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I'm making a Horror game that's basically "Buckshot Roulette meets Undertale."

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Beta for the battle system out now!: Click Here.

Hello! I'm excited to create this new amazing project. If you read the title, you'll know that this game takes inspiration from Buckshot Roulette and Undertale

The reason I want to make this game:

The reason I want to do this is because the problem with a lot of  "RPG Horror" is that it's either not really that scary or it DOESNT EVEN HAVE ACTUAL RPG ELEMENTS! (Or who knows, I haven't played a lot of RPG horror like "Parasite Eve" or "Koudelka." so maybe I shouldn't talk so negatively). Basically, I wanna create an RPG horror game that has a unique take on "Choose your own adventure stories" and "RPG battle systems." Which is why I chose Buckshot Roulette as my choice for the battle system and why I chose Undertale for the "Choose your own adventure" part of the game. I liked how in Undertale your choices mattered (for example a Pacifist or Genocide run), because a lot of the RPG's that I played don't even have "Role Playing", and that's one of the reasons why I'm motivated to make this game so I can create a unique experience for RPG's. It's come to the point that it feels like RPG's are only known for battle systems and leveling up, which kind of sucks, because I would really like an RPG that has your choice matter.

More Detailed talk, on what I want to take from "Buckshot Roulette":

If you read the paragraph above, you'll know that I'm taking the battle system of Buckshot roulette and applying it to my game. This also applies for the items in that game. However, I do plan to change some things to make the battle system more interesting, like different guns, new items, and new enemies with unique choices to kill you.

More Detailed talk, on what I want to take from "Undertale":

I plan to take the "Pacifism/Genocide" route system into the game. However, I don't want that to be the only way to get endings so I can give this game a different "Choose Your Own Adventure" style to the game. For example, lets say you can pacify everyone, but you chose not to eat the "legendary cookie" in the snow world, and lets say that if you didnt eat that cookie, a meteor would crash land on all the people you pacified, giving you the "Uno Reverse Card Ending." Not a "Pacifist ending", not a "Genocide ending", nor a "Neutral Ending"... just an "Uno Reverse Card Ending," congrats... You played yourself. I really do plan to make a unique "Choose Your Own Adventure" style to this game.

Not sure what else I would like to take from Undertale other than that, but I've been thinking if I should have a more linear style to map making like Undertale, or a more open world map. The reason being that linearity is easier for storytelling, while open world is easier for exploring. I'm leaning more on the open world idea because I want people to choose what they want to experience and it helps with my "Choose Your Own Adventure" style to story telling so I might pick that instead. But who knows, I might change my mind.


I'm really excited about making this game. There's so many ideas flooding through my brain and I cant wait to put them out. Of course if you feel the need to ask questions about this project, by all means ask me :)

I plan to make an update about this topic everyday, detailing what I'm doing with the game or maybe other stuff I'm considering of adding.

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Update on the battle system:

Ok so i got all the basic stuff done with the battle system, so I'm gonna work on items. I'll focus more on making the enemy AI better later. Well... calling it AI is kind of stretching it. it's just basic code that makes the Enemy act. Although I still have some ideas to make it harder >:)

IF you guys have any ideas to give me for what type of items should be in the game, please by all means reply to this post :)

EDIT: also when i get the battle system done, ill hopefully have a playable test demo of the battle system on my account.

Update on what I’m working on:

ok I finished the most important items. I plan to add more items, but right now I want to work a little bit on the characters in my game.

DONT WORRY. I’m still making that battle system and hopefully release a test demo on MARCH. It’s just that… my battle system is technically almost done for a test demo. I just plan to add one more gun and new art. Now my test demo won’t have everything right off the bat though, I want 2 other guns and more items in the full game. It’s so I can keep the full game a different experience.

Update on my characters:

The approach I want to write with my characters is in a serious approach. I want every character to be “flawed.” However, I also want every character to have some sympathetic traits to make you feel bad for them. I feel that would best fit my game :)

as of right now I already pre planned some major characters, so I don’t need to work too much. I have 10 major characters haha.

To help me, I plan to make them based off the Enneagram personality traits. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a psychology tool to help find your personality. Kind of like “Myers Briggs” or “the big 5”

 ( some people who are apart of the Enneagram community don’t like calling it a personality typing system because it’s technically a lot more than that)

Quick Update: 

I didnt really do anything today unfortunately. It's just that i had a lot to do. Also I said in the previous post that I was working on the characters, but to be honest I only worked a little on the characters, and went right back to working on the battle system. It's just so fun working on it.     :D

I'll see what I'll post tomorrow, but anyways as of writing this post I'm going back to working.

The battle system is going good :)

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Ok, as of right now, I'm working more on the battle system and the AI for the enemy.

Specifically I'm creating a NEW item. The Swap Card.

if you use the swap card, you can swap one of your items with the enemy's items. But I'm not exactly sure if I should have that. I'm thinking I should just call it "steal card" and change it to where you don't need to swap one of your items so you can just take the enemy's item freely. Not sure if that idea makes it too OP, either way I'll let you guys know if I change my mind about it.

AI is going good. In the test build, he wont be the smartest thing on the planet, but that's not a bad thing, because in the full game, I want every enemy you encounter to have a different set of difficulty (so expect harder AI in the future.). So for now, the enemy's AI is kind of the same as Buckshot roulettes Dealer. I have a lot planned for the AI   :D

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OK wow, the Ai took some time haha. I cant really say much today because I didnt get to do a lot. Unfortunately i had to help my Grandpa with his pickup truck, so not much i could do today. But I will list off some of the things i got to do. First of all I renamed the swap card. yep I've decided on calling it "steal card" now. also I did a little bit of AI work. Sorry, had a tough day today DX

But just to let you know I'm thinking about making a partner/party system. I mean, what's an RPG without a party member :D

However... don't count on it being in the game, because I'm not sure if I should implement it. Sorry if that sounds weird, I'll probably explain the hurdles of developing it when I upload the battle test demo.

SO KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED, because I'll see if I can add party members in the Battle test demo.

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Update on the items and AI:

Hey guys, everything's going great right now. I'm still focusing on the AI and items, though. I'm actually almost done with the items, I just need to work on the steal card... Well, ok I actually have another item planned. THE TARP. 

