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Thanks for playing :)


Thanks :) It's made with Typescript + React. It's all DOM too.

Thanks! The rats move quickly so they often attack before you can. Best to just keep clear!


thx tartlee

New build is online! It includes a new character, ragdolls and many improvements. 

Thanks! It's on Steam:

Yep. Hopefully in a couple of months.

Thanks for the Let's Play and the feedback! The game will eventually have a proper quest system with sub-goals, which will make things much clearer.

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I just uploaded a new build with bats, new crafters, combat improvements, and more! Read the full build notes here. Play MoonQuest during a full moon (or near enough) to unlock the Werewolf playable character. He drinks from a Blood Chalice and becomes frenzied.

Werewolf gameplay GIF

Thanks Leaf, Yeah I already did that, and sent an email a few days ago asking itch to remove the assigned ones too. 

Thanks for playing Tartle!

Thanks for playing!

From the F.A.Q. above:

I see keys in the MoonQuest package. What are they for? Whoops, ignore those! They were for a legacy version of MoonQuest and are no longer needed.


My mistake! Those keys do nothing. Ignore them!

Nope, just the DRM-free game. It also works through the itch app.

Thanks Eeve <3

Thanks for the comments everyone, and thanks for the video Jupiter. :)

Classic sokoban with a hacking twist. :)

Loved driving around the chunky neon world!

Loved it!

Thanks Kalonica, yeah the game is hard, I agree! Hint: the long sequence goes 1234567890abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz!

Hey, thanks for letting me know. I've uploaded an alternative version for those who have the same problem. You can play it here:

MoonQuest community · Created a new topic Support
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Reporting Bugs / Feedback: The game is in early access and is undergoing heavy development. If you encounter any bugs please let us know by starting a thread here. Your feedback will help us improve the game!

Automatic Updates: The game is frequently updated through either the app or by running the game in standalone mode. The standalone auto-updater requires a special key you receive when purchasing the game.

For any other issues with or questions about the game, please see the official support page.

Ok I patched the launcher to hide itself and only quit after the game has closed. It seems to work fine in the sandbox now. Thx!

ah ok,the launcher explanation sounds legit, thx dude. Shouldn't be too hard to keep the launcher active to get around this issue.

So ... does this mean itch doesn't show "running.." after the launcher exits? (will check this tomorrow) Community » » refinery · Created a new topic Sandboxing bugs
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Sorry if these have been addressed but I couldn't find a forum search function.

I enabled sandboxing and am having some trouble getting my game to boot. Process Monitor shows that the app can open and load lots of files but then gets an ACCESS DENIED after a certain number of files have been loaded. There is nothing special about the file, it's like all the others in terms of permissions, etc., so I'm not sure exactly what's happening. Sometimes it'll get access denied for a different file.

OS is Windows 10. Turning off Windows Defender doesn't change anything. Manually setting permissions doesn't help. Setting permissions of itch games folder to give access to itch-player and then uninstall->reinstall of game doesn't help.

One weird thing is that *after* running the game from within itch/sandbox, there are big red Deny ticks in the permissions for the executable (although it still seems to be able to read quite a few of those files.)

Also one other bug: Changing install locations and then clicking 'reinstall' doesn't install the game to the new location. Have to uninstall and the install for that to occur.

Ok cheers!

It's the most recent one, running in a virtual machine. itch: v18.6.0, ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS.

Some more info: Before this occurred I had changed the filename on the server (from .tar.gz -> .zip because of the other issue I had), and then had to re-install the game under the itch app.

Still experimenting with the Linux itch client...

I pushed an update and then clicked 'Check for update' and received this message "Could not check for updates: options must be an object".

Clicking "re-install" re-installed the game but it wasn't the most recent build.

Uninstalling and then installing finally got the latest build.

Thanks Amos. I'll just use .zip.

Hey guys, just a minor thing but I can't push .tar.gz's thru butler. I've switched to .zip for now, but I see that I can manually upload a .tar.gz thru the website and it works in itch as expected. Here's the output of butler:

butler.exe push --userversion=191000 file.tar.gz user/app:linux-beta
∙ For channel `linux-beta`: pushing first build
*errors.errorString zip: not a valid zip file
C:/Go/src/runtime/asm_386.s:1585 (0x4750b1)
Failed to push build to!