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 Hi, Thank you so much! I'll take that into consideration. Did you try the homing missiles, cannons and lasers?

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Hi, Thanks for playing L.O.T.H.!   If your talking about predicting real satellites there is a lot more that goes into it but in general I would start with the 'Two Body Problem.' I can't explain much of it here of course but I can point you in the right direction. Let me know if you have specific questions and maybe we can take it to discord. I don;t know of a plugin that does the same stuff but I have considered making one. *This 'simple' orbital mechanics problem quickly becomes a 'floating origin' problem once you get deep in. I love this stuff but it doesn't seem to have a bottom.... down the gravity rabbit hole.

And multiplayer... is the main goal.. 


Thanks for the feedback. I'll check the axes on the g29 and see if there is something i am missing.

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Yep. Its best with Oculus link. I have used a Thrustmaster wheel and pedals but I have also found that some wheels dont work. I have not had the time to support all wheel types but there is an input configuration menu so you can customize inputs for most control combinations. I use VR hands to drive in the Oculus Quest and when I play on PC I steer with the mouse, lol. It has very fine grained control at the super fast speeds. I do sometimes use my wheel in VR but the VR tracked hands on the Virtual Wheel gives good fine control. If anyoen is reading this and is interested in me updating this demo please drop a comment. Thanks Border_Elite!

inspiring work SL!

One of my favorite games! Matsarub

Thanks for the question! I have built the apk and it works however some elements, like planetary terrain, need to be optimized for gameplay to be smooth. Ideally it will be released in apk alongside pcvr.

very cool

At the moment it can be controlled with VR Hands or Mouse and Keyboard +

Fantastic idea! Cant wait

MetaFest VR Jam #1 community » Questions · Created a new topic Teams

Anyone working with Teams members or is it mostly solos?

yeap good stufff!

good stuff!

Awesome! LOVE ME SOME Sneakers

This is cool!

yeah its just offensive really

The tagline is offensive! Well done Repulse =...( But

I think it should be "Slay Bitches & Lay Witches" .. I mean come on.

Thank you Jannik!

Not overtly. At the moment I would just suggest playing only while it is comfortable. As soon as you feel any sickness the headset should be taken off and you should take some time to recover.  With more time in  VR resilience to sickness increases but I would always suggest caution and going easy. Its too fun not to play but you dont wont to ruin VR by conditioning your body to expect sickness. Also don't drink and play.. That should go without saying but .. you never know.   

As eye focus tracking becomes more widespread there would be room to implement 'special tricks' for motion sickness. 

Thanks for bringing this point up. I forget how 'sickness' inducing VR can be at the beginning.. and for those who just have good depth perception.  


VR Pipe Racing for the Rift and Vive.  Features Easy mode (no falloff), Hard mode (with falloff). Race mode against the AI with no falloff. And online multiplayer that can be set to Easy or Hard mode. Up to four players can race in online mode.

I think it could work and well. It just needs finesse.  

gAH! Now its working... wheres the confused emoji

So weird it does not show up on my end.... I apologize about the naming and metadata.. its completely redundant but I was trying to see what worked and what didn't  after not being able to see the game in results. I thought if I spammed one of the keywords its would give me better results.... Could it be something with my cache or cookies? I just can't see my damn game in the results =....(  

I'll go back to best practices with the description and so forth but I'm telling your something is up....

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This seems to be persistent in my experience so I am writing about this for the second time.

A game I have created does not show up when searching the most obvious TAGs / RATING / NAME.

Example : If the game's name is "Pond Fishing VR" and is tagged VR and fishing and whatever.. it should be a result from the search words "VR FIshing" or "Pond Fishing," but it is not.

The game is also rated and should appear alongside other games in the rated list but does not.  NOTE: The search results are sometimes very short, maybe 30-45 games, making no room for the argument that they are way down on a huge list.. no... I think they are not on the list because the search query algorithm is broken... maybe.. or not very well refined yet.....

So the game gets effectively very little exposure from all angles of search query. This is poor.

No fishing enthusiast will find the game and no VR player will find the game unless they type "Pond Fishing VR" explicitly. 

Its so bad in fact that I could search for "Pond Fisherman VR" and it still would not turn up "Pond Fishing VR". This is of course not the name of my game but it illustrates the same issue.

Any thoughts or people who have experienced the same thing? WooT ! Thanks


Grab mechanics were solid and I liked the sound effects. Good work!

Love the space! I think the shaders on Oculus were not working correctly because there were not liquids in my beakers . The renaming convention for the exe file worked just fine.

love the mixing concept! And the trashcan was a good mini game.

definitely fun and a minor work out. I should have been throwing my bat more!

All the mechanics were solid!

Gem Thief was definitely one of the most polished game in the jam, specifically it had objectives and time limits with good audio feedback and felt like a real game.  I couldn't find the damn keycard but I had a sack full of big gems!!!

Great work! Love the spaces and enemy robot details. The shooting and sword mechanics were fun. I would prefer a thumbstick movement over the motion style but that should be an easy preference to install. I did have some trouble on the climbing sections but otherwise spent a goods bit of time messing around. Keep it up and break a leg!

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after picking up the first box and placing it in the maker I could not pick up another box... but otherwise pretty cool! I like the conveyor belt!

knocked me fan over =)

I made it !!!

and then he slide off when I was grabbing a screencap


Great stuff. Thanks OP and respondents. 

Awesome review Yusufu! Thank you! 

I want to answer two easy issues first for those people reading later on.

1) I had one issue though, with the alignment of the view at the beginning. The game has to be started from the proper position. 

The headset can be re-centered at anytime using the voice command "Center Headset." (and damnit the button for the same command is sitting behind a new panel doh! I'll fix that. Its green and say HMD)

2) " Also, it is hard to land without having air or land breaks. It would be nice to have those."

There are brakes (both air and ground) using the right grip trigger =) This does help immensely when landing, or ground taxiing. Check the controls image below.

3) However, the weapon switcher (i think) on the left side was not doing anything for me.

Hmm there is no weapon switcher at the moment, you have access to all weapons from the start.  May have been the cycle target and focus target button?

The motion sickness thing is going to be an ongoing issue. I am researching ways to combat it, but I had never heard of the cone effect, Thank you for the ref.

Thank you  a ton for playing and taking the time to write a great review Yusufu. I will keep coming back to these points.

Much Appreciated!

Hi HeadClot,

It does not yet but as the MRTK progresses I will look to create the cross-compatibility.