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над фулл скрином работаем, если сейчас просто растянуть игру будет потеря качества

если же использовать текстуры лучшего качества сильно увеличится время загрузки

I have not solved the problem and use playfab. It is still very uncomfortable.

But maybe something has changed since that time, I don't know.

And what service do you use?

Hi, ShiningPhoenix!

Yes it will, but I can not say for sure when
maybe 2-3 months for downloadable demo

Hi, hawkseye17!


These are the main resources of the game, but so far there is still very little information.
In the near future I will start posting daily posts on various topics. There will be many interesting things.
By the way, I start a kickstarter soon. So we can say that now is the calm before the storm.

Good idea, I will correct it in the next build.

I just reproduce it. 

If skill wich slows down gunmen is active then at the moment of bush appearance gunmen will be blocked on the one point. I will fixed it in the next build.

Also what do you think about this skill? Is it useful? It slowdowns  gunmen if there is no swordmen in front of them.

Hi, Tuloski! Sorry for long answer.

Are you sure that this is a bug and they are just stuck?

They can get stuck in the bushes of the cursed forest.

Bushes and lightning is a feature of this level.
Bushes can protect your shooters from melee enemies.

Just from the experience of past levels, it is worth remembering that everything in the game is clickable.

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Thank you for playing, Treeman Design!

Game will be on PC with full screen, but much later.
WebGL in full screen will either be blurred or it will take a very long time to load(

Many thanks, tuloski!

I planing to leave free reset, because frequent skill change one of the way go through difficult levels faster.

Exp boost for troops it's a good idea. I will add it.

What about level tree. I improve it every build. And already add several tutorials. Can you say what you don't understand in this tree?

Hi, Tuloski!

Regarding the interaction and Easter eggs, yes it will all be.
Moreover, the correct sequence of runes on the obelisk opens up access to the dwarves runic mages. Or do you mean to introduce an additional secret on this element?
Just a few months will be available Kikstarter quest. There, everything will be tied to the interaction between narrative and the environment.

Guilds I was inspired from the series The Elder scrolls. I did not like to go through the main story and always went through the guild. I liked that it was possible to go through each guild there and eventually lead it. Passing the tasks of one guild did not affect the others. And I liked it. Moreover, it is more truthful. Since the trust system is logical for competing factions that divide areas. Local guilds do not divide areas.
In addition, there are many interesting non-standard guild quests with unique mechanics. I would like the players to try each of them. In the case of a trust system, you will only have to rely on a certain guild.

Yes, the stones can be spent not only on items in the store. We will soon launch Kickstarter and there we will create a big review on this topic. Stones can be spent on additional features in endless and rogue like levels. 

If you have any Ideas how to spend gems it would be cool.

And also can you write 3 pluses and 3 minuses of the game? It would be very helpful!)

It's better to reduce volume generally?

 or I can make the music volume level to grow smoothly

Thank you, Nitonise.

Losing saves after uploading new build is a real problem. hasn't api to solve this. 

The only way out force users to create it's own login and password at the beginning of the game. After uploading new build they as usual should reinter their login and password.

We will try to fix all minuses. Thank you.

I already use PlayFab to save data. But I don't want  users to create a separate account. Very convenient to use one user name in and game. And login user in PlayFab automatically. That's why integration with's login system will useful for me.

Thank you very much hawkseye17!

By the way, two of the minuses you described are corrected by skills in the full version of the game.

Could you also write about your general impression of the game? What 3 things you like the best at the game and what 3 things have you dissapointed, so you would  improve?

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Hey, guys!

I'm soo intrested in your impressions of the game, so please, could you write 3 things, that you consider as advantages, and 3 things that might to be disadvantages for you.

I just want to make the game you like, so your meanings are very important!

(1 edit)

I mean that  completed level window in our game isn't good and we will work on it. It's not the final version.

I'm not sure I can do  full window size now.
This will entail a change in aspect, the result will be cropped sprites in the game.
It will also affect the image quality or the performance of the game. We can only do this closer to the release on the PC.

It requires tests and tweaks and now we need to finish the webGL version of game.

Will be following your portal.

Absolutely agree with you about music. Now we are looking for composer.

What about sound effects, I thought that they are quite good now and I did not plan to add something else, perhaps more sounds for the UI.

What do you advise to add to sound effects?

