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"I made it home!"

I like this!

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This looks like fun!

Congratulations @StudioVR!!! =) The first image technically shows an escape trajectory . The second image however looks like a viable orbit (maybe very eccentric) but I am giving it to you! Well done!!! Going in the records books as 'first to space,'  'first to Orbit' and first to 'escape trajectory!' Thank you @StudioVR!

That is the answer I was looking for. Explains it all. Thank you @NoTimeToPlay

Thank you again @NoTimeToPlay and @leaf..  The one thing that still bugs me is this:

If I search games with only the word 'orbit' I get exactly 63 results. Not a ton. One of those results is "Orbital Defender" another is "Orbital Traversal." With only 63 games coming up I would expect "Orbital Dogfight" to be a result the same way "Orbital Defender" is by only searching 'orbit.'  Not a little odd?  Thank you again!!!

Thank you. I have re-posted my similar question as a new topic.

I've got a game title, 'Orbital Dogfight.' When I search for the game by the exact title the results return my game at the top, however when using partial descriptors like "orbit" or "dogfight" the game does not show at all. This is not the case for all games though. For example, try searching for anything with "Orbital" in the name and the results will contain many games with that exact word or similar words like, 'Orbit.' Yet Orbital Dogfight does not show up.

I would be happy to accept this as a constraint of the search function if it was being applied similarly on other game titles but seeing the results I am confused.

This leads me to the conclusion that I have tagged or titled my game incorrectly or that the search engine is not recognizing the keywords in my game title.... or something HELP please+)

I would expect that if I search 'space dogfight in orbit' that Orbital Dogfight would be one of the results.... any thoughts?

@leafo Hello, I seem to be having a similar problem and I wondering if there is something Im overlooking. My game's name is "orbital dogfight" but when I search games for 'orbital' or 'dogfight' it does not show up but games like 'Cube Orbit' do. Any idea why my game would not show up when searching elements of its title or tags? Thank you!!!

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Orbital Mechanics and Weapons!  To hell with 'parked' space battles!

Uses hand controllers  and voice commands to pilot your ship through the planet and maybe to orbit.

Use stabilization control to orient your ship in space. See your orbit LIVE in the instruments panel. Apoapsis, Periapsis, Dec/Acc nodes.. more.

Take on enemy targets with three weapon sets, laser, cannons and guided missiles.

Toggle through targets and select your focus to pull up more information. 

Send feedback at this early stage. Like and love =)

Tyler's got the panties. +2 to charisma! ...more then +1 from brazzier =O

subsequently gave Tyler the AK and all the ammo.. zombies down! Love it!

Thanks for taking a look Michael! Yes , velocity is conserved as well as angular momentum. To head in the opposite direction the ship would need to cancel is forward velocity. There is not a Twitter handle for OD yet but it is now on the list. Love to chat more about the mechanics. Thanks again!

The very first playable prototype for the Oculus Rift has been released.

Here is the quick flight controls guide video: