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Restricted page access not working

A topic by Garret Polk created May 20, 2016 Views: 411 Replies: 2
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My game's page is not viewable by owners when it is set to Restricted.

  1. I set my game's page to Restricted
  2. Made a test account
  3. Sent that account a download key and activated it in the browser
  4. Installed the Itch app, downloaded and played the game
  5. Clicked the game's icon to go to the page in the app
  6. The app navigates to the page but says "404"
Any ideas?

Are you logged into your account within the app? Right now we have a strange disconnect between the browser session and the app session. You'll need to log into the website within the app to view pages you should have access to. Tell me if that doesn't work.

Yes, that seems to work. I hope this integration is something the Itch team is working on. I would never have thought to do this.