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Hmm....well I would love to include some kind of Chimera Vampire thing as a uncontrollable monster hybrid that some people were experimenting on. Surprise surprise it couldn't be controlled and it set it's sights on Mira.

And also YES I would love a Gorgon/Medusa type enemy at some point. Maybe base it off Fate's Medusa only WAY WAY more creepier and scarier

Make sure you guys are on the very latest version of Harem Collector, it will get rid of the bug. You can switch Raina out of the party. I know this because I did the same thing

Just asking this out of curiosity but what would happen if Vampire Mira and Human Mira were to meet up. (Kind of like a bonus end game content where Mira is forced to face her Vampire self in a battle.)

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

Just go to the slave trader guy and he will automatically give you 5. Trust me on this

From this image I am reminded of one of the boss battles in Final Fantasy 4 in which one of the bosses was a Octopus. Did you get inspiration from that game or did you make a different version?

Oh man welcome back we (meaning me and everyone here) missed you. Keep up the good work on the new versions of Harem Collector!

OK I love the game so far and it is amazing so far. Would love to find out more of the lore and of course the hentai! Keep up the good work though I do have one question- will we have different characters to play as other than the main two?

Just out of curiosity will this have a Steam release date sometime in the future?

JOHN wait that's a futa XD JK

This looks interesting and I love the pictures in the game. Keep up the good work on making this game

Just out of curiosity when the full games are done are you going to put them on Steam? Keep up the great work on the games and can't wait for more updates

Oh my god I LOVE the mummy design, I say GO FOR IT and include it in!!

This is a interesting concept I like it! I hope to see more of this so I can play it...and hopefully finish it

Also I decided to find out how fast I could beat the game without using a walkthrough. After trial and error the fastest I ever got was around 50 minutes give or take

Wow now THIS is a good game, would love for there to be a sequel or maybe a prequel of the game. Plus I would love to see how Brandon acquired such a gift for example. Keep up the good work on the next game!

I really love this game so far, on chapter 2 on the newbie difficulty XD. Keep up the good work on the game! And no bugs so far

I love this game, keep up the great work on the new content! Hope you have a great day!

You know the slavemarket in North Market, just talk to the lead guy (don't worry if it is rainy or shine). You have to do 2 quests- one in which you waste 5 collars on characters then another 5 afterwards. But mostly you have to complete the main storyline and get all the girls

Oh my god I played Enelysion way back in the day and I didn't know this was a remaster of the game. Keep up the good work and I would love to play this again. A more kinder version of Laine is good but still has her serious moments nice!

Oh wow this is such a great game. I am in love with the artwork and damn those fetish costumes. Wish I had one in real life XD. Good luck with developing the game!

There is a bug, whenever I talk to Keylessa for the second time. Whenever I get to the sex scene there is a bug that doesn't show the sex scene no matter what I did. Just thought I'd let you know

Nice good luck with the testing and can't wait for the new update to finally come out!

What the heck are those orange balls? Looks like the size of the Dragon Balls

No problem at all take all the time you need to rest and recover. Hope to see the full game soon but until then stay safe from Covid!

Exactly how fast is this stalker enemy like oh my god it's Sonic the Hedgehog type speeds or more like the Corpse Party enemy?

Oh neat a stealth section and prism cores that's a neat idea. Just out of curiosity how is it going on the narrative mode? Hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Oh I am so going to read/download this when the full visual novel comes out. Keep up the good work on the novel!

How much content will this game have? Will we be going through years 1-7 or just the first year? Good luck with the game and can't wait for the full version

Hmm....after looking at the options maybe a sexy ninja outfit something like Asagi's outfit from the Taimanin series or maybe something like Kasumi's from Dead or Alive series.

I am liking the narrative mode and several revelations huh? Like do vampires really sparkle and does Faye sing My Little Pony songs at the middle of the night NO LOL JK JK

Hmm.....well I may have a suggestion about the basic rpg maker combat. You could make the combat into a battle f*** experience in which whoever climaxes the most wins or something around those lines. This is just my idea not sure about you

Instead of conquering Earth the demons instead decided to host a visual novel romance sim. What could have been

Another idea I had is maybe involve a fortune teller if you don't know where to go or maybe a high school prefect that gives you hints as to where you need to head off to. Quick question are you going to involve strap-ons for dildo play or anything like that?

Missy community · Created a new topic List of Quests

Hey so I didn't download the game yet, mostly because I want to wait for more future updates. But maybe if possible you can put a few fetch quests like say- Teacher needs help finding long lost pages for her hentai book or something along those lines. Another idea is that maybe put a list of clubs for the main character to join like volleyball or basketball or maybe something not sports related like a computer club or a literature club. Anyways just wanted to put that out there and good luck with the game!

OH sweet a upgraded version of Star Stealing Prince. Well graphics wise but are you going to put new quest lines in or achievements. Like say if you talk to all of the snowmen in your journey?

Oh my god, the rumors are true, she multiplied! Oh god what should we do?!? How can we tell which one is real?

Oh man now I can't wait for the final release of the game. Take all the time you need to complete it, we will be waiting patiently

Then mere 10 seconds later we get several viruses and then Skynet takes over and...NO LOL JK

Say just out of curiosity when this game is done are you going to remake the prequel in RPG Maker MV or keep it the way it is?

I am loving the game so far, keep up the good work on it. Please take all the time you need to get updates going.

Enjoy your Monday as well!

YES so excited for this sequel. I played the original from beginning to end and so excited to play the full game when it comes out.