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It just walks through the dark and activates itself.

Oops, sorry for the misunderstanding. It was already night when I wrote it. ^U^

The information you need is placed there, you just had to read a little more:

In order to access the “Ancient Ruins” you will need the “Magic Lamp”, found in the Academy of Magic. In order to enter, visit the Priestess and learn a new skill. (Note: You can only get this ability on the third day. Not before.)

To get the 2 intermediate scenes on Day 3, try to visit Doctor Nora's Clinic, you will be able to enter Melinda's room. Like the Doctor, she will be able to cure you. (For now, they are only tentative dialogues I plan on having its own scene just like with the Priestess.)

If it's a laptop, turn on the integrated graphics. Normally it is set to performance, change it to quality mode.

Unfortunately the Itch page doesn't provide any tools or space to upload the full game, and as it grows it gets bigger and I'm forced to split it. In order to play it you need to download it from the normal website. (not the launcher) And unzip it with winRar. Automatic update and launch from the app is only available for the Steam version, which is also free. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Originally I thought that they would grow with the level, but it would be difficult to modify all the busts according to the level. Perhaps it will only remain in a dialogue or observation.

It is the third download option. The one called: Hard Love - Darkest Desire Alpha-010e [WIN][Android]

It is already fixed in version "Alpha 010i"

The first versions work in RPG maker Mv and there weren't as many audio files as images made for the game. By increasing the size of the game and switching to RPG Maker Mz, I could no longer create the executables. Also, the Itch page limits me to only 1GB per file. The closest thing to an automatic update is the Steam version.

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Fixed in version 010h, thanks for letting me know. On Itch and Steam.

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Important: You must have the previous version of the game (Alpha-010e) to be able to do this:

"Hard Love - Darkest Desire Alpha-010e [WIN][Android].rar"

This time all you have to do is extract the content of the update into the game folder. Example:

When asked if you want to overwrite duplicate files, select yes to all.

Note: Itch update is somewhat experimental, if you have problems, please let me know. It also only applies to the Windows version.

The tutorial and the information you have provided me is interesting, I thank you very much ^U^ and I will be reviewing the page to publish.

I imagine it is due to the emulator, it is the first time that someone has mentioned this visual error, at the moment I do not have any solution for that. Sorry.

The first time I hear of this type of error, it could be the antivirus (Normally the antivirus are the only ones that have the power to delete files that they consider dangerous or are not in their database, it can also be a virus.) The only one I can think of right now.

I really appreciate your interest in my game. Unfortunately at the moment I don't have the money to create a native version for Android, maybe by the time the game ends. Another problem that may be happening is, when unzipping the game on the phone itself, files can be lost, even there and many people it happens to them in Windows. You could download it again or extract it in windows and then move it to the phone's SD card. The game is also available on Steam, but there is no version for Gefroce Now or others. And playing it from the browser is impossible due to the amount of images and sounds that the game uses. An apology for the inconvenience.

To bring up the title screen, just press any emulated key like Z, X, or enter. ^U^

Use the first link, the one that says [WIN] [Android] at the end and follow these instructions:

Before unzipping the game on your PC, open the Rar file and check that the missing file is in the plugins folder. "RAR\Hard Love - Darkest Desire\js\plugins\VisuMZ_3_VisualStateEffects.js" This is due to the fact that some antivirus, usually delete some game files, believing them to be viruses. If it is in the Rar file, I recommend that you deactivate your antivirus when unzipping the game and transfer it to your phone.

The file is included in the compressed file, make sure the game is completely copied to the phone memory. Try to copy it again.

There is an error section where you can comment on the error that happens to you and if a screenshoot can be included.

Yes, I think I put too many, in a future review I will remove some. Although you cannot interact with objects in the dark, leave 2 chests that you can open without light.

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This guide was written by: CallMeSev

Thank you very much for collaborating with this guide for MAC.

1.- I could get any games to work on “Catalina” so first you have to upgrade to “Big Sur”, which I found right in applications but it can also be downloaded from the apple website.

 2.- It appears in the download folder.

 3.- You then right click (Cmd + click) Open “With” and I used “RAR Extractor” which is free in the “App Store” but MACs come with “Archive Utility” and that works fine too.

 4.- It'll ask you where you want to extract the file to don’t put it back in downloads. I have a game folder but desktop works fine as well.

 5.- Then it appears where you chose to send it to.

