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Yes, you can use this font in your game if you just credit me :)

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Such a good little game, I love the simplicity! It would be nice if the camera was a bit more responsive to show the player what's coming (especially when going downwards).

Sorry for the late reply. There is an infinity symbol already? I tried copy-pasting the symbol in your message and it shows up correctly.

Love this! Very fun and addictive. By the way, I found one bug: if you flip dice and then quickly select the face to place your upgrade on, the upgrade is placed on the face that was there before flipping the dice.

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The same thing happened to me as well and I actually realized it just now after I stumbled upon this post.

I uploaded the first version of my game directly to and everything worked as expected. Later, I uploaded a new version (an APK file as well) with butler and I didn't notice that it was actually uploaded as a ZIP file. None of the people who downloaded the Android version mentioned that it didn't work. I had obviously already tested the APK before uploading it so it didn't occur to me to test downloading it. Sigh. Very annoying to realize this so late :D

I just tested downloading the ZIP file and it shows up as an APK file on my Android phone which is a bit weird. However, when I try to open the game, it says "There was a problem while parsing the package."

I reuploaded the APK files directly to now. Hopefully you'll be able to fix this sometime soon!

I have butler version 15.21.0 and I'm on Windows

Edit: I tested pushing a PNG file with butler and at first it showed up as a ZIP but later it changed into a PNG. I'm confused.

Hey, unfortunately many letters in Vietnamese alphabet are too complex for a font of this size :( I couldn't find a way to draw all diacritics in a way that would make it possible to tell different letters apart without making them look messy.

However, I included all files needed for editing the font in the download so if you or someone else wants to give it a try, feel free to do so!

Cute and relaxing! The space bugs were my favourite detail

I'll look into that! :)

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This is insanely good! The mechanics, aesthetic, symbolism, soundtrack... pretty much every aspect of this game feels so polished and this is not even a full game yet. Even this project page is perfect :D

Configurable controls would make this even better but other than that there's nothing to complain about.

I'm hyped for the full release! I hope you're still working on it

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Clarity is a clean and easy-to-read pixel font. This font is a good choice for a project that needs to be localized into multiple languages. Clarity supports 219 languages that use Latin script and at least 4 languages that use Cyrillic script.

You can download Clarity for free and use it in commercial and non-commercial projects under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Clarity is my first font. I originally created it for my word game Vocabulot.  I needed to localize the game into languages that use letters with diacritics and I could not find a lot of legible pixel fonts that suited my needs so I made my own. This is an updated and improved version of the font that I used in my game.

Download the font HERE!

I love how simple the mechanics are but how there's still a lot of variation. Well done! You could definitely turn this into a bigger game.

I found one bug though. In the level with the ground pound instructions, I got stuck after landing on the edge of the lower platform. Walking and jumping stopped working and I had to start over from the beginning.

By the way, showing level numbers would make it easier to report bugs and give more specific feedback. I understand that not showing them is a stylistic choice but you could just put the number on one tile in each level so it would fit the style you're going for.

Thanks for the feedback! Your words seem to have a theme lol

The multiplier tile triples your word score. Other than that scoring is based on tile values. Longer words give you more time than short ones but they don't increase score/multiplier.

Yeah, the game can be pretty challenging but I hope it's not too challenging :)

This is a good word search game with a twist. It's funny how such a simple game gets more insteresting by tying it to another concept, constellations. I like the atmosphere of the game, it's relaxing and inviting. As far as I understand, you're not guaranteed to be able to use all letters in every game? That would be a big improvement.

It would be great if you could use Enter to accept a word and Backspace to remove letters. Or maybe left clicking a letter again could let you deselect it and right clicking anywhere could let you accept the current word? Clicking those buttons on the top felt a bit cumbersome.

The game itself is pretty good, the UI could more intuitive :)

I'll keep that in mind, thanks :)

This is such a great small game! By the way, you could pretty easily make the game blind friendly :)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the game and it was fun to watch you playing it

I would love to add more languages like Spanish and French but I would need a bunch of testers who speak those languages to help to balance the game. Right now the game only has languages that I can speak. But who knows, maybe in the future :)

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A fun game with an interesting idea! My only criticism is that fixing the floor felt somewhat tedious and I think that the game might have been a bit more scary if there were fewer floor tiles to fix – I understand that the idea was to distract the player but being always focused on a task felt like too much distraction – but take this with a grain of salt because I don't play a lot of horror games :D Other than that this was a good little game and I love the weird aesthetic!


I'm not a fan of horror games but I actually liked this one a lot! I'm usually scared way too easily but this had just the right amount of scariness to be playable for someone like me haha

I love the art style! I played the game a little bit and it feels very polished overall. You should add an option to disable the shader. The shader looks nice in screenshots and here on your page but in the game it feels like a distraction.

Simple but polished! I love it. Even though some levels are difficult, the game never feels unfair because controls are sooo smooth and precise that the player can only blame themselves for any mistakes. Very well designed.

Vocabulot is a fast-paced word game that will put your vocabulary to the test. The game is easy to learn but hard to master: your goal is to find as many words as possible until you run out of time. Words are worth both points and extra time: the longer words you find, the longer you will survive.

You are not limited by adjacent tiles but by the speed of your thinking and the size of your vocabulary. And if you prefer to play more leisurely, there's also an alternative game mode without time limit.

You can compete with other players on online leaderboards. The game is currently available in English, Finnish and Swedish.

Download the game HERE!

This is actually my first game! Life happened and I had to take a long break from game development but I'm happy that I was finally able to finish what I started. Any feedback is welcome! ✨