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Manifold Garden is a game by William Chyr that I worked on for a year. I helped with general programming, audio, UI, physics, etc. Right now it's on the Epic store, Apple Arcade and just shipped to Switch, PS4 and Xbox. It is planned for Steam in October (I also worked on the Steam support). I wouldn't be surprised if it comes to too since we did the beta testing on itch. (Itch rules for betas)

Thanks so much for checking out my little game! I was so happy to be in that bundle and let Wondee do some good. Your video was awesome, I really really enjoyed it. I'm gonna check out more of your vids, love the enthusiasm.

I made Wondee to learn how to make games and get them onto Steam. I heard that 3D was hard so maybe I should start with 2D games. I thought, well maybe I can make a 1D game and that will be even easier! Thematically it was going to be about more about perspectives and other dimensions. I ended up just making a Pac-Man game.

I'm terrible at game art so all the characters are basic shapes like spheres, cubes, pyramids, etc. That does have the beneficial side effect that you can play it  if you have a color deficiency. Wondee's eyes are derpy to mimic the eyes on Minecraft characters. The wink was the only animation I could think of with Wondee's limited look.

I'm so glad you guys were locked into the flow of the game and forgot about the goals. Designing goals is something I struggled with the whole game and never got right. Maybe in a sequel. Also you were so into it you didn't notice the Dark Mode at the end of your play through where everything moves backwards.

You should also check out another game I worked on, Manifold Garden ( . Coincidentally, also about dimensions and cubes.

Everyone loves hats!

I saw your game in the bundle and had to chuckle. I'm working on my own game prototype and this is the starting area. (OK, I moved the rowboat to be in the shot but still).

Can't wait to play your game when I get VR.

What a lovely little game. Lots of polish.

Lieve Oma community · Created a new topic Jumpy camera

It would be nice to have a setting to turn off the jumpy camera movement and make it smooth. It was giving me motion sickness the whole time I played.

Free demo:

Wondee™ is a brightly colored arcade game where you race down lines while being chased by a wall of fire, eat dots, evade enemies, and collect chests of goodies. It's a fast-paced arcade-racing game with many modes, levels and unlockable abilities that change the way you play.


  • Colorful arcade action with simple controls
  • Unlockable hats with game changing abilities
  • Three difficulty levels from easy to hard
  • Suitable for young kids - no violence, death, blood or taxes
  • Unique game modes and challenges
  • Endless levels - ever-changing levels of increasing difficulty
  • Gamepad and keyboard support (QWERTY/AZERTY)
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System Requirements



  • OS: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo E6600 2.4GHz (2006 desktop)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia 7900 GS 256 MB RAM (desktop 2006), NVS Quadro 160M (laptop 2008), or similar
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 200 MB available space


  • Colorful arcade action with simple controls
  • Unlockable hats with game changing abilities
  • Three difficulty levels from easy to hard
  • Suitable for young kids - no violence, death, blood or taxes
  • Unique game modes and challenges
  • Endless levels - ever-changing levels of increasing difficulty
  • Gamepad and keyboard support, AZERTY and left-handed too

Extra special features

  • Unlocked frame rate - All the FPS!
  • FPS counter - press shift+1 to toggle
  • Color deficient friendly - designed so color is not needed to play
  • Settings for screen shake, game pad vibration
  • Remappable controls - keyboard and gamepad
  • Screenshot and x4 screenshot button
  • Resizable windowed mode (fullscreen is borderless windowed)
  • Toggle in-game UI for screenshots with F1

FAQ - frequently asked questions

Q: Where are the game settings and screenshots stored?


Saved game scores, settings and screenshots

C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\LocalLow\Garret Polk\Wondee

Unity resolution and control mapping settings are in the Registry


Q: How do I backup my saved games?

Make a copy of the scores.bin file (or just all the files). See the above question for the location.

Q: The game started on the wrong screen!


Go into Settings and click "Change monitor (restarts)" or hold down Shift when launching the game

Q: Can I stream/video Wondee and monetize it?

Yes, but you should credit the music. Credits can be found here : Wondee Credits

Q: Sometimes the screen looks like it is tearing.

