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I have downloaded the game and everything is running smoothly. I have one more doubt... Does the windows version contain the NSFW  scenes?

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umm does the widows version has all the chapters? Actually I am getting stuck couple of times using the browser.

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Hey! I am not able to use my card for transaction I used the same card in Google play and it worked there... Is there any other way to buy this here?


me three <3

Why isn't there any update? 

I played your game and it took me 2 days to complete  dalas route. It was reaaalllyy awesome different from theusual VNs and I was satisfied with the length of the game too. We see that mostly in the stats raising games there will little to no story telling or difficultly in raising stats or no story rich plot BUT this game melds soo good with stats involved in it and u can change its difficult too at any point of the time! Last but not the least music, I loved it and I cant wait totry  out ur new games! Gambate!!

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Thank u so much downloaded the game r8 now!

ya I have disabled the pop ad blocker, the problem is that the game is big and after a while it stops downloading. No problem I will wait for it to come out in steam.:)

Hi! This game looks amazing but I can't seem to download it.Can you put up this game in steam too.