game it's a very smart way to tell a story and leave the player to construct their own meaning of what happend. 

I do love the dark overtones and the feel of the Catacombs so far, it's a very cool combination of mechanical and nature elements that are just calling out to be explored. The 'music engine' seems like an amazing feature, giving each room a special and personal touch. I just can't wait to try it! Best of luck!

The vertical exploration feature seems such a great idea. I bet you can synchronise events in multiple rooms that have the same height, or tie them together somehow. The crafting is ever present in many exploration games today but at one point it takes over and i found it very hard to manage in some games. I like your plan to keep it simple and focused on only combining items to make better tools. Looking forward to see more. Good luck!

Thank you BetaHunter for playing it! More adventures will come for LeRoy.

I love the minimalist look of the inventory ! It seems non intrusive and feels very versatile for handling multiple objects. Do you plan to have a limit of objects you can store in the inventory?

Very cool and funky look for the game. I love the atmosphere and how it feels when you shoot with peas. Music is top notch and the graphics equals. I am inspired by your game. Well done!

very cool idea and mechanics, i loved the pixel art as well, very retro game you made :)

I liked your game and the atmosphere. Very spooky and with great potential for a horror game. The graphics are really well made and the dogs animations are cute. I felt lost after a couple of rooms in when my light went out. I kept trying to return to the surface but i was stuck on the stairs up. I loved the spooky character on the chair, gave me goosebumps when it moved. I think that's how it feels for a dog sometimes, lost in a human world looking for emotion.  

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I liked the setup and the idea for the game. Every iteration of the virus was very well made, running slowly, then walking and them walking backwards. Very cool. I’m thinking what if you take the virus with you to the bunker? :D

A very funny game, I liked the graphics and the "command" to advance mechanic, but the text was a bit too fast to read for me. The sound and atmosphere works well with the game and the "Wilhelm Scream" was a nice touch. After a couple of times i managed to make it work, but it felt repetitive after a while.  

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Very cool idea, and i love the whole post-apocatiptic setup. I love the style and the pixel art, and the old man's story. Keeping the heart alive is a very good idea for the theme. I loved the minimal control scheme and the Mad Max like goons. The atmosphere was intense and maybe in the future you can add music to it. Best of luck!

I liked the vibe of your game, i thought it was a good tactical idea, reminded me of Transistor a bit. The music and sound was right on the spot, good atmosphere and mood altogether.  There was a bit too much tutorial text for me in the beginning, i clicked away on most of it, and i would of liked to be able to move the character as well. Good job!

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Thanks for playing! Yes, you are right, the legs have the faster way right now, i wanted to add the ability to jump higher for the head, and maybe the hand can go under the shelves.  I think the body is the slowest, so i thought maybe to make it from a material so the guards don't see you all the time. I also wanted to elaborate on a larger level and you would get to take the guards silently. 

Interesting concept, I did the tutorial, the controls still seem a bit hard to get. The cool down on the flops might be a bit too long, or the crabs move too fast. Maybe you can incorporate a few elements of "safe zone" like a rock or a blanket, where the crabs can't get you. I like the fact the you can take a large step, makes the guy jump around the beach. Cool pixel art look. 

A very funny concept, it was a bit hard to get the controls working in the beginning but I changed the sensibility on the mouse and that made a great difference. I liked the way you made it, like synchronising both brain parts, getting to work together. Reminded me of Bennett Foddy's Getting Over It. Maybe you can add a puzzle element as well, build some contraptions like in The Incredible Machine and see them develop as you move through the level! Pretty cool idea and funny flip-flop character! 

I quite enjoyed your game, it was an immersive experience and i really liked how the holograms were used for the storytelling part. I was left wanting for more, and for me the ending was a bit underdeveloped. I would want to play more in this universe, very atmospheric music and mood. I had some problems while going up the steep stairs but it was manageable. Congrats!

Sorry, i took the build down because of  a bug that destroys the player. I messed up something in the build and you can't finish the game as of now. I will try to have it up by the end of the week.

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Thanks for playing it :), i really liked your interpretation of it. It was very cool to see you go through the story. I wanted to make a tv series about the FEED a few years ago, but the project got shelved. Listening to your role-play was inspiring! I'm planning to make an episodic game from this. Right now I am working on the visuals and next I will polish the story, to finish the first episode. Thanks again for inspiring me!

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Your game reminds me of Flashback and Heart of Darkness as platformers go,  I like the pixelated graphics. The music is reminiscent of the 80s, i can feel the Atari vibe. The platformer element is done well even if the controls of the game are different from what I'm usually using, but i managed to navigate ok. I would liked to have different kind of friction for the platforms. The drift on all the surfaces kept making me fall to my death a lot. I wanted a save or at least a save point before i died. Also I like when i can go through the cutscenes at my own pace. Waiting for it to finish, took some time. The mouse clicks don't work for me very well and if I used Space that skips the cutscenes entirely. I enjoyed the setup of your game, cool idea. I love to see more of it. Best of luck!

Thanks for playing it :) I want to try to add more interaction in the game. Thought about making a point and click game in the same universe.  

I love your freestyle approach and the way you make narrative games. Very inspiring! I can't wait to play it!

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hi there,the game looks really good from the images and trailer but i tried to play the demo for mac os and i get an error message 

Thanks for playing it! Echo v.0.1 had a bug that broke the game on all plays. So you can't finish properly. I fixed the bug in v. 0.2.1 and it doesn't happend anymore. I tested v.2.1 both on mac and windows and i can't repro your last playthough. It worked on my end. The variables must be still active in memory for some reason.

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Thank you for playing this first version. You make a perfectly good point with more interactivity. I was working on the clock to finish it so i might've skipped some more options. I would love to make an actual game version of it, i might just try it. Thanks man!

Thanks for playing the game :)

funny little game. a bit of repetitive after a while but fun.

Thank you for playing it, i love those old point and click games. I wish i could do more. 

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It was a challange to finish it in time. There still are small issues to fix and i need to find time to model all the assets and add textures. I have more ideas to expand the game further. Thank you for playing it :).

i played it and i think it's fun. Turning the pipes was a bit hard and to fit them it was messy, but i guess it's perfect for the theme.

I enjoyed your slime game. Loved the retro music. Reminds me a bit of Ghostbusters :D