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Hard Love - Darkest Desire - Apha

futa on male futa/trap dickgirl on male futanari/female futanari on female femboy trap androgynous hentai · By DeepBride

What would you like to see more? Sticky

A topic by DeepBride created Apr 29, 2018 Views: 8,635 Replies: 74
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Developer (1 edit) (+2)

You can leave your comment to have feedback.

Your opinion is very important to me.


could you make the menu screen options english, and maybe some futa monster girls to fight/fuck?


Of course, everything will be translated.
For the time being I left it like this because no objects are occupied.
And if there will be soon monsters with which to fuck, only that my hand does not draw so fast. And I'm glad you liked it


How often will the updates come?


Each month. I hope XD


This is absolutely my fetish.


And there are not many with these 2 themes together.


Personally I'd like to see a lot of dominant futa. I like my futa to be tall, muscular, and hung. Monster futa is great, but not too furry.  I would have liked Dotty to become progressively more feminized as the game advances, instead of him starting off as a trap. More detailed dialogue/sex scenes would be nice as well.

Types of futa monsters I like:

- [Orcs/Orge] – [Succubus/Demon/Oni] - [Tribal/Amazons] - [Minotaur/Horse-like] - [Undead/Some type of scary futa] – [Dominatrix?] - [Kali]

Types of fetishes I like:

- [Gokkun/Cum Eating] – [Cum Addictions] - [Deepthroat] – [Prostate Orgasms/No-Hands] – [Forced Feminization] – [Humiliation]

I feel like your artwork could use some work. Luckily I am an artist myself, and I could give use some advice if you want it. I had quickly reworked the title screen. I did it very sloppily, but you can still tell me what you think.


If in fact that I have planned and with respect to Alice still nothing is written in fact if it starts like that. but for reasons of time, I have omitted those 2 years on the island to start showing the conflict and the combat system.

-And the scenes are also more extensive. In fact the first scene with vanya missing the animation I'm doing and the final. in total 2.

-And monsters will see those and more.

-And do they have a page where you have your work?


Delicious Trap...


Yeah, I have a page on HF.


You should add monster futas and more futa companions. but everything looks great in how its going :)


Thank you very much, and I am working on futanari monsters and more characters.


Could you add more foot fetish stuff? I have a huge foot fetish and would love to see footjobs, foot worship, foot teasing. Also, if it is okay do you think you could add full nelson stuff and maybe some stuff where the character is forced to suck themselves off?


Of course there will be, you just have to wait not drawing so fast.
I feel like my hand is going to disintegrate. XD


Well what I'd love to see most of all is just more of your game and work x3 also I was wondering why is it so hard to find your patreon page, the only way I've been able to find it is directly through the game itself. I think it would help you get more donations and help word spread about it if you can get your patreon a bit more out there. Oh and I'm a sucker for cumshots and abdominal bulges hehe


It's because all the pages with adult content are not listed on the site.
Thanks for the suggestion and there will also be abdominal bulges.


Hey, do you think it might be something you'd be interested in setting up bad ends with the character's in your party? Like something where an enemy ends up corrupting one of them and they end up turning on your character until your character and their former partner ends up being the enemies slave or pet, and you end up getting fucked by your former partner now turned into mistress, along with the enemy? 

It wouldn't be something to set up right away, but stuff for the planning phase, like all sorts of different good and bad endings. Some where you are a foot slave, others where you are carried around on a harness and your only food is cum and the only drink you are allowed to have is piss, and the gigantic woman that carries you on the harness makes it your new home? 

Also, if you don't think that it might be weird, do you think healing might take the form of blowjobs, anal sex, and monsters might even use your character as their personal sex toy or rape your femboy character and they get heals from them doing it, to the point where it seems like it might be impossible to beat them, or maybe something where certain enemies can only be beaten if you don't have a specific party member, or you have a certain item?


If the ideas you have given are very similar to the ones I have planned to do. 

And as for combat I also have several ideas but I only hope that the combat system is modifiable enough and allows me to make the sequences. 

And as for history, I can only say that the island is a quiet and peaceful place. but outside of it is another world, wait to see the prologue.


Well, I was kinda thinking the bad end and the good end stuff might be something you would plan to do, tbh I was curious if you had a discord, then maybe you would start a discord group or something eventually, if your games really take off and get rather popular.

Somethings for the combat system I'm not sure of would work out too much is sexual combat, where all the moves are sexual related in some way, I played some games like that before, and even though they were really fun and the sex combat was really nice, sometimes those really tough enemies just get really hard to beat, however I've seen some games in the rpg system you are running able to do fetish combat stuff, and a bunch of other things, but you might need to do some work with it, so Idk how modifiable it would get.  Like the game I am talking about is

There were different games like that with a fetish kind of combat if you really want it to be sexualized combat in some way it makes sense in a wrestling game, but maybe not if everything in the combat is sexualized, maybe a few specials could be sexualized and that could work out really great for you, it all depends on what you want to do with it.

Anyway, please forgive me if you think I'm rambling on too much, as I previously said I'm a bit socially awkward, and not entirely great at talking with others.