 6.- When you open the folder and double click game, it'll say you don't have permission to open it.

 7.- So you go to Terminal (Applications/Utilities/terminal) and type in “sudo chmod -R 755”. (“Drag & Drop File Here.”)

 8.- It'll look like this after you “Drag and Drop” the file.

9.- It'll ask for your login password and after you press enter, it’ll return an empty line. You then close Terminal and close the folder the game is located in to reset it.

 10.- When you try to open the game now, it'll say the developer can't be verified.

 11.- You can either right click Open the file or go to system preferences/ Security & Privacy/ General tap at the top left and press open.

 12.- Then this pops up and you press open.

 13.- Next screen, you press allow.

 14.- Next screen.

 15.- So you find where you saved your game and right click, copy it.

 16.- Go to “Applications” and “Cmd + V” paste it.

 17.- Now you can open it from applications and play the game. You may also want to take this moment to rename it from "Game" to Hard Love Darkest Desires 10e.

 Sounds like a lot, it takes about 2-3 minutes total.

Hehe. It is not to cross it without the "Magic Lamp".

This guide is made by Small Ben, thank you very much. I tested and wrote this guide.

Quick Guide:

  • It has been tested to work off of “Steam” with “Proton” out of the box.
  • LT; DR: Use the web runner on “Lutris” to run the game using the “index.html” file in the windows download of the game. If you can do this just fine then great. There is no need to read on.
  • Install Lutris. Follow instructions at
  • Download the windows version of the game at
  • Extract the files from the download.
  • Start Lutris.
  • Click the plus sign in the upper left of Lutris.
  • Name the game and select the web runner in the "Game info" box. (install the web runner if needed.)
  • Set the path to the html file from the download in the "Game options" box.
  • Click the save button.
  • Click the game in your Lutris menu.
  • Click play.
  • Wait, this may take a few minutes.
  • Enjoy. ;-)

Full Guide:

I) This is designed for “Hard Love Alpha-008Mz” and will presumably work on subsequent version, at-least for some time.

II) The game is available for download off of “Steam”. You can try getting “Proton” to run the game. Help in setting up “Proton” can be found here: .

The game can be found on “Steam” here:

Proton has been tested to work for the game for version “Alpha-010”.

III) This guide is designed for a download of the windows version of the game as made available on “”

This has been tested and works with at-least some Linux configurations.  The game is available on “Itch” here:

IV) This guide makes use of “Lutris”. Previous versions of “Lutris” should still play the game though some of the steps might be slightly different. Subsequent versions of “Lutris” may change some things around but will still likely be able to run the game.

0) LT; DR: Use the web runner on “Lutris” to run the game using the “index.html” file in the windows download of the game. If you can do this just fine then great. There is no need to read on.

1) Download and set up “Lutris”: Instructions on how to install “Lutris” for several specific distributions can be found here You do not need to install “Wine” to play “Hard Love” using this method, but “Wine” is very useful in being able to run windows programs on a Linux machine.

2) Download the windows version of the game “Hard Love” from “” or some other authorized distributor.  (Note: The location of where the game file is downloaded to.)

3) Extract the file.  If using Gnome this can be done easily by opening files, navigating to the location of the download, and right clicking on the file and selecting one of the extraction options. If you do not use Gnome, you can find instructions on how to extract from the “.rar” file depending on your desktop environment.

4) Start “Lutris”.

5) Add a game to “Lutris” by clicking on the button with the plus sign in the very upper left of the “Lutris” window.6) Give the game the name you want to identify it as in your “Lutris” menu. If you have previously installed the web runner, then select it from the drop-down menu. If you haven’t, click on the install runner’s button. Scroll down to “web” and click on the green install runner button. Once instillation has been completed, select the web runner from the drop-down menu.

7) Navigate to the “Game options” tab. In the dialog box requesting the path, type in the path to the “index.html” file in the game’s folder. With Gnome, this can be done by opening files and navigating to the game’s folder. Right click on the “index.html” file and select properties. Copy and paste the text under the “Parent folder” section into the dialog box in Lutris. Add “/index.html” at the end. The end result should look something like this: “/home/username/Downloads/Eroge/Hard Love - Darkest Desire/index.html”8) Click the save button on the bottom right.

 9) Click the game in your “Lutris” menu.

 10) Click the play button in the bottom left.

 11) If may take a couple of minutes to start, especially the first time playing, but the game should start up in that time. You can then play the game as normal.

