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Queen's Crown

A romantic, medieval-fantasy visual novel... · By Agashi


A topic by Sandpixie created Mar 23, 2018 Views: 2,363 Replies: 16
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WE ARE SO EXCITED MY QUEEN!!!! will the game be out around the end of the month? EEEEP


checking every day for some news.

me too 


me three <3

Why isn't there any update? 


i've been asking myself that question since the last update came out last year feb


The dev has not posted on her tumblr page for a while because she said she was focusing all her time on finishing the game. So maybe that is why she not posting here. However, I am afraid that this could still mean a delay in the games release.


will just be okay if they simply say that, instead of making us wait till the end of month.


Can't wait for this game to be out! Still hoping for a Spring 2018 release!

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me too, hope i can play this before the end of month.


I want this game so freaking badly. I came to the main page in the desperate hope that it would have been released. Since that failed, I came here to commiserate with you all.

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I wanna cry into my blanket..I waited for this so long at least tell us when its coming out! :'(


Come on guys! will the game be delayed or will it be released tomorrow? please tell us :.(


Sadly I get the feeling it won't be coming out tomorrow. On the tumblr page its said there will be a count down posted for before it comes out. Its not a recent post or anything but I'm guessing since nothing else has been mentioned about the release since that one it's probably still a valid claim. 


Please, take our money, Agashi!


still waiting :/


We need updates!