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A member registered Jun 23, 2016

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Merry christmas, happy holidays to you too Caz!

Both a movie theater and an opera room? you are spoiling us too much KR,

bought this DLC again, on black Friday, can I request a refund, please?

Bought it, and you are amazing, don't know if someone requested it, but is there a request for a news media agency with a live TV or anchor room? and also a fire station with a fire engine and animated flames for it with animated fire hose?

Is there a request for a studio film? with the green wall and camaras?

Instant buy from me, thanks you so much for this!

glad to see you are still doing rpg icon art :D

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bro im still recuperating from the spring sale break, and you keep releasing more wonders! Im still waiting for the airport release so cant wait for it.

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Also dont know if someone requested this already but can you make a inner and outer tiles set where the whole focus is fast food full of fast foods like fried chicken and burgers with posters, and cooking equipment like deep fryer and burger deeper and a drive thru?

Will you keep updating this with different colors? or more types of furniture?

Beautiful as always KR, just wondering, what is the next project after this?

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We just need an airport and a cruise transport dock and all types of transportation will be covered! :D

amazing tiles as always, cant wait for a courthouse & courtroom tiles.

Good morning KR, does your team perhaps do commissions?

I'm trying to make a sci fi game and was wondering if I could request some space ships tiles from your team.

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Hi kr, i accidentaly purchased this tile a 2 time, can you please give me a refund?

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personally, I would love to see a variety of animated cars to add flavour for a animated traffic scene, maybe a stadium for sports like hocky, football, etc, a airport or some fast food places.

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I bought most of your packs in steam, and let me tell you that you manage to make a huge impression on me,  dont know if to wait for the rest of your packs in steam or buy it right now on itchio, Your team became one of my top 5 rpg tiles  artist to buy, just one question, are you planning on making a museum, or gas station tiles?

Hi, was wondering if we may soon see a chess, checkers, dice minigame plugin.

Hi Caz, are you also planning on adding a Atari and Sega consoles?

Hi Caz, as always you art is amazing, I know you have already a list full of request but if you don't mind here are some:                                                   *Medieval mug beer      *Radish       *Wheat                  *Roasted Pig             *Oats         *Barley                 *Sweet Potato            *Chalice        *Turnip                I really enjoy your food icons Caz.                    

Hello Caz, I honestly didn't have idea that I would had enjoyed the zodiac sings so why not add more personality to characters with this idea? so I was playing this video game in which the bosses represented each one of the 7 deadly sins, so here is the idea, why not make icons that represent that? 7 of the deadly sins, and if possible also the 7 virtues to counter them? thanks.

Once again thanks you Caz, you truly are one of the most talented rpg pixel artist I ever had saw, tx for your art.

That's great to hear! cant wait what you have for us in the future.

Once again Caz your art is phenomenal, one question are you also planning on making icons for natural disasters like tornado, sandstorm or even a flood?

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OMG, I was thinking of also requesting you to make classes icons too! Mage, Warrior, Priest, Ranger and Knight are classes that you may make because is the common group you see in any fantasy game, but was wondering if you could also add some evil type classes icons like: Witch, Thief, Assasin, Necromancer and Cultist.

just a question, are you planning on making more japanese weapons after this?

At this rate Caz, you're spoiling us with this much content, not that I'm complaining, thanks you so much Caz! cant wait to see what are your next projects!. 

Beautiful! you never cease to impress us Caz!

I'm also looking forward for the light weapons.

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YO Caz! please hold your updates! my wallet cant keep up with your level of speed! in all serious thanks you for this.

will  there be a shadow and light elements?

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Love the icons you make Caz! keep up the good work!

there is already a joker card.

Good! Ill love to support your work in any way possible.

are you planning on opening a patreon one of this days?

Thank you Caz! you're the best pixel artist I ever had the pleasure to know.

I love all your icons Caz! keep moving forward!

Cant wait to see that project aswell :D

Thanks you Caz,  I'm currently working on a bakery  shop for a medieval rpg, was wondering if in the future there could be something along the side like a : White loaf of bread, cross buns, dough, cacao, a balloon whisk, pie crust, pie pan,  and a more variety of cakes and cookies. again thanks you Caz.

Hi Caz was wondering if you are accepting requests for future projects.