 12) Enjoy! ;-)

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This tutorial is to easily emulate my game on an Android system.

0._ We load the completely decompressed game in the cell phone memory or on the SD card. (Note: The emulator doesn’t support compressed games, you can unzip it on your pc or look for an Android application that unzips WinRAR files.)

1._ Download the official application from the Android store. (Or search for the APK on your own.)

2._ We launch the App and we will notice that it doesn’t have any game, so we press the (+) button to add a new game.

3._ We will be shown this screen where we add the name of the game and the version. (Note: It isn’t necessary to match the name and version of the game.)

4._ At the end we press the "CHOOSE" button and look inside the memory of the phone or the SD Card for the folder of "Hard Love - Darkest Desire" or the name they have given it.

5._ We enter the folder and look for the file "Game.exe" and click on the "CHOOSE" button.

6._ We do the same with the icon, we open the folder where the game is, we choose the folder "icon" and we select the only icon that is here.

7._ Once all these steps have been completed, we click on the "ADD" button. 

8._ Ready we have the game added to the application, now we only click on the game icon to start it. 

9._ We will notice a black screen at first with 1 touch button up and another down.

10._ If you notice that the game music has started but the screen is still black, press the lower touch button, this will make the touch controls appear.

12._ Ready now you can play the game. The emulation is not perfect and may be buggy and some words may be cut off.You can also play the game by removing the on-screen touch controls, only for a phone they are very small.11._ Now we just press the "Z" button and this will bring up the game menu. (I don't know why this happens, but that's how I made it work.)

You can also use any control compatible with Android, in my case I tested it with an Xbox One controller. Warning: In the game options don’t try to put it in full screen, this will cause it to freeze and you will have to restart the application.

I tested the emulator on a Samsung Galaxy A20 phone, it works at 20 fps, I have no idea if it works on other models or tablets, it will be a matter of you trying it for yourself.

I really appreciate it, but remove your email from your message, people may come and try to deceive you or impersonate me. At the beginning I had placed the Paypal donation button, but since nobody used it I removed it, here I leave it again.

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In this section you will find the most frequently asked questions about the game.

  • Language selection

# In order to access the language selection, you have to start a new game, this option is not available in the options menu within the game.

  • Quest

# Normally Nova always has a dialogue that suggests where to go or what to do, I recommend paying attention to these dialogues, especially if they are new to the game.

But if you skipped it, you can also check the Quests in the in-game menu. There are more information.

# They can also make missions appear all the time on the screen by activating the option. (Note: The quest bar is automatically hidden in dialogs or cutscenes.)   

# To complete the first mission which is to repair Amber's ring, just go back to the Cave and eliminate the red Mowo.   

On the second day to unlock an intermediate cutscene, check the bathroom at Amber's house and complete the mission. There are 2 ways to complete it, one is paying and the other is free, just pay attention.

To find the “Herbal Case”, go back to the Cave where you first meet Nurse Luna. Now you can cross to the left of the Market, the one blocked by Margott and Maya, in this new section you will find the “Herbal Case”.

In order to access the “Ancient Ruins” you will need the “Magic Lamp”, found in the Academy of Magic. In order to enter, visit the Priestess and learn a new skill. (Note: You can only get this ability on the third day. Not before.)

To get the 2 intermediate scenes on Day 3, try to visit Doctor Nora's Clinic, you will be able to enter Melinda's room. Like the Doctor, she will be able to cure you. (For now, they are only tentative dialogues I plan on having its own scene just like with the Priestess.)

# To get the “Mowo Fluid” that Trina asks of you, go to the last lower level of the Cave.

# To create the “Lube”, you just need to gather all the ingredients and use the “Lube Recipe” in your inventory.

  • Karma

# This is something that very few people have noticed, but history changes in certain aspects depending on the decisions you make. An example is the first decision you make when Maya blocks your way, if you choose not to help her, her dialogues change as well as Melinda's.

This way you can get to see the missing scene on the second day. Your decisions can also affect Margott and her interactions.

And at the end of the third day, whatever you decide changes the final events. (At least that's what I had planned, but due to lack of time I placed the same scene for the 2 elections, this will change in future updates.)

I'm glad you're enjoying the story and I'm also aware of the grid system, but that needs to be reworked along with the entire combat system later on.

