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It is strange but it can happen, in these other 2 sites you can also download:


If you tried to launch it with the Itch application it will not work you have to unzip it with WinRAR or download it from Steam.

You can vote on the Patreon page, this vote is open to the public.

Vote Here:

Mac,Linux or W7,8,10?

I'm glad you liked the game. ^U^ 
You did not repeat any other idea put in this forum.

I think the idea of being able to acquire the amulets in the Temple seems good to me, and I had already thought about adding the healing of life with Dr. Nora.
The change of character unfortunately I can not do it because it involves drawing much more. (Already with what I have to draw I have for years of content. XP)
And as for the other 2 ideas, they will be developed throughout the plot, in fact more details will be explained in the next update. ;)

I think this can help you:

Yes, many people have complained about the combat system, I wanted to create it in a difficult way according to the narrative of the main character (weak).

But by rushing the updates, this caused me to neglect the combat section as well as the scenarios and optimization.

And being a little-known artist, I think people suspected that he could not continue the project and abandon it like so many other authors.

Now I think people have more confidence in me as they have stopped pushing me with the next update. Which has allowed me to do things with better planning. (In addition to giving the voice actress time to deliver a better job. Since she always set very short deadlines and was also pressured to do it quickly like I did.)

I hope in the next update to deliver a better job in all aspects, as always I appreciate all the feedback, since with it I can improve. ^U^

A short video for those who don't know how to save a game.


The screen serves to preload the game images. If I remove it, the smooth transition between images would disappear and some cuts between horrible images would appear. But I will also try removing it with the following Lite version of the game.

I think I'm going to give it a try when the Lite version of the game is ready, I guess that's what keeps it from running well in the game. But for now I will leave it for later. Thank you for letting me know the info.

I downloaded and tested it, but I couldn't get it to work.
Is there a turorial?

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In the future there will be, at the moment it is very expensive to do the conversion. It could also work in Nvidia GForce Now, but only until they implement the option to play any game in your library.

The error could be the same as in Windows, lack of RAM, occupying more than 4GB. I am working on a Lite version, maybe it would be better to wait for that version. I hope it helps you, maybe someone else can help.

There is no exact date for the next update. But you can see the sketches and following scenes inside the Discord.

Yes, I contacted the Itch staff to be able to expand the space for the game, but they ignored me. Maybe they saw that it was a hentai game and they skipped it. :C

Yes, it cannot be installed through the Itch application due to the large size of the game and that the page capacity has not been extended in GB. :(

An apology for taking time to respond, but the guides are already re-uploaded to youtube.

Don't worry it's not the final model, just place it to see the animations work. When this final model will replace it.

I'm sorry to hear that, but those errors usually occur through the internet browser or the internet connection, however, I'm aware of the problems that MAC can give, so in the next game update on Steam I will include the MAC version and LINUX.

Many voices were removed at the moment, since there was a review of the dialogues and a correct location of them, therefore, the dialogues are being redone. It will take a while, but all the dialogues of Nova will be in the following updates.

I will include the statistics on the achievements screen, only it will take a while. : )

The button is ready to skip scenes or dialogs in general. In addition to that the difficulty level was adjusted to be easier. And if in the future I plan to add scenes of servant Nova with Amber. In addition to including your Maid Skin. : D

I am working on the karma system, now you can see it very simply, by refusing to help Maya at the beginning of the game this activates the scene of Melinda and Nova. In the future there will be more scenes with the other characters. ^U^

In the future, although it is expensive to port to Android. X(

I'm aware of this error and this occurs on computers with only 4GB of RAM or less, I am working on a more Lite and optimized version, it will take a bit, sorry.

Use winRAR and unrar files.

Alpha 007s-v3 Hotfix:

The errors of the Event Gallery of:
+ The Amber Ring
+ Melinda abuses Nova.
+ Nova in the bathroom.
It was fixed:
+ The black screen that appeared after the combat tutorial in the Cave.
+ The chest in the Combat Academy.
It was added:
+ An apple in the Shining Tree after finding Melinda in the Cave.
+ The Skip Cutscene option was added to the Ninva scene in the Forest.

