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Sorry it's a bit late, but fixed ;)

Hi raverwild - the reason why we do testing on Steam is that way we can ensure people won't have a standalone copy of the build that they can pass around / easily hack, etc before the game is released.

We should have said in the post that the beta testing is Steam only, so I apologize for that.

Rest assured the final game will be released on though :)

Hello! Everyone will receive the build later this week - I'm finishing preparations for organising steam keys, etc.

Thank you! I realized there's no direct message on, so I edited the original post with a link to a form so you can send us your email for registration.

Thank you! I realized there's no direct message on, so I edited the original post with a link to a form so you can send us your email for registration.

Thank you! I realized there's no direct message on, so I edited the original post with a link to a form so you can send us your email for registration.

It is a general test to look into the game as a whole and identify any issues which should be adjusted before release. Late-game features are the least tested right now so having people who will try to complete the game is ideal.

From the volunteer's standpoint, we just want you to play normally and then answer some questions about how you felt while playing. We will watch your recording to understand behaviours such as where you explored first, how many times you attempted each boss fight, etc, as well as identify any bugs experienced. There will be a closed discord to discuss the game with other testers as well.

The game should work on Linux so it would be very useful to have someone playing in Lubuntu :)

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Only thing that will be required is record your screen, play normally, then answer a feedback form :) we'll mostly be looking at how balanced the challenges are, etc

Thank you so much for the review and for linking the website! The game is getting closer and closer to being ready - we're at the final 10%!

The game feels complete as well thanks to you! 😊

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This was my first time putting some effort into writing a story, it means a lot to me that it resonated with you :) Glad you and the game had a good time!

I'm moved by your comment, it means a lot to me :)

Yeah, I think the biggest flaw in this game was taking so long to introduce the water holes. I think I could have rushed a bit more with the introduction of the base mechanics and focused the game more on exploring different uses of water-skipping. Note taken for the next game! :)

I loved your video @icely, it was one of the most valuable pieces of feedback that I got, and it was a joy to see you solving (and getting stuck at) the puzzles the moments I wanted you to. I think 80% of the levels in the final game are mostly unchanged from that version.

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Amazing (and simple) level design!

I freaking love the effect when you (spoiler) merge statues together

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Icely Puzzles played a genuine version of the game, that I posted on the PuzzleScript community in June (the one that got stolen). It has the correct title (Nourish) and correctly credits me as the game's creator :)

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Wtf. Someone stole the beta version I posted in the puzzlescript community and re-uploaded it with another name :'( (what does Kebonku even mean?) Thank you for pointing that out, I'll report them

This is genius. The second I walked to the second room and realized how the game would work I was just laughing.

I found it very borgesian, reminds me of The Library of Babel

Hey there! Thanks a lot for your support :) We are finishing implementing some optional content now, and soon there will be only bug fixing/polishing left to do, so hopefully we'll release by the end of this year.

And don't worry, we will release the full game both on Itch and Steam! :)

Wario Land 2 was my only gameboy game for a long time and became a great inspiration for Raider Kid :) I am glad you like it!

Although we are embracing graphic, computational and sound limitations from the actual Game Boy Color hardware as closely as possible, we are developing the game in Unity, so to play it on a GBC hardware we would have to remake it from scratch using a GB developing kit of some sort. 

We also break a few rules now and then. For example, the music loops are longer than your usual GB music, which makes the songs less repetitive but also means an increase in file size that would probably not fit in a GBC cartridge. We love the simple aesthetics from the Game Boy era but we also want the game to feel as comfortable as possible to a modern day audience.

To put it short, the amount of liberty we are taking is similar to how Yacht Club Games had when making Shovel Knight.

Very cleverly designed! The mechanics are pretty original and the puzzle design is superb. In the start I was afraid the solutions would be a bit too loose since the mechanics give you a lot of freedom, but oh boy was I wrong! On later levels you realize the puzzles can become actually very ingeniously designed. It was a nice progression curve.

I fell in love with the game in this puzzle and the puzzle right before it <3

Mecânica incrível! Adorei (não cheguei a jogar a ponto do jogo ficar difícil, mas achei a profundidade do gameplay muito boa... pra jogo de jam então, mais incrível ainda!)

Great use of kishoutenketsu concept!

Very nice! Love your work. I think this simple mechanic might have potential for becoming the base of an audio game, if you made some cues about the sharpness and distance of the curve ahead.

Touching story with a beautiful ending <3

Wow!! So beautiful!!

Jogo demais!

Acho que resolvi os problemas de todo mundo menos da Ana e Barbara

Adorei os personagens e o texto!

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Yeah, unfortunately the lack of special characters prevents me from using these fonts in my personal and professional projects :( 

As a Brazilian I don't intend on releasing a game with no Portuguese options, which would need characters like à, õ, ê, í, ç etc.

Nevertheless, I'm buying the pack in hope the money will make this possible one day.

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Raider of the Ruby Chest has always had something arouns 1.3% ctr.

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Hola Eljonycrazy! ¡Muchas gracias! No tenemos planes de hacer un modo de 2 jugadores, pero traducir el juego al español y portugués es algo que planeamos hacer pronto. ¡Le mantendremos informado!

Best title for a videogame ever?

[spoilers] Adorei a construção do argumento! O distanciamento da realidade na primeira cena, seguido da negação, pra depois mostrar a foto

I've been looking forward for this game for some time and still really excited to try it :) don't push yourself too hard!