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Awesome review Yusufu! Thank you! 

I want to answer two easy issues first for those people reading later on.

1) I had one issue though, with the alignment of the view at the beginning. The game has to be started from the proper position. 

The headset can be re-centered at anytime using the voice command "Center Headset." (and damnit the button for the same command is sitting behind a new panel doh! I'll fix that. Its green and say HMD)

2) " Also, it is hard to land without having air or land breaks. It would be nice to have those."

There are brakes (both air and ground) using the right grip trigger =) This does help immensely when landing, or ground taxiing. Check the controls image below.

3) However, the weapon switcher (i think) on the left side was not doing anything for me.

Hmm there is no weapon switcher at the moment, you have access to all weapons from the start.  May have been the cycle target and focus target button?

The motion sickness thing is going to be an ongoing issue. I am researching ways to combat it, but I had never heard of the cone effect, Thank you for the ref.

Thank you  a ton for playing and taking the time to write a great review Yusufu. I will keep coming back to these points.

Much Appreciated!