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Engaging game with a similar engaging story..bummed to find out

A topic by Raedar created Jun 27, 2022 Views: 3,407 Replies: 7
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that although this game touts inclusivity, it looks like only one type of inclusion is welcome as I couldn't customize my character and thus family members. Playing as one ethnicity and skin color and then seeing another on the screen and in description took me out of an otherwise engaging and well-written game. I'm looking forward to more of the story to see how it finishes but this takes the wind out of a really fun time I was having.

Well the MC and said relative do have a different mother so them not having the same ethnicity(or even species) isn't really surprising. 

Hmm, actually I didn't get that on my playthrough but it's a pretty interesting twist for those who got it.

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i mean if you pay attention in the game, you find out that you had different mothers and irl people who have dark skinned parents can come out light skinned and vice versa. kind of a problematic and unreasonable takeaway. i say this with kindness, no judgement. like just think about it.

edit: additionally, its not the fault of the game devs if you just gloss over important character details like that stuff, haha. i dunno it just seems like a silly hang up

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Oh honey, that's not what I'm not talking about. I'm talking about the main character. I actually really dug the fact that, for the most part, there isn't a description of the MC so the player is free to imagine the appearance to their liking. Personally, I was pulled out of the story every time she got "white knuckles" when she's scared. There are people who play this who would like to have darker skin described for their characters, but the default is the MC having light skin. It would be cool to have racial inclusivity included, is all I'm saying. If you're okay with other inclusivity, you shouldn't have a problem with this unless you have a problem with darker skin people existing in irl. Not just one type of people play these games and it would be nice to include them. :-)

I say this with kindness, no judgment. Like, just think about it okay. It seems like a silly hangup to be okay to not include everyone in a game that showcases accessibility to everyone. It's just my opinion, we are all allowed to have one. :-)

I hate to be that guy and correct me if I'm completely wrong and out of line - BUT if youre talking about the words 'white knuckled' or having 'white knuckles' its not literally describing the mc's skin tone - it's a common term used to describe displaying or characterized by extreme excitement or fear. I think it's called 'white' because when you clench your fist hard enough, you can actually see the knuckle bone.  But yeah, in interactive fiction with no set description I think these are phrases that you should probably be wary of when youre writing,  like the phrase 'turning red' when describing  a character blushing or 'turning blue' if a characters cold

As the person above me has said "white knuckled" IS just an expression.

Here's what comes up on google when you search "white knuckled grip meaning":

Even I, as a white person, don't have white knuckles even when I grip tightly and I'm extremely pale. In fact, if you DID have completely white knuckles I would be low-key concerned.

While I understand where you're coming from, please look it up before you start accusing people. It's definitely not fun to be discriminated against or forgotten about. While there isn't anything wrong with using this particular phrase there might be a problem somewhere else, and for that, I recommend contacting the devs on their discord server if you can. Respectfully of course.

As for the different mother part. If you choose to be human you will have the same mother as your cannon sister, if you choose a different race you will have different mothers. BUT even when you have the same mother the physical traits that are true for her don't HAVE to be true for your character. Even if siblings don't look anything alike they can still have the same parents, they don't even have to look like their parents and they can still be related. Genetics are a complicated thing.

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I agree! This is why it's important to have teams with diverse experiences to catch these types of things. It's definitely not a silly hangup, I appreciate you speaking on this and perhaps the developers will take this into account in their next game.

(I recommend the game Our Life if you're looking for games with inclusivity baked in all the way through!)