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I absolutely love this, but I'm really struggling to get the True Ending. I feel like it has something to do with the number of runes the client in Session 4 decides to take -- he pauses before taking runes, as if I'm supposed to do something, but no matter what I press he only takes three. Additionally, there's an open slot for a fourth rune. And no matter what order I put the runes in, it's always the same divination.

I also can't figure out how to get the casualty rate above 2%. (I once got 0% but that wasn't the answer, so I'm guessing I have to go higher.)

Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks for making such an intriguing game!

I've played just the demo so far, but I am in love with this game. It's so clear just how much love and enthusiasm went into its creation. I plan to buy it, but I would like to know -- if I purchase it here on itch, will a Steam key be granted once it's made available on Steam, or should I wait until Steam carries HEARTBEAT?


I want this game so freaking badly. I came to the main page in the desperate hope that it would have been released. Since that failed, I came here to commiserate with you all.

Such an adorable game! I loved it, although I didn't figure out how to heal (because I am a moron) and had to start over due to the lack of a save feature. (I eventually figured it out due to reading a YouTube video comment.) But I enjoyed it enough to want to do it all again, so that's a good sign. :) The bit at the end, with the two gravestones... is that symbolic of something?

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I enjoyed this demo more than I've enjoyed many commercial games. December is way too far away! I want to play this so badly it's not even funny, and I'm quite disappointed that I missed the Kickstarter.

I'd just like to say that the dialogue choices are phenomenal. Way too often when I've tried to play VNs about royalty or nobility, I'm very put off by the childish dialogue choices or the downright stupid actions the protagonist has as their only "options". There has been more than one game I've actually stopped playing out of sheer exasperation, because the character is supposed to be nobility but they're acting like a modern teenager. This one of the rare times I've seen a VN where royalty can actually act like royalty. In fact, I think it might actually be only the second time, and the first one I played did not in any way live up to your demo.

And the characters! The characters are excellent, all of them. I'm already in love with Jeisa -- incredibly in love; she's amazing -- and as soon as Noah walked in and made his first impression my reaction was "You. You are the one." I'd like to note that all of the interactions with him after that only cemented my decision.

I actually really loved Bianka as well. She was conniving and desperate and very, very human. I understood her motivations and sympathized with them, for all that she threatened "my" potential rule, and her true reason for doing what she did was heartbreaking and handled wonderfully. I'm just curious, will there perhaps be an early-on "Bad End" if you fail to correctly handle the accusation of treason? I know that didn't happen in the demo regardless of the choices made, but I just thought it might be interesting, that's all. Or if you banish her, will she come back to haunt you? I'd love to see more of her.

I've played the demo about five times, making different choices to see everything there was to offer, and had just as much fun every time. I have no complaints. Absolutely none.

tl;dr: where is this game i must have it immediately

I had a ton of fun with this! My first ending was E: Game Over. Whoops. But I got the S Ending after that, and it was excellent! I'm truly happy I downloaded this. Thank you so much for making it and doing such a great job with it.

That's okay! I figured it doesn't hurt to ask. :) Thanks for making such an adorable game!

That was super cute! I don't suppose there's any chance of a downloadable version?