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The Adventures of Kincaid (18+)

Kincaid is a cute & lewd 2D Action Platforming Adventure! 路 By cookiedraggy

Android/Mobile? Sticky

A topic by RxsaXkri created Mar 20, 2022 Views: 3,449 Replies: 5
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So, my laptop doesn't wanna work anymore and I only have my phone. And I wanted to play this game on Android/Mobile. If you can, please do this 馃檹

If you can't, it is also fine. I love your artwork and hope that my laptop could be fixed to see more of your magnificent work.


Hiya! Unfortunately we are not planning a mobile version at this point.

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Okay, that's fine! Totally appreciate your work and hope to be able to afford the fix for my laptop to play this game!

please can you make us mobile game of it, I'm a big fan of you.


how long could it take?