The Tarp item is used to cover your items so the opponent cant see them, also the enemy has its own set of items so it can use the tarp too. The only problem with that, is the "steal card." If you cant see the enemies items, then how can you steal them? I've been thinking if the tarp should restrict the steal card (but I kind of hate restricting game mechanics -_-) or maybe the steal card can be used to see the enemies items even with the tarp (but I don't know if that's too OP). I'm trying to find a balance /:

Also I'm going to have to go back and help my Grandpa today. So I might as well make this update post right now before I get a call from him.

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Update on the art style for the game:

I'm just testing out certain styles, that I want for my game. I've been thinking of doing pixel art, but I really wanna do a crayon art style. I know that doesn't scream horror but I took some examples from Walten Files.

The character art in my game probably wont be as uncanny as the images below, but i might take some inspiration.

(if the images don't appear let me know with a reply.)

But yeah, I was inspired by Yoshi's island's art style (weird, i know)

I'll get back into making the AI and Items, I just wanna do some art experiments. Oh yeah! also about the whole "Steal Card vs Tarp" fiasco in the update above. I've decide on just making the steal card able to see the items. After all, you have only a limited set of some.

Short Update: 

sorry for such a late post. not much I could add today, other than I've been really loving the crayon  art style for my game. I really want it in the game, I Hope everyone else likes it too.

Now that it is March, I'm sure a lot of you are wondering what day on March, as I did say I would probably release the battle test demo around that month. So when will it be released?  I'm hoping around March 22 - 31. But anyways I still wanna test out some art designs for my "dealer"... Yeah that's it, not much I could say ):

Don't worry I'm gonna get back into coding, I'm just still working on the art designs. I'll see if I can show some artwork tomorrow.    :3

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Update on the artwork:

Hey guys, I'm still working on the art design for my "dealer." So I unfortunately wont show his design, but I will show 1 cut design.

So yeah this design wont appear in the final game. The reason being that I thought that it would be too cliché for an analog horror inspired design, so I chose to do something a little more original. Also I remember it was based of a analog horror series, but I cant remember what it was. STILL LOVING THAT CRAYON ART STYLE THOUGH.  Especially with the scribbly outline, I think it looks cool, so ill probably use that for every character :D

(If your wondering what art program I use, it's "Krita")

EDIT: I found the analog horror series that this image was based on. 

Items and Ai update:

Sorry guys, another mini update. I only got to do a little coding. I’ll see if I can do a little more. just taking a break.

I finished the “tarp” item. Just need to focus on some things in the enemy AI

I’ll see what I can post tomorrow.

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Update on the AI:

IM ABOUT TO FINISH THE AI. I remember on one of the early post I said "all i need to do is add a new gun and some artwork and I'm finished". APARENTLY NOT LOL, the Ai and items made me realize I had a lot to do. But now... all I need to do, is add a new gun and some artwork. Unless I'm missing something or I find a bug, but I've been testing the AI out, its good enough for the beta test. 

for now on I'm going to call my "dealer" the "Opponent"

If you wanna know the differences between buckshot roulettes Dealer and the Opponent, then there's little to go over.

1. The Dealer uses items ASAP. The Opponent might do that but he sometimes doesn't.

2. considering the fact that i have more items in my game then buckshot roulette, the Opponent will see that you have a healing item, so if he has a "steal card", he might use that to help him heal.

3. continuing #2, this applies to knifes. if the Opponent uses the "magnifying glass" and sees a live round, then he'll use a "steal card" and take your "knife" so he can do double damage.

4. The Opponent has favorites compared to the Dealer. What do I mean by that? lets go back to steal cards for a moment. If the Opponents favorite item is a healing item and he has a steal card, he will most likely take the healing item than any other item.

But yeah anyways, I'm really close to finishing the AI. Still not exactly sure on the art design I wanna give him though. still testing that.

Edit: gonna take a break for right now.

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Update on the bugs: 

So apparently the Opponent could use items he didnt even have... oops. 

Also when the Opponent used handcuffs, I would be cuffed for longer then usual due to a bug.

The only bug with the player is that he would do 19 damage when he shouldn't be able to. 

Update on AI:

The only thing I plan on doing is making the AI know what the last round will be in the gun (just like the Dealer from Buck shot roulette). Everything is finished with him unless you count his bugs.

 I'll see what I can do tomorrow, I have a plan for what i want to do with battle animations.

What about items?

I like where i am right now, i think all the items I have are where i should stop, so don't expect any more items unless anyone else has a good idea.

EDIT: I forgot to mention there will be two new items in the test build. But I'm not gonna talk about them >:3

Any news about art?

Im probably gonna do art tomorrow but i really wanna focus on the coding.

He's hiding in the Shadows.

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Art Update:

I finished doing some art for the items.

Also i redid the the Opponents artwork (kind of).

It looks like the post I made above, but i did some slight features to make it look more like a crayon art style (also it wont have the black background so you can see his design). Basically,  I looked back at the opponents artwork and though it could use some tweaking to make it look better. Anyways cant wait for you guys to see all the artwork i did. I don't wanna show you a lot of the artwork until the battle test demo comes out.

ill probably do both art and coding tommorow, haha.

Update on bugs:

I almost forgot to make a post today. sorry i was trying to fix bugs all day lol. I wanted to do some more art but i was taking the longest time with bugs. I think everything is working now, im still gonna do some test to find some bugs though lol.

i hate to give you all another mini update, but hey, at least im getting closer to my march 22 deadline (i hope i make it)

Update on the story and full game:

since i didnt get to say a lot today, i thought maybe i can spill a bit of story. I'm not talking about the story in the battle test demo, i mean the FULL GAME.  

Basically, its a second person perspective story where you're trapped in a music box world (think of Wario land 3). Then you meet this guy whos body got fused to a mountain and now all you can see is his stone face (if that's confusing, think of Mount Rushmore) and he basically tells you go around and do whatever you want. since its an open world and a choose your own adventure game, there's many ways the story can unfold. However if you want a brief introduction to how the story is in this music box world... basically everyone is a bad person. Everyone seems to have an addiction problem, so they all do Russian Roulette to gain money, and its up to you to save everyone or join the world in their conquest for addiction... and of course many other different endings you could get, but that's besides the point.

Art Update:

I've been doing some battle animations. it was a little hard to get them working but i got some done. I'm very proud of them even if they're a bit simple. Gonna finish the rest in a little. 

