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How to save data?

A topic by Defentures created Oct 11, 2018 Views: 3,440 Replies: 10
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How I can save data on ? Cookies, Local storage is bad idea,  cause uploading a new build of your game changes the path it lives on.

So what to do?


We don't have a really good solution for this right now, but we are considering providing some of kind of API that does server side storage, or adding an option for games to re-use existing path. How much storage do you see yourself using?

Hi! it's enough for me to have a player login. So I can use PlayFab to store data.

As I understand now I can't get player login from my webGL game running on

If I will not use PlayFab, I need 20-30kb per player to store all saves on

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Hello! Any progress since you posted this? Right now there's no way for games to store anything reliably unless we force players create an online account with some third party, which makes me sad :(

I have not solved the problem and use playfab. It is still very uncomfortable.

But maybe something has changed since that time, I don't know.

And what service do you use?

None, just localStorage. Updates will nuke people's highscores and settings, which gives people a reason to buy the desktop version I guess...

@FrozenFractal, can't see why that would be, you can make people login with Itch and get their account information (unless you consider Itch to be third-party relative to your game).

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I'm buildinga service to help solve this problem and could use some input. It would allow the game to see state/status information in an external service to be returned later. The general idea is things like crashes, using multiple devices, and across updates.It would work with anything you can serialize into JSON data. If needed, I could look at expanding the scope but initially just looking at JSON based data structures.

Not trying to peddle my service so much as trying to  judge if there is a need and if this will help fill that need.


You can use Firebase (and they have a free tier to get started) but you won't have the benefit of integration with's login system.  Users will have to create a new account, specifically for your game.

I already use PlayFab to save data. But I don't want  users to create a separate account. Very convenient to use one user name in and game. And login user in PlayFab automatically. That's why integration with's login system will useful for me.

Yes, what's really needed is for Itch to provide a signed token giving the user's account ID (and possibly other details if the user agrees to share them).  I know there is a way to use such a token with Firebase and probably there is with PlayFab too.

A related problem is that there is no way for an HTML game to know if the user has paid.  I will soon be uploading a new version of Gwen which will be chargeable after a short taster.  It interfaces with PayPal entirely on its own because while I could set the game page to accept payments, there is no way for the game to be notified of them.

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