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My game doesn't show up in search or tags

A topic by Up Multimedia created Aug 06, 2018 Views: 706 Replies: 11
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Hi, my game "Escape from Pleasure Planet" doesn't show up when I search for it and also when I scroll through the tag for it, it doesn't show up. Do I have to submit it to be indexed or something?


Sometimes it just takes a bit before your game is indexed.  Thanks for your patience!


That's odd though, it's been published for a while. Even with a price tag attached, it should have been reviewed long ago. Was it in searches at all until now? Is it marked adult?


Hello, Your game is marked as NSFW so it will only appear on logged in accounts that have the Adult Content filter disabled. This setting is controlled from the profile settings page. Hope that helps.

Hi @leafo, I went to the profile settings page for the game but the "has adult content" is not ticked.


It looks like it was tagged by one of our moderators as having NSFW content. Can you confirm that there's nothing NSFW about it and I can untag it. (Also, click Reply beneath this post to reply to me so I get notified of your post)

Well it's safe for work but I wouldn't let kids under 12 play it. It deals with some heavy themes like gay conversion therapy and lgbt rights around the world.


Looks like you used an alternative account to get back to me. I've removed the NSFW tag from the page. Thanks

@leafo Hello, I seem to be having a similar problem and I wondering if there is something Im overlooking. My game's name is "orbital dogfight" but when I search games for 'orbital' or 'dogfight' it does not show up but games like 'Cube Orbit' do. Any idea why my game would not show up when searching elements of its title or tags? Thank you!!!


Perhaps because there's a lot of games with either "orbit" or "dogfight" in their name. If you search for the full name, your game comes up first.

In unrelated news, next time please start a new topic instead of resurrecting a months-old thread. I only noticed your post by chance.


Hello, I don't see any issues with your page. It looks like there's a lot of projects for the word "orbit." Your game shows up fine when searching by full title.

I've said this in other posts, but essentially search is suited for finding things by direct title, not by topic. Tags are how people browse things by topic. People do not browse by topic (aka orbital) through our search engine. Hope that helps.

Thank you. I have re-posted my similar question as a new topic.

This topic has been auto-archived and can no longer be posted in because there haven't been any posts in a while.