Bug Update:

fixed some of the Opponent AI (so glad I got this done.) still need to make him a bit smarter though.

I'm honestly so glad to be almost done with the battle test demo, as theirs also other things i want to focus on... Like scorespace #29 jam, BUT DONT WORRY, I plan to still make some updates about ideas I plan on doing when I'm making a game for the jam. :3

I'll try to see if i can add a partner system in the battle test demo, but I'm not sure if it'll have time. by all means I'll let you guys know.

Ideas about the ACT system:

Yeah, just like Undertale i plan on making an ACT system so you can pacify people. However it's different from Undertale. You have to deploy certain strategies for each character, but anything you say can make them happy, scared, sad, or angry. Also a bit of randomization can dictate their attitude sometimes. 

A cool thing about the ACT system is that you can find about a persons life to make pacification easier. I didnt like how Deltarune used a lot of gimmicks for its ACT system, while it was fun, I wanted a more complex and interactive way to pacify people. 

don't expect the act system to be in the battle test demo though.

Weapon Update:

For a while I have been using a weapon called the "revolver" for testing, but now I finished some of the new weapons:

a shotgun that does twice the damage of the revolver :3

a tranquillizer gun that does the same damage as the revolver, but if you shoot the Opponent he is now poisoned, so when he shoots a blank at you, the poison hits him every time.

What's the point of using the revolver when these are much better?

It's because the enemy can use your weapon, so if you use the shotgun, he's going to use it to.

AI Update:

Ok everything is working with the AI, i don't see anything that's bugging it anymore (and i hope it stays that way). Also i made him smarter, he knows what the last round is and also if he steals your Handcuffs or Tarp, he uses it immediately (I plan on doing the same with some other items.)

Deleted 22 days ago

Bad news

I didnt get to ANYTHING TODAY. ):<

so yeah... cant really make a reasonable update. I would talk about what i have planned but I'm quite tired today     X_X

Also might not be able to do anything tomorrow, because there's just so much I have to do, but I'll see if i can make a reasonable update tomorrow. 

sorry guys

Again on the bright side I'm getting closer to creating that battle test demo.     :3


It's Okay! Take your time, we'll support you no matter what!


Thank you so much :3

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Miscellaneous Update: 

Ok so for right now my battle test demo will have some assets that don't fit crayon art style for the game. This is because I want to finish it for the march 22 deadline. Also i guess me calling it the "battle test demo" is kind of wrong. It's more like "beta battle test demo," because of course I want a more finished battle experience in the final game.

AND BY ALL MEANS, when the beta battle test releases, tell me if you ever find bugs (you can do a recording to find bugs if you want :3)

right now I'm gonna work on some more crayon art and building the game scene. 

Also i might have to lay off working on the video game from March 14-16. I have to baby sit some kids on all those three days, but ill see if i can still make some updates :3



I dont have to take care of my nephews for 3 days. i just had to take care of them for today :)

so i can keep working on my game. I'm gonna go back to working on the game scene really quick. Thank you all for staying and reading the updates, sorry if this is another short update with nothing much of value to talk about, I just got done with needing to take care of my nephews and want to go back to working on the game haha.

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Art Update:

I've been doing some animations for the weapons since I finished the items. However I'm having some problems with SFX. I'm trying to figure out what sounds good.

Game Scene Update:

Basically the game scene starts with you and the Opponent and then (Just like buckshot roulette) you get to make your name. However after that he tells you to pick the items you want. Yeah so unlike Buckshot roulette, you actually get to choose your items rather than be given random items each round. Now comes the important part... Picking your weapons. As I said in an earlier post, there is 3 weapons as of right now. Revolver, Shotgun, and Tranquilizer. After that the first match starts :D. 

Anyways I'll talk more about the game scene in another update if I have time tomorrow.

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Art Update:

Ok I finished everything i need for item & battle animations. I'm very proud of them, even if they're simple. I was holding off from showing them to you guys, but i might as well show their design since i don't have much to show. 



Steal Card

Red Flag


Four Leaf Clover

Eye Card

Admittedly these kind of look... childish

They're poorly filled in and i didnt use a lot of art tools like the "line tool" which causes the items to have wonky lines instead of perfectly straight lines. However, (you can probably tell) I used a circle tool to make the handcuffs.

So why did i do this?

Well, it's because I want to give of the idea that a kid made it. So the whole idea of it being poorly filled in, is a design choice. Also, a kid with a piece of paper isn't going to make perfectly straight lines as well. This is something I realized with the Opponent. I used a straight line tool and also a mirror tool. I also didnt like that i colored him in too much, to the point that the crayon style... didn't really look like a crayon style.  I fixed him a bit by using some eraser tricks, but I'm wondering if i should totally redesign him again. 

Anyways, all I have to do is just some little finishing touches and making a walking sprite for the Opponent, so I can be done with art.

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Art Update:

I took such a long time figuring some stuff out with the battle backgrounds. I realize I probably shouldn't have worried about it too much, because i spent HOURS on it. I'm sorry guys lol, i need to keep in mind that there's other important stuff I need to work on in my game.


I might not even need to publish it on march 22, because im getting a lot of stuff done. I know that might seem like its B.S. because i just talked about making backgrounds for hours, but really what matters is the battle system. I realize I don't need to make a literal beta perfect. I realize i can let some things chill down, so maybe I'll have an earlier download available.

Now there may be some problems. I can only port to windows, but later on I'll see if I can make a Mac and Linux version. Im sorry, ill try to make mac & Linux ports as soon as i can.

Sorry guys i tried to work on the game, but im sick today. i have a sore throat and i feel like my head cant think straight. ill try to see if i can do some work later but my head hurts. Hopefully my head will feel better tomorrow so i can work.

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Game Scene Update:

Hey I'm feeling way better. Throat still a bit scratchy but it's getting better and better. 

Anyways, I'm basically finished with the game scene. it has 3 rounds for battle just like Buckshot roulette. However, there are some differences. For one, anytime you accidentally shoot yourself, you still get another turn to try to shoot your opponent unlike "Buckshot Roulette." On the first round the Opponent only uses the revolver so he'll only take away 2 HP. Also on the third round you and the Opponent get reduced health to make it a bit scarier.

There's some secrets in the beta, so I hope you can find them >:3

Game Scene Update:

I don't want to reveal a whole lot in the Game Scene. All I'm gonna say is that in the third round there's "something" I added into the mix to make the final battle scarier. 

