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Sorry about the text. I agree a little story would be nice.

A fair point!

Cheers, enjoy :)

Yep, there sure is. Tested with a ps4 controller, but other common controllers should work.

News: A player named YotamSh has completed MoonQuest in under 10 minutes! What a tremendous effort. Congrats!

I don't have that planned yet, sorry.

It's single player.

Do I like godot? I haven't used it.

Yes the macOS and Linux versions are only available on Itch.

Hi, I built a custom engine for this game.

There are benefits to either, so choose whatever you like. Enjoy the game!

Wow, thanks!

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The game is now finished! Check the devlog post for the full changelog. Enjoy!

Thanks mate :)

Thanks for playing :)


Thanks :) It's made with Typescript + React. It's all DOM too.

Thanks! The rats move quickly so they often attack before you can. Best to just keep clear!


New build is online! It includes a new character, ragdolls and many improvements. 

Thanks! It's on Steam:

Yep. Hopefully in a couple of months.

Thanks for the Let's Play and the feedback! The game will eventually have a proper quest system with sub-goals, which will make things much clearer.

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I just uploaded a new build with bats, new crafters, combat improvements, and more! Read the full build notes here. Play MoonQuest during a full moon (or near enough) to unlock the Werewolf playable character. He drinks from a Blood Chalice and becomes frenzied.

Werewolf gameplay GIF

Thanks Leaf, Yeah I already did that, and sent an email a few days ago asking itch to remove the assigned ones too. 

Thanks for playing Tartle!