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Uploading APK

A topic by KeyboardKrieger created Nov 15, 2022 Views: 1,057 Replies: 8
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Whenever I upload my Apk, it is published as *.zip
That's unfortunate, because Android OSs don'thave software to unzip packages right away.

After some research I came to the conclusion, that Uploading a single apk with butler is impossible. Am I wrong or is there some kind of workaround to do it?


Hey there,

Would you mind sharing the command you are using with butler? I upload Android versions of my projects as “.apk” files, and they are available to download as “.apk” files without issues.


thanks for trying to help. This is my command:

butler push C:\Users\Standard\Desktop\Projekte\Chess\Builds\Android\Schachkampf.apk keyboardkrieger/schachkampf:Android

Sorry to get on your nerves, but it has been some days, since I send the command and I'm hopefull you can tell me where my mistake is, so I can readd the apk to my buildpipeline.


Sorry for the delay. Your command looks correct, could it be a different butler version? You can see this by typing:

butler --version

Other than that I’m not sure what could be wrong, as I use a similar command to upload apk files and it all works as expected.

Thanks for the help.
I work with the stable version 15.21.0, but I tested it with the bleeding edge version too.

I also tested with the bare apk file and the folder. Both end up zipped.

Do you work on windows too? Maybe Mac or Linux butler works different than the windows one.


I have 15.21.0 too.

Do you work on windows too? Maybe Mac or Linux butler works different than the windows one.

This is a good call, I’m on Linux, so if your experience is on Windows, maybe butler does indeed function differently on each platform.

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The same thing happened to me as well and I actually realized it just now after I stumbled upon this post.

I uploaded the first version of my game directly to and everything worked as expected. Later, I uploaded a new version (an APK file as well) with butler and I didn't notice that it was actually uploaded as a ZIP file. None of the people who downloaded the Android version mentioned that it didn't work. I had obviously already tested the APK before uploading it so it didn't occur to me to test downloading it. Sigh. Very annoying to realize this so late :D

I just tested downloading the ZIP file and it shows up as an APK file on my Android phone which is a bit weird. However, when I try to open the game, it says "There was a problem while parsing the package."

I reuploaded the APK files directly to now. Hopefully you'll be able to fix this sometime soon!

I have butler version 15.21.0 and I'm on Windows

Edit: I tested pushing a PNG file with butler and at first it showed up as a ZIP but later it changed into a PNG. I'm confused.


For me it's confusing that a normal upload works.

I'm a web dev myself and I normally would use the same API for uploading from my page as I would use for other services. So it should work.

Plus a fix to this problem should normally be a matter of a few hours. It's just like (if data ends with *.apk than don't do your packaging stuff)