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I see. Personally, atm I'd like to support experiences that improve on traditional virtual cockpits/virtual hotas implementations. Good luck on your game.

Good hustle. I'm proud of you boys.

That you left a comment 22 days ago is amazing to me. This thing is still going?

I gotta get back to spreading the word...


Hey, looks great! Would it not be more realistic in the middle between the legs though?

Oh noice, is there any footage of this? 

Will there be VRIK/Seeing your legs/arms in this game? I prefer it.

So, I'm not sure how to feel about space-ship battles being standing up and shooting guns. Will there be a regular cockpit mode?

Is the game all spaceships? Open World? Can you go in a space station?

Is there virtual hotas, or do you need a joystick?

Doesn't have motion controls for anyone curious.

I'm just sad it's such an issue that it had to net me the annoyance of one of my favorite creators. 

I'm sorry, but I wasn't linking my own youtube channel.

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You should make  a VR Gorefield game! 

Did it work?

I like mpreg!

You are almost a god to me at this moment with your willingness to submit this even longer reply. Why don't we just add each other on discord and chat like buddies?

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Thanks for replying. I was incredibly surprised by the array of options available and they made me feel much more comfortable immediately. Best I could suggest for it is an in-game keybind menu. Was blown away by the FPS but still a little confused as to why it still felt choppy.

You said you're working on the weapons right now? Shouldn't the footwork get more attention first? Or you doing both?

And you say that but that was some of the fastest and most realistic fist blocking I've seen in any FPS besides maybe COD. We're approaching those speeds. How do you balance fast, close and dirty combat in the heat of the moment?  Is it balanced in real life? The only plans made in those moments are usually instinctual.

By the way, could you give a tutorial on the attack system and explain it? The UI looks angle based but there only seem to be four moves... And if I only move the dot a quarter outwards, the punch either looks like I extended my hand a little or it juts out away from the reticle.

If there're only four moves and they need to charge or whatever, why not just use MB Warband's attack system?

And have you considered adding eye/headtracking support if you want angled attacks? The camera locking up really shouldn't stay.

I think you guys are doing God's work with this and I wish you the world.

I only hope that eventually the physics based gameplay and combat become so optimized that people can play faster and plan ahead more easily. I think that should be the current goal for games like these.