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User defined build version

A topic by Garret Polk created Jun 05, 2016 Views: 607 Replies: 4
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I'm using Butler to generate patches and upload them (successfully) but it's not using my user defined version number. The build version on Itch is 1533 and I'm trying to reset it to 44. I've tried re-pushing the patches, and deleting the original files and re-pushing. Nothing seems to cause a reset. It just keeps incrementing the version number.

Thanks for the help.

-Garret Polk

Here's my command line:

butler.exe push ..\..\..\Build\44\windows\rel LongswordStudios/wondee-staging:win-x86 --userversion=44
[Warning] Key file had wrong permissions (0666), resetting to 0600
∙ For channel `win-x86`: pushing first build
∙ Pushing 102 MB (59 files, 12 dirs, 0 symlinks)
√ Added 102 MB fresh data
√ 71 MB patch (30.49% savings)
butler status longswordstudios/wondee-staging
[Warning] Key file had wrong permissions (0666), resetting to 0600
| CHANNEL | BUILD   | PARENT | STATE                          |
| win-x86 | √ #1534 |        | √ 39 kB signature (default), √ |
|         |         |        | 71 MB patch (default), √ 69 MB |
|         |         |        | archive (default)              |
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Try without the equals sign

--userversion 44

More information here:


To add to leafo's response: the build number shown in the 'status' screen is always the "system" build number for now, never the user build number. I'll change it to show the user version instead in the future.

Thanks for the quick response.

Just to be clear, I'd like the user version to display in the Itch app as "44". Users testing my game have been asking me why it doesn't match my internal build number. (See linked screenshot)

Version display in Itch app

Hey guys, I just spent some time figuring this out.

Running from windows. The butler command line docs say to use an equals sign --userversion=USERVERSION.

I was unsure whether the version was actually getting transmitted -- it'd be nice to have the user version displayed in the app and on the edit game page. Running butler status user/game:channel returns invalid game. In the end I visited and saw that the user version was successfully updated after all.