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Ah Okay, the only issue I had with your exe file was, my antivirus literally screamed and advised to destroy your file immediately. It may scare some people off. ^^

(I don't have any anti virus at all. I use the standard windows defender.)

I heard good things about Inno Setup, it's also completely free.

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I played on my laptop, Brightness is 100% Brightness. In Game it is time 2. I understand story wise why the tutorial is placed in night but it is a bit unpractical for a tutorial since it has to be clear and understandable. Maybe a compass or something which shows you the location of the next tutorial part... or a wisp or something which you have to follow? Or just show it on your minimap?

As you can see on my screenshot below, I was standing on that platform and couldn't see the target at all... had to search for a while...

! Keep in mind, the player is always attracted to light. Putting a big white tree there was a good idea but also the reason why I missed the platforms in my first playthrough. ^^ So if you want to guide the player to a location, just put a light there.

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? i stuck at the beginning. Can't climb at all. I spammed spacebar, spammed all my Controller button and I'm completely lost.

EDIT: oh, wasd.... okay, I'm left handed, I never used wasd. (and never will)
And tutorial needs to be more clear ^^ Shoot 4 arrows in rapid succession. Okay I did that but I didn't knew I have to shoot the target. The area is so big(and dark), I didn't saw those 4 targets at all.

how? zelda isnt the only game with sword and magic


AAARGH wasd movement, I hate it. I'm left handed, I never use wasd.

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Looks nice but my neck already hurts after few minutes because everything is so tiny and full screen is not supported...

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.... stupid question but how to update my game, there is only the buy now button. But I already bought the game. And in my collection only the 31 version is available. 

Edit: Oh.. okay, version 31 is not version 3.1 ... just a stupid coincidence.

:D no problem, i guess it's time to buy new hardware.

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I play this game on my PC, Radeon HD 4600 from 2008 and the games works fine...though i have to play it on min graphic settings and the menu interface(new game/options/exit...) doesnt disappear then I click on "options".