Do not worry, you do it well.
I have several ideas for the system one is the combare of this game. not necessarily in that side view. but if in the animations and the way to receive the blows. sexualizing him of course.

Also in this game you have the dementia bar. that when you reach your limit you give them a positive or negative buff. I was thinking that the fucks of the enemies fill the bar but instead of being dementia, it was his belly. that even the complete filling is the drop or death (I'm still thinking about it). As I said, the trip is friendly, but then it gets stronger. (Darksouls, Bersek or Hellsing ultimate) and Echi (Vakiry Drive, Seiko no Owaser)

It wouldn't be something to set up right away, but stuff for the planning phase, like all sorts of different good and bad endings. Some where you are a foot slave, others where you are carried around on a harness and your only food is cum and the only drink you are allowed to have is piss, and the gigantic woman that carries you on the harness makes it your new home?  i love this idea could be awesome


Oh , that seems really good I like that idea quite a lot, I can't say I've seen a lot of sexualized combat systems like that before seems like it would be really good and rather interesting.

What kind of towns and environments are you thinking of setting, and do you think there might be a set up for resting where shemales rest by using femboys as fuck toys or something and or relax by having a boy suck her cock, worship her feet, or just in general treat her like a goddess?  Also, how would you prefer to treat males or most males in the game? It's been a while since I played your game, but if I remember either males don't exist in the universe actually, or none of them look girly like the main character.  Forgive me for forgetting about that that earlier and suggesting the stuff about other femboys. I do like the idea of sexualizing and feminizing males, or maybe the island the main character was on, somewhat has absolutely no idea what is going on outside of the island and didn't know males exist. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to updates on the game and knowing more about what you plan to do with it. This really seems like a very fantastic game, a lot of fun, and I think it has the promise of a truly remarkable and fantastic game.  I wish you would create a discord group or something, I'd love to join that.


I love your idea, especially about the place where you adore them as goddesses, that they take off their boots after a long day of combat and adore their feet and their cocks


Hey, what would be a thing you were thinking of for armor? Were you wanting to set up stuff like sexual armor, normal armor, armor that curses you and gives you a lot of negative stats, or certain characters that wear armor or try to cover up certain parts of their body with armor, Have a massive amount of negative side effects rather then good ones?

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

If in fact there is going to be sexual equipment! XD


I'm not sure how popular this would be, as most of the comments seem to be going about the opposite way, but I would like to see options for the protagonist to be a willing or even eager bottom slut instead of being forced and humiliated. Other than that, my fetish is futa pubes so I wouldn't mind seeing some of those around if at all possible.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Don't worry, the protagonist will have his moments of slut and if there will be other characters with pubes.

(1 edit) (+1)

I HATE the main character, I prefer that they force you to be a submissive and no more go to it, besides so female and with that body, it just gives me a bit of disgusting disgust, I hope they let you change the role of your character as well as the image and others, also I would like to know if you are going to put more topics of humiliation, style that you tarte like a dog, use you as a toilet, bucket of semen, your slave sweaty or dirty feet and lock in chastity?


At the moment it is the main character, but later on the game opens more characters and different stories. and if there will be more topics of humiliation but at the moment, it is the calm principle.


Would there be options for the text to run quicker, or something for it to run faster for those who have a terrible PC? My PC is really bad and games sometimes tend to run really slow, but I was wondering if there might be something that might fix that, idk if the program you are using can do something like that at or not through.


I will try to move the options as much as possible for low performance PC.


Thank you.

(1 edit) (+1)

I don't know if I did something wrong or missed something but I'm at the part where you have to make the ring for your love and two things. not a fan of such grinding but i can deal with that
The main problem i'm having is i have no way to heal I go and fight they drop essence and I can use that to buy potions to heal sure but it's not enough to keep fighting like it takes two potions to heal fully after a fight and fighting three only gave me enough to buy 2   and they aren't even dropping what I need for the ring I want to see more but it feels like i soft locked myself out of it i feel like I'm missing a way to heal just can't find it.

also what's with all the passwords any way to find them?

but as to the topic at hand I just love Futa with a bottom trap so all of this is amazing just more sex of them taking him more that's all I want to see more of


Hey everyone, i have exactly the same problem ^^ doctor is closed and it is really hard to heal myself...being a bottom boi in this game is really hard xD


Well, in fact, when you reach level 2, the chapel would open, and the Priestess would give you the ability to heal.
As in Darksouls, but drinking strange substances and from dubious places.

But for reasons of time I couldn't add it in this patch, but it gives 2 hidden boxes, with extra supplies.

And the First Mowo's can reduce their health when you confront them first.
And the final Mowo's do not always have to fight with everyone.

Also remember what I said in this post, I was going to make it difficult.
And I'll just pass it without any Patreon Rewards, so if you can. XD


I'd love to see more foot fetish stuff, maybe some dress up where they force characters into different outfits either slutty or what ever else, foot worship, maybe eating or licking cum off feet.

Maybe a few fights where the femboy character is held captive during the fight underneath a enemies balls, under their feet forced to lick them and during that time the enemy gets healed constantly, maybe to the point where they feel like a hard mob, they feel like a mob boss, a mini boss, or a boss fight.