Weapons Update:

Do you guys remember when I announced the tranquilizer gun? Well i nerfed it a bit. Basically if you shot the Opponent with the tranquilizer, then that would mean every time he shoots a blank at you, he would get 1 HP taken away. Now it still does that, but now its limited to three turns. So every action the Opponent does, will reduce the turn count and if it hits zero he's not poisoned anymore. This was done to make the tranquilizer less annoying when the Opponent shot you.

Art Update:

The Opponent has two Sprites now :3

Yeah that's it... I'll talk about why I did that when the beta battle test releases.

Conclusion on the Date of Release:

I wanted to see if I could release the beta earlier than March 22, but it looks like I'll be releasing it on that day. Also when the beta comes out, I'll officially put Finished 10%. I remember I was hyped that I got 28 views on my first post, and now as of creating this, it's 487. I'm really happy a lot of people saw my post (even if it may contain viewers coming back which gives an inaccurate number.) Thank you all for reading these post throughout the days. Heck, even if you're someone who just stumbled across this on the Devlogs, thank you. I cant wait for March 22.

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Items Update:

Do you guys remember the Four Leaf Clover? If you don't, it was an item that would change the chances to a 50/50 (basically it would put one blank round and one live round lol.) Unfortunately you could cheat by using handcuffs and four leaf clover combo to bypass that problem of having to guess. IT WOULD ALSO BE TOO "OP" WITH THE KNIFE ITEM. 


Erm... I would talk about more, but my game is coming out on march 22 so I don't really feel the need to. Also I didnt have time to implement a lot of secrets like I said :(

Right now there's only 2 secrets. But anyways... I'm so nervous and excited to put the project on my Itch page (even if it is just a beta). Please, whenever you can, notify me of any bugs you find so I can fix them. I'd also recommend you send me a video of you playing the game for the sake of bug reports. One more thing, if you guys could give me suggestions about what you would like to see later in the full game, that would be great. 

Expect there to be some stock assets in the game (Don't worry they wont be in the full game.).

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Hey guys. It's out now. Again it's just for the battle system. I definitely learned some things when making the beta, that i plan to fix when the full game comes out. I hope you enjoy this pretty short experience. Thank you all for reading.

EDIT: Again its only for Windows, because my game engine (RPG maker VX Ace) doesn't support mac or Linux. but when I use RPG Maker MV, it will be better. Right now I need to rest, I'm kind of tired and still kind of sick ):

Beta Battle test.


It's a great beta, I really like the art style. I know this is still in development and many features will be later added but I would like to share my personal opinion:

1.It needs more feedback & sounds for when the player or the "Dealer" make a move.

2.I think it would be very nice if you could add mid-combat dialogues. So the player could learn more about the intentions of the "Dealer" (It would also make it a lot more distinguishable from buckshot roulette)

3.A few animations would be a nice touch too. I have no idea how hard implementing animations in RPG Maker would be, but I'm sure that it will make battles much more intense & immersive.

I know you have probably thought about implementing these features before I mentioned them, but it is still a good reminder.

Anyways, good luck!

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Hey thanks for the response.

To answer opinion 1, i just wanna say thank you. I completely forgot to add some sounds in certain areas and i apologize for that. Also what do you mean feedback? do you mean like how much damage you take? I understand that RPG maker shows damage numbers really quick, which I want to fix later on.

And for #2, It's interesting you say that, because i was debating on whether i should or shouldn't. Also just to make it easier for me, ill call my "Dealer" simply "The Opponent." The Opponent does have a backstory for his intentions. It's just that I wanted to plan it for the full game because I'm still wondering what I should do for his character. For example, in the full game I plan to create side quest and in these side quest, you'll find some info on the Opponent. 

For #3, Yeah RPG Maker's animation system sucks lol. However i plan on doing something like cell animation. Cell animations basically means drawing a picture all over again frame by frame instead of the static basic animations I have. I think this will work for my game since i like the imperfect look especially for my crayon art style.

(1 edit)

I agree with you, crayon art style mixed with the imperfections caused by cell animation sounds very fitting.

By feedback I mean, anything that makes player's input, more impactful. For example in Buckshot Roulette,  If you successfully shoot the Dealer, he gets thrown out of the camera view for a few seconds. Or when you fire a blank at him, you hear the trigger going off but nothing happening to the Dealer. These are both feedbacks that the game sends to players, one is for when you do something correct, and the other one for when you make a mistake. 


ohhh, ok I understand now. There's a bit of a problem when it comes to RPG maker and it's animations, because you cant animate the enemy except for weapon and items T_T

BUT THATS OK. RPG maker does allow me to play videos, so i can do something for when the Opponent gets hurt, it's that it'll have to be regulated to a cutscene. Unfortunately it'll take longer because I'll have to do this for every NPC that challenges you and also unlike 3d animation, you cant take the same animation rig and apply it to another NPC. I don't think this will be a problem since I wont have a whole lot of NPC's that attack you but I'm trying my best to think of when the full game will be released because I want to have set deadline. Anyways thanks for the reply if you have more questions about what I plan further, or any ideas you would like in the game, then by all means ask me :3

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I apologize for no Update yesterday. I had some family and friends come over haha.

Anyways, now that I'm done with the Beta... What now? We'll there's still some stuff I need to fix in the battle system, but I want to take a break from the battle system. I mainly wanna focus on art, ACT system, and map design to my open world. 

If you guys wanna know my main plan with the open world, well then basically the idea is that your trapped in a music box world and there's 4 main sections of the world that are divided. I would talk about those more about those sections in detail but... maybe for another time when i feel more confident about what i want to do with the open world. If you guys have any questions you would like to know about the open world then let me know and i will see if i can answer them.

And for the ACT system, I know that I've talked a little bit about how i wanted it to change NPC's moods to happy, sad, angry, and scared, however that's all I really said about the ACT system.  So i might as well tell you that there is some rng thrown in and also I'm taking the FF2 keyword system... Which I know sounds like a bad idea since everyone hated the FF2 Keyword system, but i want to use for ACT system in a cool and creative way to understand the NPC's better so you can pacify them.

