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Hello again!  I'm very pleased to be bringing you the third preview release of Gwen.  Gwen now meets her friend and shows her that killing things is a lot of fun!  Her quest requires her to go on a magical journey, and a bit of detective work will now show her how.  She can't actually leave yet because that part of the story hasn't been written.

In fact about half of Gwen's story has now been written, but many of the technical issues with the game have been worked out, so the second half should be a bit quicker.  Playing Gwen all the way through now will probably take about two hours, and it will be four to five by the time the game is finished.

Music and sound effects have been added, and many bugs have been fixed.  Probably many new bugs have been introduced!

Gwen is still in very early access.  I will probably announce the transition to early access once there is a complete draft of the second half.

Gwen now has a free trial and once you complete that, you will be asked to pay £2.45 ($3.17, €2.83) by PayPal.  (You can't pay through Itch because they don't support chargeable browser games as yet.)

I don't know why that would be, assuming you've cleared your cache and everything.  I haven't used Unity analytics.  What happens if you change it to a completely different https URL?  Do you get the new URL, but with http instead of https?  Do you still get the old URL?  Or does it actually work and you get the new URL with https?

Yes, what's really needed is for Itch to provide a signed token giving the user's account ID (and possibly other details if the user agrees to share them).  I know there is a way to use such a token with Firebase and probably there is with PlayFab too.

A related problem is that there is no way for an HTML game to know if the user has paid.  I will soon be uploading a new version of Gwen which will be chargeable after a short taster.  It interfaces with PayPal entirely on its own because while I could set the game page to accept payments, there is no way for the game to be notified of them.

I don't think mixed content refers to CORS at all.  It's saying that you're loading an insecure resource (http://...) from a secure page (https://...).  That makes sense actually.  Itch serves everything from https so you'll need to load your analytics script from a secure server as well.

(The reason for the error, I imagine, is that otherwise the user is misled about the level of security on the page.  It appears to be secure, but in fact it could be attacked by tampering with the insecure script.)

Do you get any errors on the browser console?

You can use Firebase (and they have a free tier to get started) but you won't have the benefit of integration with's login system.  Users will have to create a new account, specifically for your game.

CORS is a way for a server to say what web requests it is prepared to accept from other sites.  It's difficult to know what itch could do to foul this up, since itch has no control over your server.  However, if you hosted your game on your own server, there would be no need for CORS.  Cross-Origin Resource Sharing only applies when the request is cross-origin, and it is not if the game and the analytics service are hosted in the same place.

There are a couple of traps with CORS.  The first is that for some types of request, CORS has to be explicitly requested by the code running on the browser.  The second is that a CORS request is split into two, with an initial "preflight" request being used to check for the presence of the CORS headers.  This is done with the HTTP OPTIONS method, so you should make sure your server is sending the CORS headers in response to OPTIONS as well as GET/POST.

Hello!  Things have slowed down a bit since the hectic pace of the Gothic Novel Jam, but I am delighted to bring you the first update to Gwen.  There is a new quest line in which a boy from Gwen's school has two problems for her to solve.  He has a monster in the basement, and he has a sister.  The monster and the sister are probably different individuals.

The fights have been improved.  When you are attacked, you now have the option of falling over, twisting your ankle, and all sorts of other things.  You don't have long to decide what you're going to do, so you might find yourself taking one of these not-so-good options.

Bugs have been fixed.  If you die during a fight, you now get to try again, even if you didn't save your game.

Gwen is still in very early access, and the transition to early access is some way off.  This is because Gwen's inner monster still has a lot of anger to work through before it will feel satisfied.  How many people will die along the way?

Glad you liked it!  If you went as far as you could (the point where you get the 'That's All Folks' message) it's probably about 10-20% of the final story.  There's lots more work to do on it!

I'll post a devlog and an update on the game page when there is another release, but at the moment it's kind of early even for early access.  I liked the idea of entering it in the jam so I did a very very early access release.  There will be a big celebration when it shifts to very early access. :)

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I will add a post to this thread when I make a new release.  This means you can subscribe to this thread, and you will then get emails about new releases.