Maybe a way to skip those fights where you have to have one of the characters fucking him during the fight (making it where 2 characters can't fight instead of just one) However, it makes the fight a lot easier and more like exp farming, or just certain fights you have to really think about.

Oh, and some stuff where the femboy is offered stuff like returning to his own time, stuff where they say he doesn't belong their, but he actually does, face sitting, and stuff where enemies can become friends and fuck characters to heal them up, or they fuck them. However, maybe a special limiter or a way to regulate it so you don't spam it and feel like you don't need to buy potions like a lust meter and if the meter gets to high it can do stuff like make you turn into their slave, a character that normally fucked them now gets fucked by them, and instead of healing their hp decreases.

To further regulate it, maybe something where the bar only decreases when your characters are tired or sleepy, or in special parts of town. Kinda like adding the idea you can only abuse it certain amount of times. Maybe sometimes you can buy stuff to help decrease it, but it's really expensive or you can unlock attributes or bonuses for your characters where they can decrease it like 3 times before they get to town or something. Or just the health thing only works a certain amount of times and just getting fucked by them more and more just makes them more likely to turn you into a slave, or there is a chance bar and it increases the more you get fucked by them.

Sorry I typed soo much and was rather descriptive and kinda rambling on a while about it, I hope it isn't bothering or anything and it looks like a nice suggestion or idea.


Some things if I have thought about them, but like many are in the road map of the project, they will arrive but not so fast. XD.

So you can get an idea and leave the FAQ public Patreon so that everyone can see it.


would love to see full animation, lose and get raped, and perhaps the ability to "tame" monster girls. also never hurts to have more diverity in the populaton, some with gigantic breast, some with none, some completely human some with not so much  a trace of humanity. ya know spread the populations traits. oh and maybe the ability to pick a starting race and class too. think that'd be awesome. this way i can make a slime-girl healer. oh and if you can pull it off multiplayer, would be AWESOME!!!


Some things are going to be in the future, including animations. And as for the multiplayer, I do not know if it is possible, but another thing that I have planned, is that when the world and the characters end. To be able to put an editor to create your own character and change the interactions of the NPCs.


Hey, could there be options for visuals? Like a brightness setting a darkness setting or what ever else? Sorry if that is a really weird thing to ask, but after the intro the game ends up getting really bright. Idk if that happened recently or it might be something with my computer displaying things too brightly with what the game runs on, but I am just curious.

Please forgive me if that is a weird or disturbing thing to ask the game looks great, and even through it is slow for me it seems to run a lot faster than it did a while ago. 

Oh, also I was kinda curious so there would be sissification. What if there were some male characters in the game that after beating you could make look smaller and more girly, or train them to be sissy cock lovers, or your character could grow in size (not too much, but something where they aren't entirely girly.) And your party is a bit disgusted by them, but you can turn back into a girly sissy if enough enemies beat you, you suck enough cock, or you just go to a sissification center or something.


I like mpreg!


yo @DeepBride 1st i wanted to let you know that the game is pretty lovely, without a doubt really promissing. 

Just thought id let you know some things i loved and enjoyed and also the contrary:

1: i love the dynamic between maya, the MC and Amber, how maya is an outward bitch but on the inside she seems to be a good person, also how Amber seems to really love the MC, but acts like a bitch some times and is only there for the booty, please make some events where maya is more involved with the mc and Amber,

2. I really love how everyone is offering their dicks to the MC but he never gives in, even though id like to have an option, saying yes to every dick in town would break the character a bit. (BUT PLEASE LET US HAVE THE OPTION TO SAY YES TO THE DICKS OR ASK FOR THEM)

3. the fightingsystem is a bit cluncky, that and the item and equipment system could use a bit of work.

4. i would love to be able to have MORE chatting options, which you are implementing, thats some i like, still id like it to be more meaningfull to have an erection, so to speak, if you make some one horny you must calm them down, and id like for the warriors and all futas included to be more pushy for the mc to satisfy them.

other than that nothing to worry about, you are making really good updeates, wish they were more frequent but hey, cant have everything.



Thank you very much and I regret answering you so late, but many of the things you mention, I was already implementing them within the game. XD.
I hope you like the options of new dialogs.

(2 edits) (+2)

1. More saves, make the island statue an infinite save, or at least give us some form of renewable save so we don't screw ourselves over by wasting a save on accident. The opening bit is pretty long and kinda rng based. I couldn't get past the second trip to the cave and I honestly don't even know if I want to try again because of how much I'd have to do over again. You gave us 8 slots. let us use them please. Also let the amulets stack or not all be used at once, I picked up the one in Amber's house without using the first one and then later saved, both were used, or it just outright didn't give me the second one.

2. Make the miniguide on patreon a non patron post. That's kinda just bad practice.

3. Easier early game segment. The second run of the cave I went in and died immediately because I did zero damage and could not buy the bracelet. Also because we can miss, it's entirely possible for us to just die for no reason other than we got unlucky. I get protag is supposed to be weak, but given that we can't even get a weapon until we kill 6 slimes, and we can just up and die because the game said so, that's pretty bad.