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Ideas About the Act System:

So with the ACT system, it is in some ways similar to Undertale, in which you pick different things to say in order to pacify someone. However you have to be careful, because what you say, can make some one take it in a bad way, which can be worse. If you read the post above you'll notice that I said "I'm taking the FF2 keyword system." The idea is that I want players to learn certain phrases that can pacify an NPC (also it can help with that NPC's lore). It's also a great way for players to pay more attention to an NPC talking to them because the phrases will be highlighted and you can pick the "learn" button. Also I guess me saying "phrases," isn't very accurate. While it can be phrases, other times it's names. It could be names of a character, a weapon, an item, etc. There's a lot to learn to pacify people, so i hope people enjoy the ACT system when it's fully finished. There's still some stuff I haven't quite figured out yet so expect another update of the ACT system. 

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Ideas about the Act system:

Ok so I think i have a better idea of how i want the ACT system. So... Every NPC has a basic question you can ask them. Like "Where am I?", "Who are you?", "What are you doing?", etc. But then there's key words. Which I have explained before, are words you can learn through talking to NPC's or through secrets (Again like FF2). 

Here's an explanation of how it works. 

You pick ACT. Then you pick whether you want to ask questions or answer/tell (might just change it to "Tell"). Then you get to choose main words or key words. After that, you get a list of words to pick and then when you pick one word, it leads to specific sentences you can choose to say with that word within it (I hope this isn't confusing). Like if one of the keywords was "Apple" you can pick apple, then proceed to pick a variety of things you want to say about apple, like "where is apple?", "Why do you have an apple?", "Do you know what an apple is?"

Of course, this is really weird and I wouldn't use something as basic as "Apple", but I'm sure you get the point. If you want an example of how this would pacify someone, then lets say you met an important NPC with a name, and then that name got added as a key word. Now if you encountered another NPC that knows that name and if you used ACT to select that key word, they might be interested in knowing more about you.

Here's a little visual example of how it would work in RPG Makers conditional branch.

(I hope this doesn't confuse you lol)

EDIT: I hope this system can make NPC's more interesting rather than every other RPG. If there's any questions you have about the ACT system, then by all means let me know.



Please don't feel scared to tell me any bugs you happen to come across. But anyways, to anyone who didnt see beyond the door here's a screenshot.

You would basically go up some stairs and then end up here:

The sign is just a dev post saying thank you for playing the game and also to get excited for when the full game comes out. Also it says to replay the game again to test out new guns and items. anyways that's it sorry folks lol.

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Stats Update:

I'm debating on whether I want a class system or custom stat system. I'm sure you guys are smart enough to know what those mean, but basically, at the start of the game you are given choices of what you want to be. If it's a class system its about choosing which class you want to be. If it's custom stats, then think of "S.P.E.C.I.A.L." attributes from Fallout.

I'm probably gonna do the custom stats, because i want a more roleplay experience, but who knows, i might change my mind. If anything i could use both, i might make the class system like FF3's or FF5's job system.

But any ways here are my ideas for the custom stat system.

Medical Knowledge: can help you understand how to use certain items that involve reviving, healing, or getting rid of negative states (like poison).

HP: increase HP (of course)

Charismatic LuckHelps with the ACT system. In some situations when pacifying an NPC, it can be dictated by RNG. So this helps increase your chances of pacifying.

HungerThis dictates how much time is needed to eat food. (I genuinely might consider getting rid of this)

Who knows what I'll add next. The reason i didnt add stuff like agility or strength is because it would break my games idea. Strength shouldn't add damage to a shotgun, a shotgun should do the same damage whether your a weak nerd or not (also its a horror game, i cant make the player too powerful.) And hey! by all means, tell me if you have any ideas you would like to see for the custom stat system.

Weapon Update:

I'm thinking of adding 2 new weapons, "the Taser" and "Double Barreled Shotgun". I plan for the taser to shock your opponent when you shoot a so called "blank." Of course keep this in mind that any opponent you do battle with can do the same to you if you use this item. And for the double barreled shotgun, it's technically the most powerful weapon in the game. It will take away 6HP from your opponent when you shoot them with a live round. I plan for the double barreled shotgun to be a rare item, that can only be achieved through your choices in the story, so I hope you can find it.

Anyways, because i felt like i didnt explain the original weapons that well, I might as well give a better description for what they are and what my plan was for them.

Any weapon you choose, the opponent can use, making every fight basically even. This is something to watch out for.

Revolver: It does +2 damage. This is for the player that wants to strategize with out any annoyances. The idea is that the player may not want to have the shotgun because the enemy does too much damage, making it too fast paced for them to strategize and also the player may not like how they get poisoned by the tranquilizer because the tranquilizer is literally meant to ruin strategy. In short, the revolver is a free strategic experience.

Shotgun: It does +4 damage. This is for the player that is confident they will get more hits on the opponent then themselves. This can make matches more fast paced and also make the player feel like they have to use less items when they can get rid of their opponent so quick (unless your talking about herbs).

Tranquilizer: It does +2 damage, and can poison the opponent (doing +1 damage) when they shoot you with a blank. This is for the player that likes messing up strategy. See, any opponent can use items or shoot you, but that contains a turn. When you shoot a live round at your opponent, they get poisoned and it lasts for 3 turns. So this can mess up your opponent when they're deciding on what to do when poisoned. Does your opponent shoot you, risking if it's a blank? Or just waste items to waste turns?

Anyways that's it for today. What a long post haha, I'm glad to make these after all the other short post I make.

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ACT Update: 

So I'm thinking when you talk to an NPC, you can click the "Answer/Tell" button and then click the "Main" button to get a series of things you can say. 

You know when i said that depending on your choices in the ACT system, it can cause an NPC to be mad, happy, sad, or scared. Yeah this is what i mean. I think this will be great.

Ideas about Character Creation:

I'm gonna be honest, I REALLY WANT CUSTOM CHARACTER CREATION IN THE GAME. I just don't know if I will. Not only would it take some time, but the main problem is that RPG Maker technically wont allow players of your game to customize their own character. That really sucks because RPG Maker comes with a character customizer THAT ONLY GOES FOR THE DEVELOPER. However there is one way. 

First, I can instead make Actors into a character customizer. Actors in RPG Maker are basically your party members. So i can make you switch actors, which in reality is actually just you customizing yourself. 

I could use a ruby script that someone already made for character customization, but I don't really like the ones I found.

Don't expect character creation to be in the game, but I'll try my best to add it.

