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Loco Motive (Game Jam)View game page

A short adventure, made in 2 weeks for AdvXJam.
Submitted by Robust Games (@RobustGames)
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Loco Motive (Game Jam)'s page

Team Credits
- Adam Riches (@Supernorn) - Story, Art, Sound
- Joseph Riches (@GameDevJoe) - Story, Code
- Paul Zimmermann (@paulzmmermann) - Music
- 't3nshi' (@_t3nshi) - Additional Art

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I heard Mike Bithell recommend this game on the podcast Play Watch Listen. Glad he did because it was a neat little experience. Music is nice, dialogue is humurous, the pixel art style looks good and it has all the hallmarks of classic point and click adventure games. The fact this was made in just 2 weeks is an awesome achievement too.

Same here hahahaha

Same here! Looking forward to trying this!

You created a game within 2 weeks! such madness


So I just finished this and realized I have to save my superlatives, or I'll seem like a horrible suck-up by the time I get to Intergalactic Wizard Force :). But seriously, loved it, really slick and ambitious for a two-week jam, great animations everywhere you look and a successful comedic take on murder mystery tropes. And it all wrapped up nicely with a clever final joke. Amazing job!


My god, just played it, you guys knocked it out of the park.  You're a super talented bunch, and also insane to try making something so huge :O All those characters, all that beautiful animation... So many hilarious sequences. And that last act in particular is spectacular!


Thank you so much! And yes, definitely mad!


What an amazing adventure game! It's got all the elements, point-and-click, very funny dialogues, intriguing characters and a dastardly plot! The music really set the mood and I loved how the locations were constructed and focused on. The pixel art is really amazing! The first part of the game (where you have to go all the way till the end of the train to meet Lady Unterwald - and you get to talk and meet everybody) reminded me a bit how Monkey Island was built in the beginning, where how you have to move through the town to get to the Scumm Bar, and eventually to meet the Pirate Lords. I loved how funny and quirky the story was, it's a wonderful piece of art. And I though the gore element was hilarious! Great game! All the best!


Thank you for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!