Note: Every time Nova is fucked, she gets tired and her magic and life are reduced.

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The file is for users who have errors loading the game. (Some changes may cause bugs.)
This file contains a save with the 2 nights completed, from this point you can access the gallery of events.
Note: In this saved game, Nova's diaries, books, side events, additional talks, secret chests, hidden amulets and dream drops have not been taken.

>Download File<

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A mini-tutorial of the "Event Gallery".
In this gallery you can repeat the events you have played, only the most important events will be.
You can get the "Drops of Dream" by buying them with Venus, looking for them in the places where the event occurred or in chests guarded by enemies.

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Alpha 007s (01/04/2020)

Patch Log:

  • The function of skipping the sequence was added, you just have to press and hold the "X" key or the "B" button.

  • A new scene has been added with Melinda, to access it you just have to refuse to blow Maya. After meeting Melinda in the cave. (Note: this is part of the variations and different paths that the character can take along the game and that more will be added over time. (Karma + or -))
  • Nova's scene was added in the bathroom, you can access it using the bathroom in Amber's house. (Note: The necessary item can be purchased with “La’Dia” or “stolen” equally.)
  • Nova in the bathroom and Melinda's were added to the event gallery. (Note: “Dream Drops” can be achieved by defeating certain enemies.)
  • Some Nova voice lines were added.
  • Tutorials were added to improve armor and save the game.
  • Now all the tutorials can be consulted in the library of Amber's house.
  • An initial stone was added to Amber's house to improve the equipment.
  • More chests and amulets were added to the naked eye.
  • Saving spaces increased from 12 to 17.
  • More enemies were added to farm.
  • The combat is balanced a little more. (Note: He does not want to say that you face the enemy naked and without armor.)
  • A new “Sanvaste” fanart was added.
  • The “Cazadora” was added (Note: Character of a Patreon still in development), as a stone seller to improve the equipment.
  • The credit screen of the Patreons had to be divided because the names no longer fit on the screen, a second page will be added soon.
  • Proofreading and Localization
  • Luna & Dr. Nora
  • Amy & Aby
  • Baths & Alessa
  • Ramtha & Liva
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Now the discord is open to anyone who wants to join and loves the theme Futanari and Trap.


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I will update this guide.

This guide is made without: farm, hide chest or spoilers.

or in Youtube (the time the video is available)

First Night:

Second Night: 

(3 edits)

1- At this moment it is only Nova since the enemies are the easiest, although for Nova not so much. Amber and the other group will begin to appear when the futanari monster are present. (Also for the time I need to draw the fighting poses of Amber and Nova.)
If also in Karma I continue working on the possible scenes for the future. only that you want to be many roads, but that the followers will already decide.
2- The button to skip dialogs and sequences is being developed.
3- The difficulty is not yet to change given the current state of development that is beta (I have almost not invested much time in making it more complex and balanced.) But what I can tell you is that the difficulty was testing many times to be I could complete only with the items you find or that you can buy.
4- If that's why I decided to make an RPG-style game and not a graphic novel. But what I have noticed is that despite the fact that the event gallery is already available, nobody knows it.
Here you can only see the erotic scenes. XD

Thank you for taking your time to give your opinion, I always take them into account. (Although it seems not, but it is for a matter of time that I cannot do everything being only me drawing everything.) :O ; D

Yes, in fact I have planned a scene with those elements, in a flashback of the wedding of Nova and Amber. But this is the longest and most difficult scene, so it will take a while.

There are already some of these mechanics implemented and several scenes that change with karma are sketched, it is only a matter of time for them to start placing them. XD

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And if the mac version worked?
As I do not have a Mac computer I could not prove it, so I have the doubt.