Map Update:

There's not much i can say, because i want to reveal the rest of the map in the 2nd beta, but what i will say, is that I plan to not use a lot of tiles for my map. Instead I plan to use a fully colored in backgrounds that pretends to be the map. The reason why is because tiles are limited to a 32x32 size. I could still make effectively good art with it, but i prefer to use colored in background because i have a bit of problems with size limits. Who knows if I change my mind, but i doubt i will haha.

I'm also really happy with some of the side quest I've been creating. Some of them feel like Twilight Zone stories or Goosebumps stories lololol. I'm sorry I wanna tell you more about them, but I don't want to reveal so much until beta 2.

Class System Update:

So you know how I'm adding a custom Stat system like Fallout right? Well I'm still gonna do it, but I'm adding classes too. Yep, I decided on doing both Stat and Class customization. However Classes are resorted to something like FF5. If you know FF5, you'll know it has a job system so you can play any way you want. I kind of want something like that.

I'll explain some of the ideas I have right now.

Soldier: Can take more hit's and has more knowledge of guns. (This is primarily for battling, so it's probably not the best choice if you want a Pacifist route)

Doctor: Has the ability to revive themselves or party members. Can also remove poison effects.

Spy: Can smooth talk to persuade NPC's and also has more knowledge about guns.

Dealer: You can make deals to make money and smooth talk to persuade NPC's. (This is more for the ACT system, also a funny thing is that you'll look like the "Opponent" in a suit from the 1st beta X3)

I'll try my best to do some more stuff with them, because I don't like how soldier isn't a good option for pacifist route. I want every class to be usable for any ending even if some classes might be better at getting certain endings.

I'll see what I'll be able to show tomorrow.

LOL I'm so dumb. I had to change some of the controls on the page for my beta because i said to use WASD controls for movement lololol. its all fixed now, it says use directional keys.

Map Update:

So I have an idea for how to get classes. There will be a "Job center" placed around the map. If you go into one, that's how you can become a certain class (its also how you change a class).

Other basic stuff you can find in the map:

-Shops and Inn's just like every other RPG. 

-tents that are empty or have NPC's living in them.


-Locked Houses (that you can break into >:3)

-small Islands in the ocean.

I plan to have all this stuff in the 2nd beta, just keep in mind its only for the south part of the map. After all, I cant finish the rest of the map haha. I don't know when the 2nd beta will be released, but ill try to make it as fast as possible.

Horror Update:

I wanted to make this post to let you guys understand the type of horror i want to create. I want to have disturbing visuals and decidophobia. I understand this type of horror isn't for everyone, but i hope you stick around because im having some thoughts to add more horrific experiences. Also i would like to list off some types of 'horror' that I either wont be able to do or will be hard to implement.  Some of these include atmosphere, autophobia, eery soundtrack, and vulnerability. I know me saying 'vulnerability' may sound dumb considering horror games are about vulnerability in a way, but ill explain that later. For right now lets talk about atmosphere. This one will be hard to implement because of RPG Maker and the artstyle. First of all RPG maker is not the most technically impressive game. When you look at 'Ao Oni', it doesn't really have any lighting techniques. Although there is a script that someone made for lighting in the VX Ace version that even includes sections where you can use a flashlight, so I might check that out. Secondly the crayon art style might make some people not take it seriously. I'm thinking about making it look scribbly and rough to combat this problem. However i always get that feeling. Im not sure if any of you can relate, but do you get that feeling when your creating something and you say to yourself "will this work?" To me it's always "Is this scary?" I'm constantly second guessing my self. Well then why use the art style if it's such a problem? Because I want to make something unique. I don't really mind this, but it feels like every horror game dev is either doing a PS1 style or realistic style (unless its mascot horror). Again, I don't mind that, I actually think these art styles are great. But when have you seen a horror game with a crayon art style? In short I'm not saying i hate realistic or PS1 art styles, I actually like them ALOT, just the fact it feels like there's not enough variety.

You should check out Mathew Emmet's video on making an unsettling horror game. I recommend giving it a watch if your inspired to make horror games. he talks about atmosphere at 2:15.  But please do watch the whole video.

Now lets talk about Autophobia (also known as Isolophobia). This is basically impossible for my game. if I used Autophobia that would mean my ACT system is useless. and also there would be no reason for Undertale influence. My game needs interaction.

Eery soundtrack is another hard one. First of all I'm not a music composer but I could use some copyright free music or just use RPG Maker built in music. However I'm very specific with the styles I like.

Okay, now lets talk about vulnerability. The reason its hard is because... it's an RPG. You can just level up to make things easier. The only way i can think to fix this would be to add a leveling limit and making items more expensive. However its hard to find that balance. Balance in horror games is kind of hard, but Mathew Emmet made a video about horror game difficulty so i should probably check that out when im done with this post.

In another post I'll talk about why i chose to use Decidophobia and disturbing visuals.

Update on what im working on:

Its honestly amazing that we got 870 views. I know that its probably just people viewing the same post, but I don't care, I'm happy lol. I need to tell you guys, that you're amazing. I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling, gotta make you understand. I'm never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie, and hurt you. We known each other for so long, your hearts been aching but... you're too shy to say it. Inside we both know what's been going on, we know the game and we're gonna play it. Aaaaand, if you ask me how I'm feeling, don't tell me you're to blind to see. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie, and hurt you. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you. Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye, never gonna tell a lie, and hurt you. Ok ima make another post later lol.

Ok this time its not an April fools message lol.

Horror Update:

I want to talk about why my game relies on decidophobia. First of all it has Russian roulette battle system. That's all about decidophobia. Second it's one of my biggest fears. That's why I like choose your own adventures haha. I also feel like decidophobia isn't used a lot in games. Ok it technically is, like for example in Resident Evil you have to decide on what items or weapons to bring along. But it really does feel underused (kind of.)

Map Update: 

So I'm debating on what i should do for my open world. My original plan was to have 4 open worlds. Now I'm thinking I should decrease it. I have to realize that i cant be too ambitious and also i have to realize that having a big open world doesn't equal good game design. I also have to realize how long it will take to make the game. I mean i have to set a deadline someday. So maybe I should add backtracking. But I really don't like backtracking. I'll try my best to make backtracking fun (if I implement that), but I'm genuinely trying to consider how much i should add in my open world. I made this post because of another one of Mathew Emmet's videos. He talked about being too ambitious and he had this to say at 11:00 on this video

See yawl tomorrow, when I figure out what to do.