(6 edits)

I will be placing the fixes that I make in the game and you can place me the errors or bugs that you find, so that I can solve them as quickly as possible.

Alpha 010e Fixes:

  • Fixed the bug that prevented creating the "Lubricant" after obtaining all the ingredients in the languages, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and Polish.
  • Fixed the name of the "Goddess Amulet" in the "Combat Academy" in all languages.
  • Fixed texts for Dr Nora's first quest in all languages.
  • Fixed all item names Trina sells on Day 2, in all languages.
  • Fixed "Ancient Ruins" name on signs, in all languages

Alpha 010d Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Venus from selling her "Dream Drops" on the second day.
  • Fixed a wall that you could break through.
  • The image of the object "Oval Stone" has been added and you can see on the screen the points that it adds to Nova's statistics.
  • Fixed the names of the books "The Origin of the Sis" in the Italian, Turkish and Polish languages.
  • A visual aid was added to highlight the "Herbal Case" and differentiate it from the background scene.

Alpha 010c Fixes:

  • Minimal language errors and phrases that came out of the text box.
  • The error has been solved when returning from the lower level of the "Cave", you were transported to the "Luminous Tree" and your character disappeared.
  • Fixed a bug in Amber's bathroom mission, which did not allow you to complete the mission in the Russian language. Due to the item appearing in another language.
  • The error that "Melinda's Hard Obsession" in Spanish did not allow you to continue the mission, has been solved.
  • Fixed the error that made you appear in the middle of the piano in the "Event Gallery" after seeing the Maya sequence.

Alpha 010g Fixes:

  • Fat Ass scene in the Events Gallery fixed.
  • Halloween preview in the Events Gallery fixed (Black screen). 

Alpha 010i Fixes:

  • The Nova Sucubus outfit is now available for purchase in all languages.
  • Fixed image bug when exiting Trina's Workshop.
  • Fixed message: "Error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of null" that appeared in some dialogs or events randomly.
  • Fixed Nova talking when interacting with the wall clock in Amber's house.
  • Added 2 new images to the Art Gallery.

If you are using a saved file of the previous version (Alpha 009) errors may occur, I recommend that you download one of the files with saved games here: SAVE

When you describe an error, mention in what language and try to be as specific as you can, it would also help me a lot if you upload an image, so it is easier for me to locate the errors.

(3 edits)


An apology but for adding other languages and optimizing the code, the saving of the game of the 009 version, can create errors or strange things happen. I apologize but could no longer fix that error. What I do promise you is that it will be the last time this error happens with the saved files. Meanwhile here is a save until the beginning of day 3. (Note: The file is only in the English and Español language.)

>Download File (ENG)<

>Download File (SPA)<

File 1: Start of the second day.

File 2: End of day 3. 

For it to work correctly delete the entire "save" folder inside the game folder. And extract the content of the attached file inside the game folder.

(2 edits)

This is something that your section requires, as many people don’t stop to read the instructions posted within the game. And they are often confused. Later in the game I will include more detailed tutorials.

  • The "Autosave" option is not activated automatically, it must be activated in options. In the main menu or in-game
  • When this option is activated, you will see an icon with the word "Autosave!" At the bottom right. This option does not consume any "Amulet of the Goddess". Autosave is activated whenever you change of map.
  • Important: When you continue the game, the game doesn’t automatically load your “autosave” game, make sure to check well which save file you want to load, the “autosave file” is always above the “first save” (File 1). You will notice why it says "Autosave" as in the following image.
  • The manual saves are using the "Amulets of the Goddess" that you find around the world. They can be used anywhere to save. Every time you use an amulet it will be consumed.

  • The "Goddess Amulets" can also be purchased from Dana's shop in the Market.

1._The first night ends.

2._At the beginning of the second day, you will find the "Heart Key" on the table at Amber's house.

3._With it you can walk through the “Heart-shaped Door” on the wall.

4._Entering the house, you will find the Event Gallery.

5._Some events can be replayed, while others will require "Dream Drops".

6._You can buy them with Venus or find where the events occurred. (Some are owned by monsters.)

7._To unlock the events in the gallery you will have to open your inventory and use the "Dream Drops". (Note: Once used, the "Dream Drops" will disappear from the inventory and the event will be permanently unlocked.)

The first night ends and the heart-shaped key appears on Amber's table.

I don't know if I count the scene before Amber fucks Nova, in bed when he strokes her balls with his dick, or the final scene of the update.