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could ya screen shot it? still can't find it.

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talked to ayane and she told me tame a flame spirit to her, and get it in the dessert, been all three maps, as well as the ruins, nothing, maybe i am missing a fourth area,  but i'm stuck.

hmm odd normally only happens when i run multiple downloads. link works for me, maybbe try google chrome? that's what i use.

try one download at a time ;p 

too bad no second floor yet ;p still downloading the new update to see what's up

the scenes in battle can't be enjoyed endlessly currently, and if ya animated the lose scenes at the same quality of graphics as the CGs are now, i may never win to a centaur again XD could also have varied game over animations, but in the end it's just an idea, the game is good as it is, but if you do that, this might turn into one of my favorites XD also wouldn't hurt to have a floor or two with things that aren't evn vaguely humanoid.

cool, here's hoping that ya'lls cover completely non human monster girls, like chimera bug in monster girl quest.

any plans to animate the lose scenes?

would love to see full animation, lose and get raped, and perhaps the ability to "tame" monster girls. also never hurts to have more diverity in the populaton, some with gigantic breast, some with none, some completely human some with not so much  a trace of humanity. ya know spread the populations traits. oh and maybe the ability to pick a starting race and class too. think that'd be awesome. this way i can make a slime-girl healer. oh and if you can pull it off multiplayer, would be AWESOME!!!

how many floors will the end product have? also any spoilers for the last two races?

no stairs on floor one bro?