Open Settings and check the "Vsync" option

Wondee community · Created a new topic Build notes
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Build 57 - May 24, 2018

Removed Unity Analytics for GDPR compliance.

Build 56 - January 10, 2016


  • Mouse support for UI. Now UI can be used by mouse, keyboard, and gamepad fully.
  • Minor UI performance improvements

Build 55 - Android only build, so the Itch build wasn't patched

Build 54 - November 28, 2016


  • Improved frame rate performance, especially for lower end GPUs, by changing the look on some objects (Finish Line, hearts, pointies).
  • Enter key and number pad Enter key will now dismiss text messages and select buttons just like Space.


  • Fixed being able to remap UI controls which could break UI navigation
  • Fixed resolution change confirmation dialog not working when game is paused
  • Fixed level showing 3 stars in rare cases where the player didn't score 3 stars
  • Fixed tutorial showing gamepad icons instead of keyboard icons with wired gamepad plugged in
  • Changed default screenshot button to F11 so it doesn't conflict with Steam default screenshot button (F12)

Build 48 - July 24, 2016

Big fixes

  • Fixed some text clipping
  • Fixed blueberry beret color

Pre-release builds

Build 47 - July 21, 2016


  • Removed Unity splash screen - game starts super fast
  • Signed Mac files - no more security warnings from GateKeeper
  • Better gamepad UI navigation with thumbstick
  • 'Left' handed control scheme - arrow keys and right ctrl to jump, Delete=ESC
  • Progress bar is centered so it's easier to find
  • Countdown timer turns red when <5 seconds left
  • Easier to see which button is selected
  • Gamepad vibration now supported on Mac

Big fixes

  • UI looks better on all aspect ratios
  • Fixed control remapping not being saved
  • Fixed music missing from timed medium and hard levels

Build 46 notes

  • Mac build posted (Windows not posted yet since there were no changes)
  • Updated game icon

Build 45 notes


  • Progress bar showing current challenge
  • Improved jump target
  • Tutorial improvements
  • Constant jumping when holding space or A button
  • Improved jump sound and FX
  • "Get to the Finish Line" now has arrow indicating Finish Line direction

Big fixes

  • Fixed white lines on settings sliders on some resolutions
  • Reduced camera slew rate
  • Centered main menu buttons
  • Memory allocation improvements
  • Minor text changes and other stuff of course

Thanks for the quick response.

Just to be clear, I'd like the user version to display in the Itch app as "44". Users testing my game have been asking me why it doesn't match my internal build number. (See linked screenshot)

Version display in Itch app

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I'm using Butler to generate patches and upload them (successfully) but it's not using my user defined version number. The build version on Itch is 1533 and I'm trying to reset it to 44. I've tried re-pushing the patches, and deleting the original files and re-pushing. Nothing seems to cause a reset. It just keeps incrementing the version number.

Thanks for the help.

-Garret Polk

Here's my command line:

butler.exe push ..\..\..\Build\44\windows\rel LongswordStudios/wondee-staging:win-x86 --userversion=44
[Warning] Key file had wrong permissions (0666), resetting to 0600
∙ For channel `win-x86`: pushing first build
∙ Pushing 102 MB (59 files, 12 dirs, 0 symlinks)
√ Added 102 MB fresh data
√ 71 MB patch (30.49% savings)
butler status longswordstudios/wondee-staging
[Warning] Key file had wrong permissions (0666), resetting to 0600
| CHANNEL | BUILD   | PARENT | STATE                          |
| win-x86 | √ #1534 |        | √ 39 kB signature (default), √ |
|         |         |        | 71 MB patch (default), √ 69 MB |
|         |         |        | archive (default)              |

Yes, that seems to work. I hope this integration is something the Itch team is working on. I would never have thought to do this.

My game's page is not viewable by owners when it is set to Restricted.

  1. I set my game's page to Restricted
  2. Made a test account
  3. Sent that account a download key and activated it in the browser
  4. Installed the Itch app, downloaded and played the game
  5. Clicked the game's icon to go to the page in the app
  6. The app navigates to the page but says "404"
Any ideas?