4. Sorry if this is a little too brutally honest, but more proofreading in the translations. The English is kinda hard to read sometimes, and one of the screencaps you're showing on the front page has a borderline nonsensical sentence. "Is not enough to have Amber just for you, right?" should read "Having Amber all to yourself isn't enough, huh?" or something along those lines. Also you have random capitalization that just shouldn't be there, like Ejaculation and Stiff when talking to the sisters in the queen's house, just running the text through a word processor and using spell check can catch those. Also protag calls Amber a he and a she in the span of 2 lines in the opening,

I'm considering becoming a 15 or even 30 dollar patreon, so please consider at least the first one, because the limited saves is honestly really bad and my absolute biggest complaint so far. I'd offer content I'd like to see, but I don't even know where the content ends yet since the opening is so slow and so easy to just lose everything to bad rng. Being able to save at the statue endlessly or something would make that infinitely more tolerable.


The honesty of your words is appreciated.
And you are right. These updates were made quickly to try to meet short periods, so the quality was not the best.
In this occasion I take my time to rectify many things, texts, dialogues, difficulty and among many other things.
Now the 005b is available.

There are already new aids like learning the ability to Heal you.
And more "hidden chests" with items and EXP.


Quick question and maybe it is too much to ask for, but is it possible for a karma section. Like good path, bad path or something in between like in some critical moments in battle or decision choices. To be honest this looks amazing and I can't wait for more from this game


There are already some of these mechanics implemented and several scenes that change with karma are sketched, it is only a matter of time for them to start placing them. XD


some orgies 3+ (not gangbang where all on 1)

zoomed out a bit

rapy aggrossive style(domination)

& some deep anal pissing between the futas


Yes, in fact I have planned a scene with those elements, in a flashback of the wedding of Nova and Amber. But this is the longest and most difficult scene, so it will take a while.

(1 edit) (+1)

Forgive me if you allready planned to add this and I read over it somewhere but I'd love to evetually party up with Amber and rather sooner than later. It's kind of weird to be playing a support healer with no one too heal but yourself. Not only that but even though Amber wants Nova to get more independent I personally want my big futa wife (husband?) to protect me from all the scary slime monsters.

I'd like more "housewife" stuff, like cooking Amber dinner, cleaning the bed after rough loving, cleaning the house, getting groped by her while doing any of those things, having her take you on a romantic date for being a good housewife, etc. Ones the game finishes I'm planning on doing a good karma run were I stay as faithfull to Amber as possible. Being her loyal wife is kind of hot too me and I'd love to see some ingame activities to reflect that.

A skip button for scenes you've allready seen would be nice.

Lastly, and this might just be because I suck, but I would love some kind of easier difficutly option. Idealy with no punishments for picking it. The combat can be somewhat RNG heavy and combined with Novas low damage output it might take a long time. Maybe make the statues in town an infinite save point, though if you do that it probably should be an infinite save point on all difficulties.

This game is really hot and I'd love to see more of it and I might even considers donating on patreon but as it stands I fear it will have a similair problem that lots of pornographic games have. And that problem is that I want to get to the sexy bits but I have to sit through tonnes of combat and non-erotic story parts. I don't mind having to work for the sexy stuff it shouldn't be frustrating to get too it.

Anyways, thanks for reading.

Developer (3 edits)

1- At this moment it is only Nova since the enemies are the easiest, although for Nova not so much. Amber and the other group will begin to appear when the futanari monster are present. (Also for the time I need to draw the fighting poses of Amber and Nova.)
If also in Karma I continue working on the possible scenes for the future. only that you want to be many roads, but that the followers will already decide.
2- The button to skip dialogs and sequences is being developed.
3- The difficulty is not yet to change given the current state of development that is beta (I have almost not invested much time in making it more complex and balanced.) But what I can tell you is that the difficulty was testing many times to be I could complete only with the items you find or that you can buy.
4- If that's why I decided to make an RPG-style game and not a graphic novel. But what I have noticed is that despite the fact that the event gallery is already available, nobody knows it.
Here you can only see the erotic scenes. XD

Thank you for taking your time to give your opinion, I always take them into account. (Although it seems not, but it is for a matter of time that I cannot do everything being only me drawing everything.) :O ; D


The button is ready to skip scenes or dialogs in general. In addition to that the difficulty level was adjusted to be easier. And if in the future I plan to add scenes of servant Nova with Amber. In addition to including your Maid Skin. : D


I know i have not gotten to far into the game, but I was wondering if there can be some stats implemented in the game later as this is not really important, but i was wondering if you thought about these? as in

"how many times you had sex"
"how many times you perfomed oral"
"sex status virgin"

etc those kind of stats


I will include the statistics on the achievements screen, only it will take a while. : )

I would so love to see a android type futa or at least a lesbian android getting down and dirty from a futa. And I love the idea of having multiple characters being avaliable.