Map Update:

So I have an idea on what I should do for my map. I've put the map count to only 2. However the maps can have some changes depending on your choices. If you read my recent post, you'll know that I planned for a total of 4 maps that would be different from each other. I plan to put the ideas I had on those 2 other maps that I got rid of, inside the 2 maps I'm working on. However, that will only happen depending on your choices. To give an example the best I can, one of my maps had an evil ruler controlling it. However, now that I got rid of that map, he will only become ruler in one of the maps in the full game if you kill the original ruler of that specified map (I hope i explained that well lol). I'll see if I can make 2 maps, I'm confident I can, but who knows if I'll reduce it to 1.

Last thing I wanted to explain is how i will manage backtracking. Now I REALLY hate backtracking. However i have a way to make it fun (in my opinion.) Like I said at the beginning of this post, I'm going to change the map depending on your choices. This is to make the map more explorable without it being boring. So that's one point of backtracking. Another thing for backtracking is mystery. For example, games like Tunic and Chants of Sennaar. They revolve around trying to understand the world around you, which is great for making backtracking fun. 

Anyways I think this'll work out, compared to most games that involve backtracking.

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Story Update:

Ok I've realized that I need to focus on my story. The reason why is because of this video.

You guys probably already know of this video because of the post I made 2 days ago. His first tip in the video was about winging it. It made me realize i needed a story. NOW i do have a story, but it wasn't quite finished in all areas and now that I changed my open world to only 2 maps (and added a lot of side quest), there some stuff i have to write. So for now on I'm going to make some post about my story. I hope that still interests you. I'm sorry if you're interested in more of game design updates but i really have to focus on my story. If it makes you feel better I'll probably be talking about the ACT system as it is important to my story. Speaking of ACT system.

ACT System Update:

Well this will be short. I have to beat the idea of "don't be too ambitious" in my head, because I want a lot of cool ideas in the act system, but i have to be reasonable and ask myself if I can do it. So I have a plan. The ACT system is mainly used for side quest, so I'm gonna prototype an NPC that can be used well for my ACT system to see how long it takes me. I really hope it goes well, because I like all that I planned for the ACT system. It would be a shame if I have to cut something out in order to meet what I can achieve. I'll see what I can do.

Story Recap:

I feel the need to recap a bit of the story (and some parts that I added to it). You wake up in an underground bunker with no idea of who you are. You meet "The Opponent" (A.K.A my dealer). He's basically your introduction to the game. He introduces you to the battle system and ACT system. He brings you to the surface where you see this huge mountain that has a face on it. The mountain introduces himself as Mt. Go. After that, the Opponent leaves you be, which leads you to talking to Mt. Go. 

Mt. Go is your introduction to understanding the world in a way. He can tell you a lot of stuff, like how this whole world is actually inside a music box... yep. THEN, when you're done talking to him, that's when you're free to explore. 

There's a lot of mystery to unfold, like why are you here? Why is there a lot of weird looking people. Why is this world in a music box? Answers you will find in the full game >:3

Lets talk a little bit about the Opponent:

I want to clarify that the Opponent is different from the Dealer in Buckshot Roulette. I cant talk too much about the Opponent as I want him to be a mystery to yall, but the only thing I will say is that the Dealer and Opponent fit the message about addiction. Which is really the only thing they have in common. If you know, the Dealer represents how addiction is harmful. The Opponent also represents that, but in a unique way. There's still some stuff I have to figure out with his character, but it's getting more clear on how I want to write him. See you all soon.

Story Update:

Ok so right now I have 6 endings that I'm sure I can create. I don't know if I'll ever increase it. 

I guess I should explain how you would even get endings. So for two of the endings are basically pacifist and genocide, which I totally took from Undertale lol. I'm sure it's pretty self explanatory on how you would get them. One is about killing everyone while the other is about pacifying as much people as possible. Admittedly it was a bit of a challenge thinking of how to achieve these endings since it is an open world compared to Undertale's more linear world, but I've got it figured out.

The other 4 are achieved through different means. If you're thinking about how Undertale neutral endings are achieved, that's not what these endings are about. They're achieved through interactive choices. Think of a traditional choose your own adventures.

Map Update:

I guess I should explain how the map works. Basically there's two places that are divided by a wall. The north part of the map and the south part of the map. The south part is basically your introduction and its also easier than the north part of the map. However you're not forced to be in the south part of the map, you can freely go to the north part if you really want to. 

Now that I explained my map, I guess I'll talk about some ideas I have planned. The south part starts out with some stuff to do, but not a lot of stuff. That's until your choices affect the world. For example, lets say you kill someone important to the story. That can affect their involvement around the world. Maybe it's some one evil, and now that he's gone, the world can become filled with more people who don't feel ruled under an evil tyrant. Also sometimes you need to circle around some areas in order to find something you want. For example, I have this vision mechanic in the game. I could've talked about this in the Story Update, but i felt it would be better to talk about it here. This vision mechanic is basically a cutscene where you get this supernatural vision of some one doing something.  This can reveal secrets you would have to backtrack to get. These are both things I plan for the open world.

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ACT Update:

ACT system going good so far. I might be able to implement every feature i want. right now im just testing out some side quest ideas with the ACT system. I hope it works out.

Battle system Update:


I know i said i would mainly talk about story but for right now i want to talk about what I plan to fix later on in the battle system.

First of all, the AI cheats. He can use the Four Leaf Clover X Handcuff combo, which is meant to be prohibited. This is something ill finish later. Second lets talk about how the AI works in general

This video also kind of applies to "The Opponent." They're both pretty dumb. Technically, the only difference between them is that the Dealer AI uses Items right away (usually) while the Opponent doesn't. To explain how the Opponent AI works, it basically decides on weather it wants to use items or not. Then if it wants to use items, It is given a random number to pick an item. However it has to check if it has that item first. So if the Opponent doesn't have that item it checks for another item. It basically checks about 10 times before giving up and just deciding weather to shoot or not. I might change this a little bit in some areas.

