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In front of the Ancient Ruins, where you find Amber's food.

I'm sorry but the old code was a disaster and I had to redo everything or it would cause a lot of problems in the future. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope this save is the definitive one.

Because I think it's my mistake. I don't think I realized it, but I'll correct it. Thank you very much, it's a detail that I didn't notice.

Just go to the Wooded Path, it is to the left of the Market. In the first wooden house, interact with the door and it will send you to the top of the stage. Just walk to the right and you will find the place to plant them.

In version 020 that I just published (Tested from beginning to end in its English version.) The error was corrected. Note: old save files are not useful for this version and may cause errors. It is recommended to delete all save files.

I already checked the game code and unfortunately it is a bug. It is because I was correcting many old codes from when I started programming the game, and unfortunately this error will be corrected in the next update. An apology and I will understand if you don't come back to play it. But thanks for taking your time and notifying me of this bug.

Thank you very much, comments like these motivate me to continue.

Unless it's mega sarcasm.

  • The version that only says Darkest Desire [2024][WIN]
  • A look at the next day it will be added and the Nova skins.
  • A mistake, I forgot to delete it.

The [Patreon] version since it contains the new skins for Nova.

Version [2024] is the standard version of the game.

And the [Demo] version is the one that can be installed in the itch application. (Only for those who want to try the game first.)

Good to know, since non-native systems cause me a lot of headaches.

Sorry. But combat is something I'm working on, since it's a weak point in the game. I hope I can improve it. And I understand you wanting to kill all the enemies and check every corner, I think I'm the same.

Talk to the priestess Basth in the temple, she will give you the ability.

I really appreciate your words of support.

Just open the menu and use the clothes that are in the items menu, it will auto-equip and let you progress in the story.

At the moment this is a preview only for Patreon.

I only hope that the translator agrees to do it again, otherwise it will stay that way.

Yes, that is what I am trying to do, that there is a diversity of characters and penises. There will also be some toys and other things.

I'm sorry, but in a matter of technical errors on MAC I can't help you since I don't have a programming team or even a MAC machine to test it. The only thing there is the Mac emulation tutorial:

Yes, I'm still working on the game, I'm just optimizing it right now. Another correction that I have to do due to my lack of experience as a developer. XP

Not at the moment, there is little content to place the cheats.

I'm sorry, but I don't have a team dedicated to doing ports or conversions, I really would like the app to be native, but for now there is only the emulated version. I'm working on optimizing it to reduce its weight and make it easier to download.

It is a common error in the emulated version, in addition to appearing on PCs with integrated graphics (In these it is solved by activating the performance mod from its graphic controller.). So far there is no solution.

In the future I will add more languages, including Chinese. At the moment I can't add them because it takes a lot of time to do, so in addition to the optimization correction that I have to make before moving forward.[tag]=Patreon%20Rewards%20in%20Game

One of them is not being able to upload full games in RPG maker format. And unfortunately the amount of voice and image files makes it impossible to make an .exe easily. You will have to download it manually on the Itch website and unzip it (And you're ready to play it). I am currently working on optimizing the images to reduce their size and be able to install it easily.


It is a common emulation problem, it is practically random and varies from phone model. I'm sorry, but at the moment I don't know any solution to fix it.

This error can also occur on PC, it is due to the size of the Nova reference image. In next updates I will modify the image and fix the optimization. Until then, this bug will continue.

Yes, it is the most requested, although that 3D image was just a dummy, until I drew the 2D version. :P

It just walks through the dark and activates itself.

Oops, sorry for the misunderstanding. It was already night when I wrote it. ^U^

The information you need is placed there, you just had to read a little more:

In order to access the “Ancient Ruins” you will need the “Magic Lamp”, found in the Academy of Magic. In order to enter, visit the Priestess and learn a new skill. (Note: You can only get this ability on the third day. Not before.)

To get the 2 intermediate scenes on Day 3, try to visit Doctor Nora's Clinic, you will be able to enter Melinda's room. Like the Doctor, she will be able to cure you. (For now, they are only tentative dialogues I plan on having its own scene just like with the Priestess.)

If it's a laptop, turn on the integrated graphics. Normally it is set to performance, change it to quality mode.

Unfortunately the Itch page doesn't provide any tools or space to upload the full game, and as it grows it gets bigger and I'm forced to split it. In order to play it you need to download it from the normal website. (not the launcher) And unzip it with winRar. Automatic update and launch from the app is only available for the Steam version, which is also free. Sorry for the inconveniences.

Originally I thought that they would grow with the level, but it would be difficult to modify all the busts according to the level. Perhaps it will only remain in a dialogue or observation.