I really enjoy the game and the artwork. I was wondering if since there is a karma system now if you can do certain things like cheat on amber, or have another relationship with another futa. For instance I would love to see Nova get into a relationship with Maya or the ability to interact with her that may turn into a relationship or more sex scenes with her. 


I am working on the karma system, now you can see it very simply, by refusing to help Maya at the beginning of the game this activates the scene of Melinda and Nova. In the future there will be more scenes with the other characters. ^U^


That is great to hear! I cant wait too see more!


Better character animation in the combat instances, because that model is very off-putting


Don't worry it's not the final model, just place it to see the animations work. When this final model will replace it.

(1 edit) (+1)

(I didn't read all the replies on this thread, so if I'm suggesting some things that were asked before, I'm terribly sorry)

First, I'd like to tell you that your game is awesome, I loved it and can't wait to see more ! Also I'm very impressed that you take your time to read all these posts, it's super cool !

So, I've thought of some ideas that I found fun :

- To have Nova looking more and more feminine with time (face, breasts and hips changing) but still staying a man. (this could even be optional).

- A divine "encounter" between the goddess and Nova (would love to see his ass pounded by the Goddess'  3 dicks :3 ).

- I really liked the idea of Nova becoming pregnant through anal sex with futas, as I thought I'd be very funny (don't know if you already planned it).

- A possibility to get the amulets used to save our game in a shop of some kind (in the church maybe ?) so we can buy them.


I'm glad you liked the game. ^U^ 
You did not repeat any other idea put in this forum.

I think the idea of being able to acquire the amulets in the Temple seems good to me, and I had already thought about adding the healing of life with Dr. Nora.
The change of character unfortunately I can not do it because it involves drawing much more. (Already with what I have to draw I have for years of content. XP)
And as for the other 2 ideas, they will be developed throughout the plot, in fact more details will be explained in the next update. ;)


Oh don't worry, I completly understand that you can't do everything I suggest. Still, I'm glad to come up with ideas to help (or to give you more work :p ) !

I'm happy to see my ideas were taken into account and I'm looking forward to the next update >_>


General Impressions:

A1)    I love the game so far.  Many eroge that involve the feminization of a (former) man beat the player over the head with humiliation, the player character being dominated, and the shamefulness of having a penis.  It is nice to have a game where the player can be proud of who she is, accept all of her body parts, and generally be welcomed by her community.

A2)    I am a big fan of world building, and I have to say, the world you have created definitely gets my attention.  One of my fantasies is about a world inhabited solely by futanari.  The world in Hard Love comes pretty close to this.  The way the three genders appear to be structured is quite compelling.  I would be curious to know about the ratios in the society at large are (I am willing to accept those that Nova interacts with might not be a random sample).

    I love how everybody’s tits, cocks, pussies, and asses, are on display all the time while still allowing for fashion.  Each portrait of a human so far shows a variety of clothing made for conflicting purposes of style, functionality, and status.  The personalities of the characters matches the clothing they chose to wear.

    I love how casual sex is in the world of Hard Love without taking the issue lightly.  People can show off their bodies, solicit others casually, show their excitement, have sex in public, and can be honest with each other while still having sex and sexual relationships be meaningful.  So far the game clearly makes a point of having sex and sexual relationships be very important, with a wide variety of attitudes towards these things, with openness about these topics, with rivalries, and opportunities.

    The game creates a society with a wonderfully erotic atmosphere and one that I happen to find quite stimulating.  I have fantasized about such places and even written some descriptions of worlds with this dynamic.  The execution so far in Hard Love is more appealing to me then any of the worlds have I written down.  Just having an opportunity to explore this world is enough to engage me in the game.

A3)    On top of that the dialogue is great.  It is wonderfully lewd and sex positive.  The same drama exists in such an erotic setting as exists in this world: people finding their place in the world, rivalries between people over stupid (or not so stupid) stuff, people struggling with morality, people needing to balance their short term and long term desires, people needing to make tough decisions about how best to support those that they care about.

    These intrapersonal, and interpersonal issues don’t seam to be made harder or easier, better or worse, by the innate eroticism of the setting.  Exploring them in such an erotic setting is very stimulating.  The dialog accentuates this dynamic really well and in a really stimulating way.  I don’t think there is enough game yet to form an opinion on the large scale writing for the game but the small scale writing is excellent.

A4)    The artwork is amazing.  I love how varied the characters are and how well drawn each of them are.  It’s hard for me to chose favorites but there are some I like more then others.  This is, I’m sure, mostly a mater of personal taste, but I quite enjoy the variety of parts that need to be covered on Terran societies.  You mentioned how long it takes you to draw and I can definitely believe that.  It looks like a lot of work goes into the artwork and that you have been practicing for quite a while.

A5)    The voice acting is good.  The lines that are voiced really bring the dialog alive and they’re fitting for the characters and the mood.  It’s also wonderfully stimulating to hear all of this lewd dialogue read in… such a compelling voice.

A6)    There is a lot going for this game that I enjoy.  It is difficult to be patient while waiting for more.  There are many questions I have about the world of the game.  I can’t help but to speculate about what the answers might be.       I’m also eager to see where the game is going next, to know what new lewd things the characters are going to say or do, to hear this dialogue spoken with such a sexy voice.

