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Good luck on making the video and the game- you can do it! Keep up the amazing work as always!!

Just asking this out of curiosity but will you do a discord chat so we can talk about the game and send theories and such?

Made 2 saves- one for vampire and one for human route! Never played vampire route before so this will be intersting to say the least!!

If I do start the vampire path, does it really matter who turns me or not really?

OOF dang sorry you had to go through all these problems but I'm glad you got them all resolved. Can't wait for more from this amazing game- keep up the good work!!!

Aww that is so cute Chibi Bianca! Hope you are having a great day today!!

Oh this looks interesting, will play this when it comes out. Out of curiosity including endings how long will the full game be?

How long will this game be once it's completed? Keep up the good work on the game and can't wait for more updates!!!

I heard that you had a injury and I am so glad to hear that it's just a minor one. Still though hope your injury gets better soon

Good luck with the game!!

I am really enjoying the game so far. Take all the time you need for updates and will see you next update!

Out of curiosity which girl do you like the most- I like Helen and Liz- they are enjoyable!

Just out of curiosity how many chapters will this game have? The idea is interesting what with 2 people looking really similar to each other but born to different people (royalty and poor people)!! Can't wait for more from you, keep up the good work!!

Just asking this out of curiosity but how long will the full game be once everything is 100% done? Keep up the amazing work with the game and hope you are enjoying your day so far!!

Just asking this out of curiosity (I am waiting for more content from this game before playing) but is there going to be a walkthrough planned for this game? If not then will it be kinetic or multiple endings?

Can't wait to play this amazing game, going to wait until more updates come out first ^_^

Take care and good luck with future updates!!

Sweet wait a min normal Mila or Vampire Mila route in which we can skip the fight entirely? I don't mind fighting her again, just wanted to clarify that

Is it possible to name the village once you get a good foundation on it or is there a village name already planned in the works? Just asking out of curiosity

Good luck making the game!!

I'm going to try to beat the game (well do as much as I possibly can without a walkthrough or asking for any help so wish me luck!)

Just asking this out of curiosity but how many days do you have planned for the game? And will this have any sequels or anything like that?

Oh my god I am SO hyped for this!!!

Good luck making the new chapter, take all the time you need! I can't wait to see more of this amazing story and game. Not to mention the references!

NICE I am in love with the story. I love Noel, she is amazing. Honestly I would love for her to be in my mind....just without the powers and all that. Can't wait for the next update- keep up the good work.

PS Happy New Years!!

Happy New Years to you as well! Hope you had a lovely 2023 Crispy and I love the game a lot. Can't wait for more chapters. Out of curiosity how many chapters do you have planned for The Arson Betrayal?

I love this game so much, quick question how long will this game be once everything is done? Just asking out of curiosity that's all. Keep up the good work as always and take your time with the new update!

It took me awhile but I FINALLY got to the cliffhanger ending in Eternum- now to wait until the next one. LOVE the game so much, you did a amazing job

11/10 for best story, amazing characters, locations and of course the awesome sex scenes

OH my god I am so glad your dad is OK and recovering. Take all the time you need for development and stuff!!

This game is so amazing, I can't wait for future instalments! Love the characters as well, kind of reminds me of Star Wars but in a visual novel and without the lightsaber duels XD

I believe she is locked forever and you have to load up a previous save and try again. I always take a look at the walkthrough just to make sure I got the right choice

Aww sorry to hear you are under the weather- hope you feel better soon.

Good luck with making the game and will be playing the game real soon!!

OK I am so blown away by this visual novel. I love the characters and the whole virtual reality experience. Quick question though- if you actually went into Eternum and had the option to pick a server which one would you join?

No problem at all- am going to wait awhile until I play your other game because kind of swarmed with other visual novels at the moment! But I will check it out when I have free time!

I am in love with this game, the story is amazing and all of the characters are perfect!

This just came to mind but I think it would be really cool to see diary entries of Greta and Alesa during their time when she had no hearing. And maybe origin stories for all of the villains (except for Alesa)

After 4 hours (give or take because I had to do errands and stuff) I finally beat the game and unlocked all costumes! Can't wait for more future games from you and love the voice actresses!!

Ohhhh I can't wait to play this game, this game series is amazing!!

Wow I am blown away by this game, it is so amazing- keep up the good work on the game!

Ooo now I can't wait to see more updates for this game- keep up the good work on development!

Quick question out of all the characters so far which one (besides Bianca) has the most complex relationship?

And this goes to normal and vampire route

Appreciate the heads-up but I already wishlisted it on Steam some time ago XD. Thanks for the notification though, can't wait to play the game from start to finish. It will take hours but I will get every single ending (at least try to)

Will there be a walkthrough for the game?

Well she may have lost her hearing for now but at least Greta is there to take care of her. Emphasis on for now