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Install linux subsystem or somehting and install linux verion

Did you press Ctrl + C after you save?

Suggestions to add caves with a lot of ores?

Also can I get pico cartridge?

Pickaxe should always be in inv

Why do you even put your pickaxe in your chest...

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I've got some suggestions for adding some things. Here are some of them:

  • Animals - it kinda feels like the old version of Minecraft where you didn't needed to eat, so Let's add some pigs, cows and more
  • Day/Night cycle - I've never seen night in this game, so that would be very cool and also you could add maybe zombies. Skeletons would be too overpowered, because the can show from a very long distance
  • More items:
    • Bed - to survive the night I said about 
    • Better pickaxes? - Idk if are there any already, but I've never seen any other pickaxe than the starter one Soo...
    • Backpack - I think I don't need to say anything...

I love this game, but I don't have any money :|

*I was checking other comments, and I saw that there are more pickaxes and there's problem with ores, so make a cave maybe 🤔

**Another suggestion is... Creative mode! It would be great, but maybe for donators only? Nah, let's make it for everyone!

I don't really know why this error shows up. it worked for me


How do I change language?

Nvm I unlocked grey :)

Is there a way to unlock everything in one click? Maybe a cheat code or something? 1134 patterns is too much for me

Just play It in the browser

if you want Pico-8 on ur PC, not in browser, you need to pay for it

no problem!

Idk, you need to try asking them

Could i get like a ROM for RetroArch please?

thanks! No problem!

also to extract the zip you can use RAR (on Google play store)

sorry if it's too long, I wanted it to be detailed 

  1. Open file explorer on ur phone
  2. Make an folder for Winlator games 
  3. Download & Extract .zip file to the folder
  4. Download & install Winlator
  5. Click the 3 dots with 3 lines at the top-left and go to `Containers`
  6. Click the +
  7. I don't really recommend changing the screen size but I would change it to 16:9 but it can't be too small 
  8. Below you have the slider with "wine registry keys" and other, scroll right until you see "drivers"
  9. Add new drive and select the folder you created 
  10. Choose the letter for this drive and remember it
  11. Click the checkmark at bottom-right corner
  12. Click the 3 dots with 3 lines at the top-left again and go to `Input controls`
  13. Click +
  14. Name it idk what
  15. Make sure it's selected and click the blue button "Controls editor"
  16. Click somewhere on the screen, you see the red lines
  17. Click + 
  18. Make sure that the button is blue (highlighted) and press the cog ⚙️
  19. Make ur button
  20. Repeat steps 15, 16, 17 until you have all ur buttons made
  21. Don't forget you can frag these buttons so if you mess up you can drag them
  22. When u're done press back on ur phone or do the back gesture idk if you have gestures or buttons (I have gesture navigation)
  23. Do step 5 I don't want to rewrite this
  24. Click the 3 dots next to ur container name and click "Run"
  25. Tap with your four fingers and click touchpad help so you'll know how to use it
  26. Tap with your four fingers again and click input controls 
  27. Select your profile and click ok
  28. Go to your drive you just created and open the game file
  29. Using the knowledge you just gained by looking at touchpad help, right click on the game exe and click "create shortcut" or something like that.
  30. Now, close the explorer window (it will close the container)
  31. Do step 5 but go to `Shortcuts`
  32. Play the game :)

Also you could make some graphic presets for potato PCs and for god PCs and for PCs that are not bad

cool! I'd love to see more coming to this game! I love drones! My dad is flying with his drone he got like an year ago and he's recording on YT, tiktok and facebook

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If You don't have money 💰 to buy a PC, you can try Winlator. Winlator is an emulator of windows for your phone. Feel free to ask questions!

*Forgot to mention that it only runs with like 5 fps or more of you're lucky.

**Dev plz pin this

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Hi, also someone were asking in comments for an .p8.png cartridge

*For both of ur games

Because that what you do in comments, commenting.

Also I like to reply to random thing or everything :)

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82 points

gg(nah I lied)

Hopeless romantic

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princess mine

When I saw the creator's name, I knew that I have heard about it somewhere a long ago... it was very simmilar to the creator on replit where I found him when I were searching for some games. I found a cool game called Ssssspicy and I loved it. Now I know why this name is so simmilar to the one on replit, because it's the same guy!!! I saw the same game here on!! I'm really suprised!

195 is my best

The controls are kinda hard but fair as for someone who haven't touched an FPV drone controller...

no problem!

Get better keyboard or buy a game controller


Pico .p8.png cartridge?