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None, just localStorage. Updates will nuke people's highscores and settings, which gives people a reason to buy the desktop version I guess...

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Blokjes title screen

Blokjes has been in development for about half a year, and now it's finally close to done so I can share it with the world!

"Blokjes" is Dutch for (little) blocks; here, they're just polyominoes, but nobody can remember that word.

The premise of the game is so simple that I was surprised it hadn't been done before. You have to place each blokje on a 5x5 board, but it has to fit all on black tiles, or all on white tiles. The tiles that you place it on will change from black to white or vice versa. There's a stash that lets you temporarily skip a blokje, and if you manage to make all tiles white or black, the number of points you receive per placed blokje increases by 1. The longer you survive, the bigger the blokjes get; the game is over when you can no longer make a move. And that's about it!

Play in your browser here: You can support it by buying the Windows/Linux version, but of course you can continue to play in your browser too :)

I am also planning a mobile release (ad-supported, with an IAP to disable ads), but would like to gather some feedback from the friendly community first :)

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Hello! Any progress since you posted this? Right now there's no way for games to store anything reliably unless we force players create an online account with some third party, which makes me sad :(

I've been playing games since I was around four years old, and started writing my own not long after. This was on the BBC Micro -- I played a lot of Elite, and loved it for the sense that you never quite discovered everything.

I've always had this urge in me to build things. Besides the computer, Lego was my favourite toy. As a result, construction games like SimCity and RollerCoaster Tycoon were, and still are, the ones I love the most. And I guess this urge extends to building games themselves, rather than just building inside the games. My dream is to create a proper construction/engineering game of my own some time :)

The inspiration for the games I make often comes from daily life around me. Rocket Mail was inspired by long-haul air travel, when I noticed how maps deceive us about where places really are. The construction game I'm thinking about was inspired by a construction site across the street. And so on.