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Yes, I'm still working on the game, I'm just optimizing it right now. Another correction that I have to do due to my lack of experience as a developer. XP

Not at the moment, there is little content to place the cheats.

I'm sorry, but I don't have a team dedicated to doing ports or conversions, I really would like the app to be native, but for now there is only the emulated version. I'm working on optimizing it to reduce its weight and make it easier to download.

It is a common error in the emulated version, in addition to appearing on PCs with integrated graphics (In these it is solved by activating the performance mod from its graphic controller.). So far there is no solution.

In the future I will add more languages, including Chinese. At the moment I can't add them because it takes a lot of time to do, so in addition to the optimization correction that I have to make before moving forward.[tag]=Patreon%20Rewards%20in%20Game

One of them is not being able to upload full games in RPG maker format. And unfortunately the amount of voice and image files makes it impossible to make an .exe easily. You will have to download it manually on the Itch website and unzip it (And you're ready to play it). I am currently working on optimizing the images to reduce their size and be able to install it easily.


It is a common emulation problem, it is practically random and varies from phone model. I'm sorry, but at the moment I don't know any solution to fix it.

This error can also occur on PC, it is due to the size of the Nova reference image. In next updates I will modify the image and fix the optimization. Until then, this bug will continue.

Yes, it is the most requested, although that 3D image was just a dummy, until I drew the 2D version. :P

It just walks through the dark and activates itself.

Oops, sorry for the misunderstanding. It was already night when I wrote it. ^U^

The information you need is placed there, you just had to read a little more:

In order to access the “Ancient Ruins” you will need the “Magic Lamp”, found in the Academy of Magic. In order to enter, visit the Priestess and learn a new skill. (Note: You can only get this ability on the third day. Not before.)

To get the 2 intermediate scenes on Day 3, try to visit Doctor Nora's Clinic, you will be able to enter Melinda's room. Like the Doctor, she will be able to cure you. (For now, they are only tentative dialogues I plan on having its own scene just like with the Priestess.)

If it's a laptop, turn on the integrated graphics. Normally it is set to performance, change it to quality mode.

Unfortunately the Itch page doesn't provide any tools or space to upload the full game, and as it grows it gets bigger and I'm forced to split it. In order to play it you need to download it from the normal website. (not the launcher) And unzip it with winRar. Automatic update and launch from the app is only available for the Steam version, which is also free. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Originally I thought that they would grow with the level, but it would be difficult to modify all the busts according to the level. Perhaps it will only remain in a dialogue or observation.

It is the third download option. The one called: Hard Love - Darkest Desire Alpha-010e [WIN][Android]

It is already fixed in version "Alpha 010i"

The first versions work in RPG maker Mv and there weren't as many audio files as images made for the game. By increasing the size of the game and switching to RPG Maker Mz, I could no longer create the executables. Also, the Itch page limits me to only 1GB per file. The closest thing to an automatic update is the Steam version.

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Fixed in version 010h, thanks for letting me know. On Itch and Steam.

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Important: You must have the HL-DD [CORE-Game][WIN][Android] version in order to do this. (You can also do it with the "010e" version of the game.)

1. Extract the base game "HL-DD [CORE-Game][WIN][Android]".

2. Then inside the base game folder place the update "HL-DD [UPDATE-XX][WIN][Android]".

3. Extract the content and overwrite all files.


Ready you can play the new [UPDATE-XX]. If it is difficult for you to follow these steps or you prefer comfort, I recommend you download the game from Steam, the updates are less heavy and it updates automatically. (I'm currently working on optimizing the game and weigh it down for mobile and limited internet connections.)

Note: If you download and unzip the game on a cell phone you may have an error, this may occur due to the tool with which you extract the game, the capacity of the memory or the incompatibility with WinRar5.

The tutorial and the information you have provided me is interesting, I thank you very much ^U^ and I will be reviewing the page to publish.

I imagine it is due to the emulator, it is the first time that someone has mentioned this visual error, at the moment I do not have any solution for that. Sorry.

The first time I hear of this type of error, it could be the antivirus (Normally the antivirus are the only ones that have the power to delete files that they consider dangerous or are not in their database, it can also be a virus.) The only one I can think of right now.

I really appreciate your interest in my game. Unfortunately at the moment I don't have the money to create a native version for Android, maybe by the time the game ends. Another problem that may be happening is, when unzipping the game on the phone itself, files can be lost, even there and many people it happens to them in Windows. You could download it again or extract it in windows and then move it to the phone's SD card. The game is also available on Steam, but there is no version for Gefroce Now or others. And playing it from the browser is impossible due to the amount of images and sounds that the game uses. An apology for the inconvenience.

To bring up the title screen, just press any emulated key like Z, X, or enter. ^U^

Use the first link, the one that says [WIN] [Android] at the end and follow these instructions:

Before unzipping the game on your PC, open the Rar file and check that the missing file is in the plugins folder. "RAR\Hard Love - Darkest Desire\js\plugins\VisuMZ_3_VisualStateEffects.js" This is due to the fact that some antivirus, usually delete some game files, believing them to be viruses. If it is in the Rar file, I recommend that you deactivate your antivirus when unzipping the game and transfer it to your phone.

The file is included in the compressed file, make sure the game is completely copied to the phone memory. Try to copy it again.

There is an error section where you can comment on the error that happens to you and if a screenshoot can be included.

Yes, I think I put too many, in a future review I will remove some. Although you cannot interact with objects in the dark, leave 2 chests that you can open without light.