Completed level screen is really bad now.  For webGL version I think to improve by current graphic. For PC version we will redraw this screen.

Hi! Aleccia Rosewater

You can download this logo. If you want to play the game, you can play it on this site. Now we haven't standalone version. It will be available in next 7-10 month.

I mean dwarf, of course

There are four types of gnomes, each one opens gradually. The gnome with a hammer opens at 6th level, which is not available in the current version. The full version of the game will be released in 3-4 weeks.

Hi! it's enough for me to have a player login. So I can use PlayFab to store data.

As I understand now I can't get player login from my webGL game running on

If I will not use PlayFab, I need 20-30kb per player to store all saves on

You should click on obelisk, and remember the sequence in which the runes light up.

Then repeat this sequence with the mouse.

if you make a mistake, the sequence will reboot

The whole territory belongs to the villagers and the owners of the castle.  Goblins and bandits parasitize on these territories. Remember the lord of the rings.

1. Main plot will be description of levels. Missions are addition information about the world.

2. They are hypnotized by crystals in cave and main evil.

If you are worried about some kind of global goal. Then don't worry, it will. 

However, the orcs and bandits here are negative characters. Orcs put on the village, and the bandits are called bandits for a reason.

The only race where you can empathize is the spiders)
But at the cave, the gnomes count as acting under hypnosis.

Dwarfs simply go to the mountain for gold, and the enemies do not allow them to pass and reach treasures.

Then I have a good question for you, what will help?)

The previous answer I wanted to say that everyone is fighting against everyone. Sometimes enemies become allies. But still, each race protects its territory from any other races. But since we act out precisely for the dwarves, we see everything that happens from their side.
If the main role were spiders, we would have thought that they were a universal evil)

Ahaha, it's a hard to be a dwarf)
But actually In DarkBrotherhood guild you will play for enemies. And goblins will fight with bandits, bandits will fight with spiders even bandits will fight with bandits! 
In this guild you can also play against dwarfs))

I like your version, I mean, I still can't implement it right now, it looks simple in words, but rewriting it into code is much more complicated and requires lengthy tests.

Hm, yes you are right. So I need to think about this mechanic in detail.

I think I can change price each battle. But also I will make sure that there are victories in different locations and modes, so that the player cannot lower prices with the help of a particular easy mission.

So if player won several times in a row one level I will not lower prices.

 Floating text that moves with camera - it's easy. I will make it.

I did not say that I will not try to mage dynamic prices) 

But firstly I should finish core game. I have a deadline to 10 of December to make version 1.0

1.0 is 10 levels. 40-50 guild-mission. Also I need to do new trailer. Make with compositor 5 soundtracks. And make with narrative designer new descriptions. 

Hi, sorry for late answer.

0,1. I will think about it.

2. Now they aim in one nearest enemy. If they overdamage it and there is somebody in area, they will without aiming make damage to it. Otherwise cooldown timers sets to 0. (I'll check it, may be there is a bug in this scheme). As for visual aiming at different enemies at once, it is much harder to do it, so it will be introduced at the last moment.

3. Yes, I also want to do this. I want to make the ability to play mission again, and also mark passed difficulty. 

4. What do you think the best method to show time left for active background (wolf, rolling stone)?

6.I like your idea about dynamic price at shop. It would hard to implement this. Also there is a chance that player can cheat the game.

You should click on obelisk, then runes on the obelisk will light up. You have to click on the runes in the same sequence.

As I understand It's better to do shorter and clearer description. 

I like idea about showing the timer. 
I don't implement good old timer because I want to add visual explanation of why a player loses. So I think I make timer + endless wave + hide bonuses when strong enemy come.

(1 edit)

To open mages you should complete two missions.

First with meteor, second with obelisk on 3rd level. Do you completed all this missions?

Units consist of several sprites and sometimes they fall into each other.

 "What if I kill said "unkillable enemies" with meteor bonus(es)?"

I think about this. There is two variant:

1. Make endless unkillable enemies in the end of wave, that guaranteed destroy player base.

2. Give possibility to kill this unkillable portion of enemies with bonuses as now. Because if player use bonuses in the beginning of wave most likely he will win. So what's the difference when he use this bonuses)

It will be great if you have any idea how to improve this mode.

I forget to show limitation window. In current demo build this level is unavailable. It may become available later.