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Thank you, fellow AGSer! I sent you an email :).

Thanks for showing interest in the remake! I've been in a bit of a rut when it comes to making new stuff (some updates to older games should be coming soon though), but I'm planning to return to the Lullaby remake very soon, so keep your fingers crossed :). Updates will still probably be less frequent though, there is more coding/writing involved now that everything from the original has been redrawn and I'm adding new content, so having a new screenshot each week without spoiling the whole game is a challenge.

If it says something like "Shards_of_God_v1.2 is damaged and can't be opened. You should eject the disk image", then that's bs and a pretty sleazy move on Apple's part - the file isn't "damaged", it just doesn't have an app store license. I don't know why you can't open the readme though, that's strange - will ask the person who made the package and get back to you.

Thank you, happy you were able to play in the end and enjoyed the game! I'm not sure about Off the Clock (the Mac package is old and maybe it really doesn't work), but since you mentioned the same issue with Shards of God - with that game, did you follow the instructions in the readme file? Using the opportunity to ask here since there's no way to DM people on itch :/.

Oh, I can imagine that would *really* make it frustrating... but I think the "pixel" (which is actually a reasonably sized square ;)) is inactive if the pig isn't selected.

Happy to hear that, and thank you!

Does it say something like "Shards_of_God_v1.2 is damaged and can't be opened. You should eject the disk image"? If so, then please follow the instructions in the readme file, you should be able to run the game.

Hi Fernando, if you're still interested, you can contact me at or DM me on X/Twitter: @hnzvavra. Thanks!

It's complete.

Yes, I took it as trolling and deleted it. The comment was bizarre, very arrogant and had earned a record number of downvotes. The fact that you also spammed the thread with 20 or 30 similarly nonsensical and/or antagonistic responses to other commenters didn't help either. More posts like this will lead to a ban.

Did you follow the instructions in the readme file?

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Oops, sorry! I did a silent update this morning (just to correct a mistake in one line of dialogue) and it seems that this part got broken in the process. Please download again and load the latest autosave (should be labeled "[somebody] arrives"), hope it works now.

That was super slick, loved it! Pleasant and engaging puzzle flow, fun dialogue, crisp visuals and fluid animations (the talking ones are especially charming)... even the GUI elements are neat and polished. All in all, one of the best free AGS games I've played in a long time.

Thank you! Although I have to say, "the dumb pig pixel hunt" tends to be the most well-received puzzle in the game :P

Thank you! Great to hear especially about the feels part, really glad it worked on this level. Yeah, I'm aware of the lengthy monologuing being a bit too much. I wanted to do the Christie "genius detective explains everything at the end" trope properly since I don't remember seeing it exactly like this in a game. But now that I've got it out of my system, I'll do my best to maintain a more digestible pacing in whatever I end up doing next :).

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Ahoj, díky! Přímluvu beru v potaz :), lokalizace snad časem budou (včetně české), ale zaím nemůžu nic s jistotou slíbit.

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Thank you very much! Here are some SPOILERS of how to get the secret ending (not 100% spelled out solution, but a strong hint).






There is something you can do at the very end, just *before* you enter the secret chamber to vote. There are not that many interactive things at that point, I'm sure you'll find it :).

Thank *you*!

Oh, great! I feel like the more emotional/character driven aspects of the ending get a bit lost in all the other stuff that goes on there, really happy it worked this way for you - a bit of chills was the intention! :)

Thank you so much for the kind words! And I'm happy that the game doesn't feel *that* short. Feel free to throw any money you see fit, we'll do our best to catch it! ;)

Oh wait, sorry! You're still stuck there?! My apologies then, I assumed you got through it/looked up a walkthrough, finished the game and are only talking about it in retrospect.

Forget everything I said then, sorry for the spoilers :(. You can keep the levers down using items you collect - maybe you just don't have the stuff you need yet. If you want the whole solution, let me know what you have in your inventory.


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Phew, glad it worked out in the end! Added the readme file to the M1 archive as well, thanks for reporting!

Thank you very much! :)

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Thank you, glad you like the game overall! I'm not sure what exactly you mean by the library thing, but if you're talking about the lamps/levers - from feedback I've got I'm not aware of people getting stuck there particularly often. Here's the idea:

- you quickly figure out the lamps are actually levers and they trigger some hidden mechanism.

- [HEAVY SPOILERS] since the passage is meant to be opened by four people, the lamps need to be pulled all at once. This may seem a bit random at first but is explained later - so yeah, in this regard it kinda is an extended joke :).

- The rest relies on trial and error, but keeping the levers down is proving to be a relatively intuitive thing people try, because it's just the kind of thing you do in point and clicks (which plays into the joke/reveal later).

Anyway, thanks for the feedback! I think in the next version I'll have Ava comment on her reason for pulling the lamps a bit more (currently she says she's "heard things of ancient libraries" and "it's worth a try", implying there could be a secret passage, but it's probably not too clear). I can also signpost the solution (something like "it won't stay down!" when you pull the lever). Hopefully this will make it feel a bit less random without revealing too much. The challenge here is to not give away the [SPOILERS] four people thing, that's supposed to be a surprise.

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Following up on the SPOILERS...







Well, in my mind the epilogue isn’t that important, the real ending is the conclusion to the case and the fact that Ava gets to make a choice using the bloody shard. Leaving it completely open was actually the first option I thought of, but I was told people would find it disappointing and I have to agree - I'm sure there would be a lot of complaints had I left it that way ;). Still, to me, the actual story ends with the fadeout on the scales.

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No problem :)

Thank you very much, honored to have inspired your first post :)! I'm really happy that the detective elements work, it was important to me to get the genre right.





By the very ending you mean the epilogue text, and the fact that neither of the two outcomes is exactly positive? Because there is also a third, hidden ending, and you may find that one a bit more satisfying :).

Phew, great! :)

Oof, ok, can you try now please?

Thank you very much!

Díky! Časem možná překlad bude, ale zatím bohužel není nic jisté.

Thank you :)!

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Thank you very much for the nice feedback, happy you liked it! Although I should say only the demo was made in two weeks, it took about six more weeks after that to finish the game ;).

I already messaged you on the AGS forum when you asked before. Let's only discuss Shards of God here.

Oh, that's great! It's actually signposted pretty heavily if you click on stuff at the right time :). Glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you! :)

I tried to fix the issue and I've uploaded a new version - can you please let me know if it works now?

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Sure, thanks for giving it a try! I wish there were actually 2 hour conversations, then I could sell it as a full length game ;)... but I get it, as point and clicks go it’s on the dialogue-driven side, and the final suspects-gather-in-the-library scene is bound to test your patience if you’re not that much into the story.

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Hmmm, that’s really strange. The Windows one? I couldn’t replicate the bug.