Possible bugs:

B1)    The English translation does not appear to be complete.  There are two options “Always Run,” and “Remember Commands,” in the options that aren’t translated to English.  (Also “Font” is misspelled as “Fount”).  The remember commands function does not seam to be working by the way but that doesn’t bug me much.

    There are two non-essential lines of dialogue that aren’t translated.  One is from Priestess Basth during the wisdom nectar ceremony.  The other is when Nova tries to enter the cave at night.

    There are various elements of the interface that remain untranslated.  The battle feedback most prominently but it’s not hard to figure out what is going on.  “Essence” isn’t translated from the in game menu.  Nova’s heal spell isn’t translated under skills.  I’ve also noticed that the location for the wet house is untranslated while I’m there.  That’s all I can remember at the moment.

B2)    If I purchase Nova’s outfit piecemeal from Trina (Nova’s Corsets, Small Heals, and Diadem), I can’t change into these clothes from Amber’s bedroom (I can still equip them and get the battle benefits but this doesn’t change Nova’s appearance).  Also when I look at the option to purchase the new outfit from Susana, the stats don’t appear so in my first playthrough I thought they were really two different options.

    Perhaps these options could be removed from Trina or Nova could mention in her mind before talking to Trina (when reading the shop sign of first talking with her) that she can get the same things cheaper from Susana.  It was also not clear that I have to select the outfit and hairstyle options from my purse before I can change my look in Amber’s bedroom but this wasn't hard for me to stumble upon.

    This seams like a big deal for me as in my first playthrough I bought everything from Trina.  This made training against the Mowos frustrating and more difficult then I believe is intended.  Being able to get equipment earlier in the game (getting the outfit all at once from Susana makes these items cost about a third as much as getting them from Trina really allowing me to get more equipment faster) made this part of the game feel much more balanced.

B3)    The options of upgrading equipment with Pytras isn’t clear.  I think I have some things figured out but not completely.

B4)    It is possible for Nova to walk on the lava and quickly die on the lower floor of the cave.  Given the chosen save system this was… quite frustrating to have figured out.

B5)    When replaying “Another Wonderful Day,” for Nova in the Wet House, the same line of dialogue is spoken over and over (the written text appears to be accurate to the earlier game).

B6)    The sign at the start of the Wooded Path suggests being level 6 before proceeding.  I can handle Nova just fine with being at level 4 with a full set of equipment that has quite a few upgrades.

B6)    That’s all I can remember at the moment.  When I replay through the game I could catch more.

Room for Improvement and frustrations:

C1)    I don’t trust myself to ration my budget well on Patreon so I don’t have one.  I would like to support the game financially however with a one time payment.  Being able to purchase the game on would work from my perspective.  I don’t know what that would entail for you.  Having another way to make this payment could also work.

C2)    I am not a fan of having limited saves.  This might make sense in trying to make the game more difficult and requiring the player to make more strategic choices.  If this is the choice you want to make then I respect that.  The game would still be worth it for me to play and pay for.  I suspect that most of your audience would be more interested in the erotic aspects of the game rather then the strategic (though I do appreciate a game that can pull both off well).  Some players might be too frustrated by the save mechanics to give the game a good chance.

    There are other suggestions in this thread about ways to change this like having Amulets available for purchase or having the statues be repeatable save locations while the Amulets would allow for saving away from the town (perhaps both).  Having a single releasable Amulet (that all the island residents have to feel the love of the goddess no matter where they are) would also work.

    Having any easy infinite save option would require a repurposing of the statues.  I initially was thinking about having them provide a healing function but I think you have better plans for that.  Perhaps Nova could jerk off into the donation plate for a small amount of experience.  This could be limited to once a day to prevent experience spamming.

    If I could change any one thing about the game this would be it.  I really don’t enjoy having to ration my saves.  I think it could make sense in some games but I don’t think it fits in well with this one.  I respect your choice but this is how I feel about it.

C3)    Having a healing option.  At one point I was thinking about having a healing option of having Amber being able to heal Nova (any point after having Nova return form the shining tree of course).  Nova could get her hitpoints replenished by taking it up the ass from Amber and replenish her mana by getting it down her throat.  If Amber and Nova will adventure together then this wouldn’t make as much sense.

    Being able to have party members healed by visiting Priestess Basth and/or Doctor Nora would make more sense.  Perhaps Dr. Nora being able to top off hitpoints while Priestess Basth could refill mana reserves could make sense while forcing allowing for the player to visit both to get back up to 100%.

C4)    A quest log would be helpful.  It would help keep track of what’s on Nova’s mind (especially if I need to take a break from the game to recharge and come back to the middle of something) and could be a useful place to give the player hints on how to proceed or tips on the game.

C5)    A way for Nova to gain Essence and experience would be nice.  It seams to me like these are features planned for future releases and I apologize if I’m stepping on your toes.  There are two training grounds that Nova cannot yet use and these would be good places for her to train once the town trusts her abilities more.

