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This was really great. I'd love it if I could play the whole game like this someday.

I hope we see a sequel.

Is there any chance we could see a version for QuestZDoom? I'd love to play this bad boy in VR.

Also, it'd be even better if the weapon sprites could be centered since QuestZDoom centers sprites to a controller, not a screen.

Gotcha, thanks anywy.

I know it's a little extreme, but is there any chance of pregnancy/birth being added at some point? I'd support if so.

Wow. Little bit of flash development history.

I wonder when the last official edit was. x)

Sent on FB!

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Been here since the ol' days. Wanna chat on discord or something?

I'd love to ask about stuff.

Download isn't showing up after download now.

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Crunchyroll has a minimum word count when it comes to reviews, and I disapprove of it. You can circumvent it with invisible characters anyway.

Sometimes you don't need to say much.

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I'm sorry, but there's no world in which consumers implicitly trust in the quality of products without reviews.

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I think if you have to incentivise them to give feedback with anything but your presence of mind, you probably don't want their kind of feedback in the first place.

It sounds like you're trying to cater to people who just try games willy nilly without a care.

If you have a game worth looking at, an immediately available comment section is all you need.

I disagree. I think comment sections are often used to ask questions, request features or give feedback.

Complicating that process by forcing players to email you or create an account on your third party website will obviously bottleneck feedback.

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Well it doesn't really matter if you understand, what matters is how many people feel the same way I do. But feel free to ignore that, maybe your game will do well even without considering your audience's concerns.

Which game did you say the competitor's review blindsided? Are you sure their review was responsible?

These are all the games you've made?

You don't seem like you have much experience on and you've only got one game to your profile. What experience do you have dealing with "mob mentality" when there's so little to attract a mob's attention here?

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Because there's no human or "honest" element without reviews. Without reviews, all there is is a box for the developer or company to toot their own horn.

If at-least one person (who doesn't sound like a bot) reviews a product, I instinctively feel better about the product and creator compared to without reviews.

Sometimes games don't have that many reviews. That doesn't make them much less useful.

If I had interest in one of your games, I assure you I'd be far more likely to buy with 1 or 2 reviews even if one of them was bad than with none.

Same with products on amazon.

And you're saying you've been a victim of mob mentality? A small-time indie dev like yourself?

A visible comment others can see, usually about the game's quality that gives feedback and inspires discussion or purchasing decisions.

"A competitor dev published a negative review (which also affected my sales during the release) while promoting his own game on this same review." 

But if your games are actually good and you connect with players and make them feel heard, they'll sing your praises and outweigh the couple bad reviews. That's part of why public reviews can be so useful.

"(and usually developers can't directly reply to them)" So you agree they'd be better if they allowed a more open relationship between developer and player?

I think that's how it should be. Something to send direct feedback and something to talk about the game with.

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Your point is that you want to throw away public reviews/comments because you think it blindsided your game.

Mine is that they can create a sense of trust and community that's invaluable for those who know how. They're also more reliable than refund systems and demos.

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In the first place, platforms tend to discourage customers from abusing the refund system and "taste-testing" games with it. Most games don't have demos anymore either.

Instead of having the ability to connect with your customers, use their feedback and foster a strong relationship, you'd rather they just take  their money back? Seems like throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

Good point. A comment could be outlined as a review with a checkbox.

I don't think it should be optional.

There are games I can't comment on though.

Especially on games with a price-tag.

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Will it have motion control support? Will it comes to PC VR eventually? Plans for multiplayer?

We still love you. I think if you can pull off a much faster rate of updates and perhaps nail that discord link to the front page it'll be very beneficial to overall publicity.


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Can I control everything with motion?

I see. Personally, atm I'd like to support experiences that improve on traditional virtual cockpits/virtual hotas implementations. Good luck on your game.

Good hustle. I'm proud of you boys.

That you left a comment 22 days ago is amazing to me. This thing is still going?

I gotta get back to spreading the word...


Hey, looks great! Would it not be more realistic in the middle between the legs though?

Oh noice, is there any footage of this? 

Will there be VRIK/Seeing your legs/arms in this game? I prefer it.