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Just out of curiosity when the 3rd came comes out will we get this game for free?

Happy New Years, can't wait until the public version finally comes out. So going to download and play it once it comes out.

Have a great Monday!

Just out of curiosity but how many chapters is this game going to have total? Love this game so much can't wait for more amazing content!

Out of curiosity how many chapters are you going to include in the game? Can't wait to play this game, keep up the good work!!

I am on Windows and no, just when it boots up. I can't open/play the game

No no when I boot up the game, nothing to do with saves at all

Weird when I boot up the game it says ReferenceError
makeVideoPlayableInline is not defined help?

It's been a long time coming but it's finally here. Thanks for making this lovely vampire game- would play it for hours on end!!

Oh yeah uh....just pay attention to the walkthrough very carefully. I just followed it to the exact detail- of course it has been awhile since I played it but yeah that's the best time I did

Once the game is completed how long would it take to beat the game? Love this game so much, can't wait for more content!

Actually really curious about this but what was the inspiration for the main character Roxy? I love her character and she is amazing!

Finally after various hours I finally finished the game (well as of this version). Love the storyline- is there going to be a part 3 or is part 2 going to be the final game?

Oh and I am on the latest version and am trying to advance to the next play-date. It says go to the classroom but it won't advance no matter what I do

That's what I did, I checked everything- got Connie, Rachel, Meiko, Kate, and Hannah's routes done. I did Princess as well but even after all that still won't advance

Think there is a bug- I did everything but it won't advance to the next play-date. I talked to everyone, ordered the costume for 200 dollars- gave it to Hannah but it won't access the next play-date

Can't wait until the full version finally comes out. Love this game so much, easily one of my favorites! Out of curiosity which characters do you like the most out of all of the ones in the game?

Oh man I am glad to hear that the hurricane didn't affect you as much! Good luck with the game on your end and will be waiting for future updates!!

Just out of curiosity sake how long will the completed game be and will it be free or do you have to buy it?

No, just going to have patience. The dev has a life so he could be busy with other stuff before getting to the update

How many battles will there be in the arena? Just asking out of curiosity here

Out of curiosity how long will the game be? Just asking out of curiosity, love this game a lot!

Quick question can you decide whether to play as male or female or futa if possible or what? Just asking out of curiosity also good luck with making the game!

Can I email you the save so you can do something about it?

No no here's the thing I started a new game and I am on the latest version

Loving the game so far but in chapter 4 I can't access the wastelands no matter what I do. Something about a missing map or what-ever

Out of curiosity how many arcs will you have planned for the game?

This game looks very interesting, looking forward to playing it when the full game comes out!! Quick question though how many endings are you thinking of making?

When the game is done, will it be longer or shorter than the first Zombie's Retreat? Just asking out of curiosity. I loved the first game, it was amazing!

I love this game, one of my favorite futanari games out there. Keep up the good work as always and can't wait for new content! Quick question though will this eventually get a Steam release or just on Itch?

Just out of curiosity but how much content are you going to put in the game and when the full game does come out how many hours of play-time would I need to finish everything?

Not that I know of no, I just started a new game and continued the story until chapter 4

Nope I upgraded to the latest version of the game before playing.

No problem also can't access the wastelands- keep getting: failed to load img/tilesets/PandaMaru_MV_hills_B_Wasteland.png

One of my favorite all time Vampire RPG Maker Games of all time. Honestly would love to see what will happen next update- keep up the good work!

You know funny thing when I saw the name Vale-City-Arcade my mind automatically went to RWBY and I thought this was the same idea XD

Hmm....well I would love to include some kind of Chimera Vampire thing as a uncontrollable monster hybrid that some people were experimenting on. Surprise surprise it couldn't be controlled and it set it's sights on Mira.

And also YES I would love a Gorgon/Medusa type enemy at some point. Maybe base it off Fate's Medusa only WAY WAY more creepier and scarier

Make sure you guys are on the very latest version of Harem Collector, it will get rid of the bug. You can switch Raina out of the party. I know this because I did the same thing

Just asking this out of curiosity but what would happen if Vampire Mira and Human Mira were to meet up. (Kind of like a bonus end game content where Mira is forced to face her Vampire self in a battle.)

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

Just go to the slave trader guy and he will automatically give you 5. Trust me on this