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Hey, could there be options for visuals? Like a brightness setting a darkness setting or what ever else? Sorry if that is a really weird thing to ask, but after the intro the game ends up getting really bright. Idk if that happened recently or it might be something with my computer displaying things too brightly with what the game runs on, but I am just curious.

Please forgive me if that is a weird or disturbing thing to ask the game looks great, and even through it is slow for me it seems to run a lot faster than it did a while ago. 

Oh, also I was kinda curious so there would be sissification. What if there were some male characters in the game that after beating you could make look smaller and more girly, or train them to be sissy cock lovers, or your character could grow in size (not too much, but something where they aren't entirely girly.) And your party is a bit disgusted by them, but you can turn back into a girly sissy if enough enemies beat you, you suck enough cock, or you just go to a sissification center or something.

I'd love to see more foot fetish stuff, maybe some dress up where they force characters into different outfits either slutty or what ever else, foot worship, maybe eating or licking cum off feet.

Maybe a few fights where the femboy character is held captive during the fight underneath a enemies balls, under their feet forced to lick them and during that time the enemy gets healed constantly, maybe to the point where they feel like a hard mob, they feel like a mob boss, a mini boss, or a boss fight.

Maybe a way to skip those fights where you have to have one of the characters fucking him during the fight (making it where 2 characters can't fight instead of just one) However, it makes the fight a lot easier and more like exp farming, or just certain fights you have to really think about.

Oh, and some stuff where the femboy is offered stuff like returning to his own time, stuff where they say he doesn't belong their, but he actually does, face sitting, and stuff where enemies can become friends and fuck characters to heal them up, or they fuck them. However, maybe a special limiter or a way to regulate it so you don't spam it and feel like you don't need to buy potions like a lust meter and if the meter gets to high it can do stuff like make you turn into their slave, a character that normally fucked them now gets fucked by them, and instead of healing their hp decreases.

To further regulate it, maybe something where the bar only decreases when your characters are tired or sleepy, or in special parts of town. Kinda like adding the idea you can only abuse it certain amount of times. Maybe sometimes you can buy stuff to help decrease it, but it's really expensive or you can unlock attributes or bonuses for your characters where they can decrease it like 3 times before they get to town or something. Or just the health thing only works a certain amount of times and just getting fucked by them more and more just makes them more likely to turn you into a slave, or there is a chance bar and it increases the more you get fucked by them.

Sorry I typed soo much and was rather descriptive and kinda rambling on a while about it, I hope it isn't bothering or anything and it looks like a nice suggestion or idea.

Is there a discord to help keep track of updates?

How do you do a manual download? I'm not in super advanced computer classes like you ;.;

I am still having problems figuring out how to start and open it and everything, I download it like all the other stuff here, but it doesn't give me an application or anything to use 3:.

But you have to be a patreon supporter in order to learn about the updates right? Tbh with all the stuff about patreon It's a bit weird how you don't just make everything paid to play and only people from patreon even get to know what you do.

It is sad that I can't find too many femdom, futa, foot fetish, or what ever games out there, however maybe most of them are full on patreon supporters only, because the stuff doesn't get seen too much people abuse it and take advantage of it? I kinda figure it is a little bit like freeniume games, they become free to play, but their real target is the small number of people that pay outrageous amounts because they become addicted, but here they cut out the middle man and just make people pay for everything.

I'm confused, aren't all of those images showing they unzipped it?

I am having problems too 3:, I got the 64 thing installed, but I can't find the application.


Thank you.

Would there be options for the text to run quicker, or something for it to run faster for those who have a terrible PC? My PC is really bad and games sometimes tend to run really slow, but I was wondering if there might be something that might fix that, idk if the program you are using can do something like that at or not through.

Hey, what would be a thing you were thinking of for armor? Were you wanting to set up stuff like sexual armor, normal armor, armor that curses you and gives you a lot of negative stats, or certain characters that wear armor or try to cover up certain parts of their body with armor, Have a massive amount of negative side effects rather then good ones?

Oh , that seems really good I like that idea quite a lot, I can't say I've seen a lot of sexualized combat systems like that before seems like it would be really good and rather interesting.

What kind of towns and environments are you thinking of setting, and do you think there might be a set up for resting where shemales rest by using femboys as fuck toys or something and or relax by having a boy suck her cock, worship her feet, or just in general treat her like a goddess?  Also, how would you prefer to treat males or most males in the game? It's been a while since I played your game, but if I remember either males don't exist in the universe actually, or none of them look girly like the main character.  Forgive me for forgetting about that that earlier and suggesting the stuff about other femboys. I do like the idea of sexualizing and feminizing males, or maybe the island the main character was on, somewhat has absolutely no idea what is going on outside of the island and didn't know males exist. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to updates on the game and knowing more about what you plan to do with it. This really seems like a very fantastic game, a lot of fun, and I think it has the promise of a truly remarkable and fantastic game.  I wish you would create a discord group or something, I'd love to join that.

Well, I was kinda thinking the bad end and the good end stuff might be something you would plan to do, tbh I was curious if you had a discord, then maybe you would start a discord group or something eventually, if your games really take off and get rather popular.

Somethings for the combat system I'm not sure of would work out too much is sexual combat, where all the moves are sexual related in some way, I played some games like that before, and even though they were really fun and the sex combat was really nice, sometimes those really tough enemies just get really hard to beat, however I've seen some games in the rpg system you are running able to do fetish combat stuff, and a bunch of other things, but you might need to do some work with it, so Idk how modifiable it would get.  Like the game I am talking about is

There were different games like that with a fetish kind of combat if you really want it to be sexualized combat in some way it makes sense in a wrestling game, but maybe not if everything in the combat is sexualized, maybe a few specials could be sexualized and that could work out really great for you, it all depends on what you want to do with it.

Anyway, please forgive me if you think I'm rambling on too much, as I previously said I'm a bit socially awkward, and not entirely great at talking with others.

Hey, do you think it might be something you'd be interested in setting up bad ends with the character's in your party? Like something where an enemy ends up corrupting one of them and they end up turning on your character until your character and their former partner ends up being the enemies slave or pet, and you end up getting fucked by your former partner now turned into mistress, along with the enemy? 

It wouldn't be something to set up right away, but stuff for the planning phase, like all sorts of different good and bad endings. Some where you are a foot slave, others where you are carried around on a harness and your only food is cum and the only drink you are allowed to have is piss, and the gigantic woman that carries you on the harness makes it your new home? 

Also, if you don't think that it might be weird, do you think healing might take the form of blowjobs, anal sex, and monsters might even use your character as their personal sex toy or rape your femboy character and they get heals from them doing it, to the point where it seems like it might be impossible to beat them, or maybe something where certain enemies can only be beaten if you don't have a specific party member, or you have a certain item?

Could you add more foot fetish stuff? I have a huge foot fetish and would love to see footjobs, foot worship, foot teasing. Also, if it is okay do you think you could add full nelson stuff and maybe some stuff where the character is forced to suck themselves off?