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Band Management Sim, with romance! · By Happy Backwards, Aleema

I had so much fun.

A topic by Swanne created Jun 12, 2017 Views: 350 Replies: 2
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I play a TON of otome games, free and paid but this was one of my favorite. I'm older so the content felt real and mature. I just really enjoyed the game. I can't believe it's free! Great story telling, real charaters!


Thank you so much! I am 30 now so it would make sense my stories would be more mature. :p

I played your game and it took me 2 days to complete  dalas route. It was reaaalllyy awesome different from theusual VNs and I was satisfied with the length of the game too. We see that mostly in the stats raising games there will little to no story telling or difficultly in raising stats or no story rich plot BUT this game melds soo good with stats involved in it and u can change its difficult too at any point of the time! Last but not the least music, I loved it and I cant wait totry  out ur new games! Gambate!!