Another embarrassing piece of so called "AI" is that the Tarp can be used if you're tired of losing you herbs. let me explain. The Opponent has "favorites," meaning he wants a specific item. So if he has a steal card, he'll always try to steal your herbs. Of course if he can see your items and you have no herbs, then he will pick handcuffs instead. But that's where the Tarp comes in. If he doesn't see your items, he will ALWAYS pick Herbs no matter what. Meaning if you don't have herbs, he'll lose a steal card. I plan to fix this bad AI later on.

And hey you can use this info to go against the Opponent if you have trouble, haha.

Thoughts on what i should take from Buckshot Roulette:

ok so i watched the trailer.

I also watched some youtubers play it, so I have a lot on my mind.

It's cool to see he had the same idea as me to add an item that steals other items (A.K.A Adrenaline.) The only difference between the adrenaline and the steal card, is that the steal card doesn't activate the item you stole right away. I'm not sure why he wanted to do that with the adrenaline but whatever...

I'm happy to know he didnt come up with my Four leaf Clover and Tarp Item.   ^w^

Now there is some other new items that I have not come up with. The inverter is a very unique item, I love it. The Burner Phone and Expired Medicine are just Echo fighters lolololol. Now... Will I take these items and put them in my game?... That's a good question. I love the inverter, but I don't know if I will have something like that because RPG Maker is too limited in how I can use the event system. The Burner Phone is kind of just a worse version of the magnifying glass and the Expired Medicine is pretty much luck based cigarettes. So not much variety I can use. I mean... I probably wont add the Burner Phone, but I'll think about it. Maybe I'll use the Expired Medicine, just maybe.

Also from the ending of the trailer, it looks like online is confirmed. Will I add Online? Well, no. RPG Maker doesn't support online functionality, also I don't have that big of a fanbase for this game. Will I make a sequel to this game on an engine that supports online? Well, no. While it would be cool to have this MMO RPG with a Russian roulette battle system and a bunch of people saying the the most horrendous stuff in chat, it's just... I'll never make a sequel to this game. It will stand on its own. Now I have had thoughts on making small games that exist in the same story of this game, but those aren't really that big.

Sorry if that's sad news, but who knows if I'll change my mind. Thanks for over 1000 views :3

Update on the MV version:

Do you guys remember when I said I'll make an upgraded version of the game on the RPG Maker MV game engine? Well... It's Cancelled. Using the MV version really made me miss the VX Ace version. The reason i got rid of it was because i tested out the event system that handles my battle system logic, AND IT DOESNT WORK! 

You can see every time i press the "yes" button, my character attacks. However when the bat dies, MY CHARACTER JUST ATTACKS THE AIR FOR NO REASON!!!!!!



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Hi, sorry I wasn't able to make another post before. I was kind of tired.

ACT System Update:

Ok I finally finished the ACT system on 2 NPC's. Admittedly was a bit of a struggle. I think what's most hard is simply making the NPC interesting. If you guys don't know, My ACT system has a way to make the NPC mad, happy, sad, and scared.  Meaning I have a lot of dialog to write. Honestly it shouldn't be that bad, after all I wont have too much NPC's in my game. But it can be exhausting at times. Honestly wish I didnt waste my time with MV. IT SUCKS EVEN MORE KNOWING I CANT REFUND THE MV VERSION NOW!!

Anyways, sorry not much I can say today. All I can say is that I'm proud of the ACT system and that I'm excited for the features being implemented. If you guys have any questions let me know. 



That thing is 80 bucks.

If I had 80 bucks I wouldn't be developing games... god damn I'm broke

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haha, speaking of which. I should've asked how much will your game cost?

Also yeah RPG Maker MV really made me mad, but hopefully it wasn't a useless purchase. maybe i can make a game that works on it... Idk.


It will cost 0$. I'm doing this because I need to build a reputation and get feedback from people. After that, I can move on to bigger projects and my dream games. I will start charging money for my games when I'm 100% sure that they meet the required quality.

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Side Quest Update:

Ok so I realized when making some of the Side quest, that they would get kind of boring. Boring side quest seem to be a common thing in RPG's. I literally was thinking of having a side quest that was about simply giving an old man some money to buy food... that's it. Of course I cancelled that side quest for being too boring, but i would like to explain how I plan to intrigue people to side quest. 

I want to intrigue them with mystery. Oooooohh! Ok so let me give some examples. You hear a scream from a house, do you go and check it out? A little girl tells you that their dad poured them milk with a carton, but the carton showed his face as a "missing" poster. Do you confront the fake father? Last one. You see something shining brightly through the cracks of a house. Do you enter?

I think this is a great way of making side quest fun instead of an NPC saying "Go buy some potatoes and then carve them" or something like that. 

So I realized that making story updates is kind of hard considering that I don't have much to say other than "hey guys i completed another side quest story" or "hey guys, I'm thinking of adding this in the story." Its even harder knowing I cant really reveal these stories for the sake of spoilers.

On the bright side I have a topic I want to discuss.

Difficulty Update:

Id like to discuss difficulty in horror games, because when you think about it, difficulty in horror games is kind of hard to balance. If you make you're game too hard than you get used to the scares. If your game is too easy, then it's not that threatening. So what do I do for my game???

Well my games a wild card, due to it being pretty luck based. I mean its Russian roulette after all. So the difficulty can definitely shift a lot. However I think that works in my games favor, because that's what makes it scary. Of course there is ways to make the game easier, like for example equipping some items to get a bit rid of the luck.

Also i will have a difficulty setting... technically. Ok it's not something like, "Pick Easy, Medium, Hard." If you guys don't remember, I do have a custom stat system. Basically you can make your character have a lot of HP, or let them be really good at smooth talking, so that technically is a difficulty setting.

Of course I will also have level ups. This of of course another way to make the game easier. However, Level ups are more for the classes you pick rather than your normal basic self.

Now is there is some thing I want to add for the sake of making a good difficulty, and that's choosing your fights. What I mean is you can go up to an NPC and sign their waiver if you want to, but really, you just can relax and focus on doing some more safe side quest to get a breather. This is a great way to make the player take break from the horror and settle down instead of being pummeled by random enemy encounters 24/7 and I believe this can add to the horror, as they wont be so exhausted by enemy encounters. After all, choosing to do Russian roulette is a risk for the sake of a reward, not something to be forced. 

A neat idea I have for waivers, is that sometimes they will have different rules applied to them. For example you might have to sign a waiver saying "you cant use items" or "you aren't allowed to use steal cards."

I'll probably make another update about difficulty tommorow.