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WOW. Can't wait to see more of this series!

The master sheet is missing the tiles from future_tileA4.png (all the building walls).

Amazing work as always! It says SET1.. how many sets do you plan to do, and do you have an ETA? Thanks!

Really loving this and you other work! Are you planning sometime in the future a tileset with modern buildings, like office towers, cinema, gas station, etc. in this style? Thanks!

I was about to buy the pack until I read there were no accents :( 

Hey there, bought the asset yesterday, loving it!
The only thing is: I'm using them in Unity, and I had to change the anchor point for all my tiles (sort order works better with anchor point at bottom center..), which kinda messed up some of the animated tiles on the tile palette. I can just re import them on the palette, no biggy.. except that some animated tiles assets are missing from the asset folder. Like for Ocean Deep or Shallow, I only have tiles 2, 5, 6 and 7. Ocean Beach: 1, 3, 5, 7. So I need to recreate all the missing animated tiles.. unless you have them and it's just a mistake that they're missing from the asset? Thanks!