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This one actually made me tear up, at first I thought it was gonna be just a simple game that showcase the Yanfly greatness, but as I got deeper on the game and read Ralph diaries,  I just teared up, I relate with Ralph in many ways, its not easy making an rpg game,  not to mention the ambitions that one posses in making an rpg is not the same when you develop it. I highly recommend it, specially if you're an rpg maker dev, their are useful sarcastic tips on how to make a rpg in this game.

me too

Mee Three!

Will had understood if you needed more time, but don't leave us at the dark!

Come on guys! will the game be delayed or will it be released tomorrow? please tell us :.(

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me too, hope i can play this before the end of month.

will just be okay if they simply say that, instead of making us wait till the end of month.

checking every day for some news.

Im starting to get worried, we still are not receiving news, and only 8 more days before end of March...

Im still worried that we are still not receiving any news from the devs...

Hey guys! its already half of the month and still not news about you! just asking.

Hope it releases on march early,

Queen's Crown community · Created a new topic Any news?

Sup, just wanted to know if there are news on the game progress.

right now it seems everything its fine, just that the voice acting is missing, but not that i complain, i'm actually fine without it, so again thanks you so much guys, i know it wasn't easy, but you made good on you're promise, and i couldn't be more happy about it.

thanks you so much, and hopefully, we didn't add some unnecessary pressure on you guys.

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hope it can be resolved soon, i really waited a lot for this game to come. and i think i can wait a little more.

i have to sadly agree with miyacrown, i just hope that problem can soon be fixed.

i agree, i left to download and went to sleep, but after trying to play, archive are corrupt, making it unplayable, i ask to please fix as soon as possible. :D

Yes!!! thanks you! although it just one character, i'm happy that its my favorite one, thanks you so much!!!

When will steam version be released?

So... the game will be released next year right?

cant wait for next update :D

Love your work buddy, you indeed have gained my support, look forward to the kick starter,

Loved the options that showed our characters personality, it made me feel like if i truly was my character, and hope the kick stater goes well for a character customization,

I at first wanted my play to go with Noah, But there is simply something on Lord Teiran that simply caught my attention and desire,


Those obscene gifts of him not only made my laugh hard but also made me blush a lot, please tell me our character is a naughty but nice guy,

and wonder if he will even send more types of gifts like this!!

it will be great if we could have an option to send him as a gift an ... eclair with chocoballs!!!,

hahaha, make him have a taste of his very own medicine.

I must simply know more of this character!!!


in all seriously i hoped you finish this wonderful piece of masterpiece

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BLOOD GOD! here i come to serve you !!!!


(awesome game btw)

i liked this game too funny :D

nope! thanks you for making the game actually!

I... love this game, blood god became my husbando :D

will gladly kill for him!