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The Adventures of Kincaid (18+)

Kincaid is a cute & lewd 2D Action Platforming Adventure! 路 By cookiedraggy

Android/Mobile? Sticky

A topic by RxsaXkri created Mar 20, 2022 Views: 73,273 Replies: 20
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So, my laptop doesn't wanna work anymore and I only have my phone. And I wanted to play this game on Android/Mobile. If you can, please do this 馃檹

If you can't, it is also fine. I love your artwork and hope that my laptop could be fixed to see more of your magnificent work.


Hiya! Unfortunately we are not planning a mobile version at this point.

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Okay, that's fine! Totally appreciate your work and hope to be able to afford the fix for my laptop to play this game!


I would totally buy android version 

dude, all I have is an android and I would spend my pay check on one.

get Winlator 

winlator? Is that an emulator for Windows?

it's an emulator OF windows FOR mobile

looked for it on playstore, can't find it.

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because it is not in play store.

You can download it here

it also has its own discord server. You can join It for additional information 

thanks man, I'm going to enjoy this!

Espero que um dia tenha a vers茫o Android.


hoping for android version too~

ima Would like a mobile version if you can beacause i can only play on it whit my own tablet

Eu posso jogo no meu celular 

Android in WebGL

add WebGL 

I've played on pc but would really like to play in on my android phone can you guys please consider making it mobile compatible? 

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Does this game have viruses?