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I love the music in this

sounds interesting, good luck!

This was great

Loving this game! I hope you don't mind me asking -- how did you do that cool squiggle vision effect on the characters?


LOVED the art style in this game

Loved this game a lot!

This was wonderful, really great tone and feeling to the story. Epic.

This was excellent. It's so well written! Thank you

The writing in this is great!

This was so awesome. I honestly was not expecting much but I was gripped and really drawn into the story. One of the better games I've ever played on itch.

Short but fun, great use of character art

Loved it!

Looks awesome already

Loved a lot

Love it, really clean design and fun too

Love it


Literally a perfect game. Thanks for making it!

Wow awesome! Thank you

Hi, would you ever consider a web or linux version? It looks interesting but I couldn't get it to run

Loved this.

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1.2.1 (Linux)

Hi I'm really enjoying this! I got an error though:

While running game code:

  File "game/sprites/cyan.rpy", line 68, in <module>

NameError: name 'cyan_glasses' is not defined

Cute story, felt autobiographical in a good way. Would have loved a few more choices but had a successful date.

Demi stuff was really interesting too!

Well it's safe for work but I wouldn't let kids under 12 play it. It deals with some heavy themes like gay conversion therapy and lgbt rights around the world.

This one left a big smile on my face. <3

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I like the game. Here are my suggestions for the speed runner level:

A way to skip the tutorial.

Separate mute buttons for music and sound effects. I like to listen to my own music while playing.