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By switching to RPG Maker mz I hope it will be easier for me to adapt it to Android. But I don't promise anything

Quite alive, the update for the Patreons is here and at the end of May the update with some extra languages will be available to everyone.

If you already have version 009, you will find the heart key on Amber's table, which you will use on the heart painted on the wall of Amber's house.

I have thought of many things for combat, but in the end I think I will be very limited by what can be done in the game.

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I usually only post when there are updates, but I am constantly posting to Discod. And as for an exact release date I cannot give it, it is somewhat complicated to put a date since the work never ends. And I think that in general all games suffer from this kind of delay.

Update Progress: 65%

Works on Rpg Maker Mz?

At the moment only Turkish and Italian, since the same community is helping me to translate them into other languages. If in the future someone is encouraged to translate it into the Russian language, I will add it.

Nop, I have already 70% of the update completed.

I'm glad you liked it. ^U^

Some tutorials are missing, also I think I must block the passage until the ability to heal is obtained. Hehe (In the previous version, many people left without putting on Nova's new clothes and died.) But anyway, in the next image, mark the aid chests that are distributed throughout the island and contain items, money, etc. In the second image mark only one since another is hidden and contains better rewards, there for all the maps, both visible and hidden. And in the Temple is the priestess where she gives you the first healing ability. Also try not to try to kill all the monsters you see, try to look for book chests, even talking to some characters gives you experience as well as interacting with objects. I hope it helps you, in the next update I will try to update the tutorials. ^U^

In the future he places them for the Patreons at the moment, this is also redoing the event gallery so that they can enjoy the scenes within the game. ^U^

Yes, but usually if you buy gear with Trina that has magic protection, it becomes simple. ^U^

What do you mean?
Did an error happen to you?
Or is the game difficult for you?

Someone else had the same error, and I solved it by changing the permissions of their antivirus. That solution could serve you.

warriorlink5000: So I can download it just fine, but when I try to move it into the game file folder it just disappears. I allowed both the game files and that specific file through my anti virus and the same thing still happens. Any idea what could be happening?

Edit: Turns out I'm dumb and had two different anti virus programs installed. I uninstalled one and set the permissions on the other. After that I redownloaded the game entirely. This time the missing file was there and the game launched.

Thns!! ^U^

Try this: .Dll If you download it and it is deleted or blocked by the antivirus. Change the permissions on the pc.

Uff, I can't think of any more solutions, unless you download it from Steam, there the files are uncompressed and verified by the Steam server.

Is the version you downloaded the current one? Version 008?
And I always compress the files to the maximum with winRar, I am not sure if it works well when trying to decompress them with winzip.
Perhaps these 2 points may be the solution. Since I recently updated the game and it can already be downloaded in a single file. Also if your compressed file ends in rar.part1, there may be the problem.

I already tried it, and the error you mention does not seem to occur, in windows of course. If it's MAC I can't help you. You can also try the Steam version. It is error-proof when downloading.

And if it is not, can they make it compatible in the future?

A1-3) Ufff. It was quite what you wrote, but I really liked your honest opinion and also your excellent writing, because thanks to this I was able to translate it perfectly and without errors. I love that you have noticed all the details of the world within the game, the truth is an idea that I have already thought 10 years ago and has been nourishing myself with other ideas that I liked, like: Queen Blade, Seiko no Qwaser, Valkyri Drive and more recently She-ra that has given me the necessary push to combine magic and technology in the prologue of "Dark Avoid". (Still in development.) The world is even bigger and expands off the island, but the prologue will be the entire island.

A4) Thank you, I know I'm not the best artist and that's why it delays the game, but this year I've been drawing for the game I think I've improved quite a bit. Sketches and the final work usually end up looking completely different.

A5) The voices also had to be removed with the correct English location, but the voices are already re-recorded and this time they go all the way to the second night. This time Trina has done an excellent job. (I've been redoing the voices no less than 5 times. But I like it to be perfect.)

B) Thank you for letting me know about the bugs you found within the game, it's hard to spot all the bugs the more the game grows. And as for combat dialogues, I haven't changed them yet because I don't know if they'll say the same thing or change just like the combat system. There are also many tutorials to be done.

C) You will have an auto-save option, as it presents game closures and errors, as well as listening to users. You can also buy the crosses in the temple and heal yourself in the infirmary.

Likewise, the missions are ready, now you only have to place them.

I've also liked your money suggestions, I'll keep them in consideration.

And as for the credit screen, I haven't placed it yet because there are a lot of credits to add, from the RPG Maker DLCs, to the sound packs I've purchased and the plugin programmers.

D) There are many things I am currently working on to advance history, but I advance you that Nova's body will stay that way, as his body adapted to this world from the moment I arrive to the moment you take control of it.

I appreciate you taking the time to write and detail your experience and suggestions. Believe me, you've been a great help, as some of these ideas in question to mechanics hadn't occurred to me. I'll also leave you a little bit of a look at Trina, usually this content and everything new that comes up is available on Discord, although you can spoil yourself a little bit. A and I plan to take out the next game update in 3 months (if there are no problem or patch).

PS: I know many people want to buy the finished product, but it still doesn't have the quality I'd like. And sincerely Steam takes 30% of what it gets just like Itch, so the best option for me is Patreon. I know not many people like it, but you can leave what you think the game is worth to you in a single payment or limit it to a certain amount that is split over the months. Previous mind had the option of PayPal, but no one used it. :P