    If this moves into a more open RPG type of game rather then a guided path then there are lots of jobs that Nova could do to make more money.  The most obvious choice in a game like this is prostitution but I don’t think this would fit in with the game’s social structure.  If time of day becomes a thing in the game (and it looks like the framework is there) then Nova could spend one or more time frames working to earn money.

    The hospital could use a dedicated receptionist to allow for Luna to focus on her nursing duties.  Trina could use an assistant.  Nova could work to clean up various shops or civic locations.  Nova could have a garden outside of town on the north of the island close to where we first meet her that she could grow produce to sell in town.  She could remark on the irony that she can’t eat any of it (it’s only the fruit of the shinning tree or cum for her).  A bonus could be exploring to exotic fruits and vegetables that people eat in this world like milkpods, and phallusroot.

    If nothing else there could be a place that Nova could go to to level grind to get experience and money.  Perhaps level appropriate Mowos span in the cave everytime Nova enters?  I would prefer the more RPG methods mentioned above if they fit into what the game is going to become once the player is out of the introductory phase.

C6)    The hunt and seek for hidden chests is not that entertaining for me.  It is a little bit but I would prefer to focus on other parts of the game.  Having chests scattered around in plain sight would be nice.  This isn’t a big deal for me just something I thought I would mention.

C7)    In the same spirit of the hidden chests, I don’t have strong feeling one way or the other for the Dream Drops.  It’s something I could do without but nothing that breaks my experience.  I can find or purchase all of the memories easily enough so far.  Perhaps once the main game is done these can be repurposed to show memories from Nova’s past or future.

    Some such memories I might like to see: Nova still on Terran confiding her true identity in school to some of her friends and being awkwardly supported.  One of Nova’s webcam sessions.  Nova being tended to her first month on the island when she was feverish and drifting in and out of consciousness.  She still had to be fed right?  This could be the origin of Amber and Maya’s rivalry over Nova.

    The Lover’s duel between Amber and Maya.  Nova meeting priestess Basth for the first time.  Nova’s first tribute to the Queen.  Amber and Nova’s wedding.  Nova meeting Melinda.  Nova being pregnant and loved by Amber (both non-erotic love and erotic love).  Nova taking care of her children.  Nova teaching her children in the ways of the island once they get older.  Nova’s children’s weddings.  Amber and Nova spending quality time during their twilight years.  A somber but loving ceremony after Nova past away after a good long life only to wake up from a dream back when we first saw her on Earth with, inexplicably, an artifact (like a Goddess Amulet) form this new world proving it wasn’t just a dream.  A happily married Nova on Terran showing this Amulet and telling the story to her adopted children (finally telling the full story to her adult children or having the story appropriately censored).

C8)    I would like an option on the tittle screen menu to view the credits for the game.  I found some credits once but I can’t remember where and haven’t been able to find it quickly.

Hopes for the future:

D1)    Honesty, you have brought some of my favourite fantasies to life in a better way then my own imagination could have done.  You could ignore everything I say and I’m positive that I would still love the game.  You have asked what players are interested in and I trust you would want such feedback.  I am have no expectations that you will fulfill my personal desires for this game.  The thing I want the most is for you’all to continue working on it and to bring your’alls vision to fruition.

D2)    You have mentioned a karma system.  I think a system for Nova that goes from Loyal to Slut with subtle and/or not so subtle effects could be intriguing.  I would like Amber and Nova to stay married even on the Slut path but possibly with Amber treating Nova differently as she goes more in one way or the other.

    If on the loyal path, the two could become even more committed to each other and have a wholesome (for this world) family life.  If on the slut path then Amber could encourage and push Nova into being a slut and doing slutty things while still taking full advantage of her and other betas and women.

    Regardless of how it’s implemented, a loyal and slut karma system appeals to me more in this game than a more traditional good and evil karma system.  I also would rather see the main content of the game worked on and than the implementation of a karma system as opposed to the other way around.  I’m sure I would love the updates in either case and could see how implementing the karma system after the main content might be more difficult than vice versa but that’s what I am most eager to see.

D3)    Everything that explores the world that Nova inhabits would be things I would appreciate. I want more to fill out Nova’s library and I would especially appreciate dialogue and action of the game that explores these things.  I am also particularly eyeing the “Found Diaries,” portion of Nova’s library.  I am eagerly anticipating what’s going to be there.

D4)    None of the characters (other then Nova) seam particularly shy to me at this point.  A character whose shyness equals Nova’s and who Nova is friends with could be enjoyable.  Perhaps her sister in law?

D5)    Seeing Nova develop over time would be really interesting.  How big will her ass finally get?  Will she develop a respectable chest?  I know the game mentioned her cock and balls getting bigger but I honestly love how they’re currently proportioned and like how cute her comparatively small size makes her.

D6)    For some reason, I especially want to see what Trina looks like.  I think that it might be that she has some lines voiced but doesn’t have an image.  It might also be that I want to see what gear she does her metal work in given her world’s fashion sense.  Would she have a transparent apron, or a protective cocksleave (or cover for her pussy if she’s a women), or does she just let it all hang out and have to be careful?  Does she protect her nipples with pasties while having the rest of her tits exposed or is she confident enough to show them off?  Does she have to wear full body protective equipment?  Inquiring minds want to know.

D7)    Maybe Nova could adopt a Mowo as a pet at some point and have a Mowo wondering around Amber’s home to receive pets and to be all cute.  Maybe help Nova get through times when Amber isn’t there…  Amber of course would want to kill it when she first finds it and Nova would have to try and convince her to accept the creature.  The domestic conflict and resolution could be interesting.  This could also be a small daily source of money as the Mowo could leave Essence fragments in its litterbox.

D8)    I wouldn’t mind some (potentially optional) watersports scenes.


E1)    That’s all I have more now.  I absolutely love the game.  There’s not much of it right now but it has amazing potential and I have enjoyed what is there quire a bit.  It has already surpassed the expectations I have for such a game given how the memes for these specific fetishes play out.  I will do my best to be patient.


A1-3) Ufff. It was quite what you wrote, but I really liked your honest opinion and also your excellent writing, because thanks to this I was able to translate it perfectly and without errors. I love that you have noticed all the details of the world within the game, the truth is an idea that I have already thought 10 years ago and has been nourishing myself with other ideas that I liked, like: Queen Blade, Seiko no Qwaser, Valkyri Drive and more recently She-ra that has given me the necessary push to combine magic and technology in the prologue of "Dark Avoid". (Still in development.) The world is even bigger and expands off the island, but the prologue will be the entire island.

A4) Thank you, I know I'm not the best artist and that's why it delays the game, but this year I've been drawing for the game I think I've improved quite a bit. Sketches and the final work usually end up looking completely different.

A5) The voices also had to be removed with the correct English location, but the voices are already re-recorded and this time they go all the way to the second night. This time Trina has done an excellent job. (I've been redoing the voices no less than 5 times. But I like it to be perfect.)

B) Thank you for letting me know about the bugs you found within the game, it's hard to spot all the bugs the more the game grows. And as for combat dialogues, I haven't changed them yet because I don't know if they'll say the same thing or change just like the combat system. There are also many tutorials to be done.

C) You will have an auto-save option, as it presents game closures and errors, as well as listening to users. You can also buy the crosses in the temple and heal yourself in the infirmary.

Likewise, the missions are ready, now you only have to place them.

I've also liked your money suggestions, I'll keep them in consideration.

And as for the credit screen, I haven't placed it yet because there are a lot of credits to add, from the RPG Maker DLCs, to the sound packs I've purchased and the plugin programmers.

D) There are many things I am currently working on to advance history, but I advance you that Nova's body will stay that way, as his body adapted to this world from the moment I arrive to the moment you take control of it.

I appreciate you taking the time to write and detail your experience and suggestions. Believe me, you've been a great help, as some of these ideas in question to mechanics hadn't occurred to me. I'll also leave you a little bit of a look at Trina, usually this content and everything new that comes up is available on Discord, although you can spoil yourself a little bit. A and I plan to take out the next game update in 3 months (if there are no problem or patch).

PS: I know many people want to buy the finished product, but it still doesn't have the quality I'd like. And sincerely Steam takes 30% of what it gets just like Itch, so the best option for me is Patreon. I know not many people like it, but you can leave what you think the game is worth to you in a single payment or limit it to a certain amount that is split over the months. Previous mind had the option of PayPal, but no one used it. :P


I thank you for the preview of Trina.  I love your artwork.  She certainly seams exciting.  I'm happy that I was able to provide some help.

Will new languages be added? For example Russian?


At the moment only Turkish and Italian, since the same community is helping me to translate them into other languages. If in the future someone is encouraged to translate it into the Russian language, I will add it.


I am really enjoying this game so far it has a great story and art style, Im just gonna throw some ideas at you. i would like to see ass eating and facesitting and maybe some fightable futas or females with dialogue  that have holds like a facesit or maybe bind you with magic and cockslap you or rub it on your face and maybe teebagging. if you do this you could also add where you fight 2 or 3 maybe more of them at once and one could facesit(grind) or teebag while jerking off while one fucks your ass or pins your hands or legs while jerking off and add some lose scenes for those like they humiliate and have their way with you and leave you covered in cum. also while theyre idle waiting for their turn to attack you could have them jerking off and i would like so see some facials. keep up the good work im looking forward to new updates its probably hard work drawing up all this so i dont expect you to do all of this but im definitely gonna send you some $ as soon as i get some.


I have thought of many things for combat, but in the end I think I will be very limited by what can be done in the game.


Are you guys still on the game?


Update Progress: 65%


oh yes! great to know, I thought this project was abandoned due to the fact that last update was a long time ago. I'm not one of your Patrons, yet, so I felt shy to ask. Thanks for the reply. I don't know if there is any more room left for suggestions to the game. Is there any estimated time for the release date?  

Developer (1 edit)

I usually only post when there are updates, but I am constantly posting to Discod. And as for an exact release date I cannot give it, it is somewhat complicated to put a date since the work never ends. And I think that in general all games suffer from this kind of delay.